Thursday, June 9, 2011

Robaina: Elect "us" as mayor

There was one word that mayoral candidate Julio Robaina kept bringing up in the debate Wednesday night by The Miami Foundation at the University of Miami that caused Ladra's ears to perk up every time: "We."

Robaina keeps referring to himself in plural. Is he planning to clone himself or suffering from a multiple personality disorder?

"When we are mayor," the former Hialeah mayor said.

"That's what we will bring as mayor of Miami-Dade County," he said.

Who is we? Well, Ladra would ask Robaina, but he and his campaign operatives have made it clear that they will not speak to me or answer any of my questions (more on that later). So I am asking it here in public and they can answer publicly or anonymously (again) if they wish.

But I will also make my educated guess about the "we" that is on the ballot for mayor. And we (Ladra and I) say it is a long list, indeed, of political allies and business partners which includes: real estate and development partners like Martin Caparros, Jr., and Sergio Pino, banker Roberto Cayon, disgraced lawmakers like former State Rep. Ralph Arza and his bully brother Hugo, federal racketeering suspects (indicted in 2004 in connection with the famous Battle case but not eventually charged) Tom Cabrerizo and Yoram Izhak, illegal gaming maquinita kings Gustavo Cordoves, Jesus Abreu and Jesus Navarro and LBA President Bernie Navarro (is there a relation? anyone?).

There could be more characters in Robaina's mayoral "we" committee. But he should tell us who they are so people know who they are voting for.


  1. "WE" must refer to those who are assisting with his dirty,corrupt, and fraudulent canpaign. Those "We" are going door to door and are requesting voters adsentee valets to be personally delivered. Is that not elegal? Also other "We" are signing voters absentee valets. Is that not fraud? Signing another voters' document.
    Instead of building the Kedall Commons, he should build the Robaina Jail of Rock for himself and his entourage.

  2. Somebody, anybody! Please research thoroughly. Before Jesus Roman Navarro divorced his former wife Maria A. Navarro he lived NEXT DOOR to Luther Campbell for over 18 years. A recent article was released about Luther Campbell explaining his endorsement to Julio Robaina's campaign! Wait a second, wasn't Campbell running against Robaina? So, why would he endorse Robaina's campaign? Unless Mr. Jesus Roman Navarro which let me remind you lived NEXT DOOR to Luther Campbell for over 18 YEARS was behind this. Campbell knew from the start he was never going to win. It was all Political Theatre in order to supercharge Robaina's campaign & secure the position, so they could flood the state of Florida with these maquinita's. Robaina, Campbell & Navarro should all go to JAIL, PERIOD!!!

  3. What the previous comment states is true. Jesus R. Navarro was in fact Luther Campbells neighbor for about 18 years up to the point of his seperation and divorce. I am one to believe that Jesus R. Navarro is behind this scandel of funding Julio Robaina through Luther Campbell! Luther Capbell was completely against Robaina & all of a sudden has a change of heart? No! He's been bought!!! Jesus R. Navarro thinks he's God and can control everything and everyone with money.


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