Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robaina booted from illegal event

When former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina -- who we hear owns several taxi cab medallions himself -- rallied with cabbies at Miami International Airport on Tuesday, he violated a county ordinance that prohibits campaigning at MIA.

And he was kicked off the property.

Miami-Dade Aviation Department Director Jose Abreu told Ladra that he heard about the rally -- Robaina used a bullhorn even -- about 20 minutes into it and immediately headed to the "taxi lot" to stop it. He explained to Robaina that there was a county ordinance against it.

"You can't campaign on a county facility. That's something you just don't do," Abreu said. "We went and within 20 to 25 minutes told the good mayor that he couldn't do that here. And he left. I don't think he put up any resistance. He said, 'Look, I was invited here.' I told him, 'We can't have this stuff.'"

Besides being illegal, it is disruptive, Abreu said. "I'm responsible for operating this airport and this is a business. The taxi lot is a dispatching holding area for about 400 taxis and their drivers and it does not lend itself for that kind of thing."

While Abreu said a few "folks" say he only took action because the unions are behind former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez in the mayoral race, Abreu said he got more flack from the union members who were not allowed to invite Gimenez over. "The union is really angry," he said. Because while they abided by the rules, Robaina did campaign, albeit for a short moment, capturing the cabbies endorsement while getting free "earned media" on Channel 10 with Michael Putney.

"My opponent, who has been here for the last seven years and has been part of the problem for the last seven years, has not taken care of you," said Robaina, who is good at taking care of his buddies. He spoke on a bullhorn to applause and shouts of support and got the cabbies association endorsement after he promised one critic, who said politicians only visit them (illegally) during the campaigns, that he would come back after the election.

Well, by then he will probably be an out-of-work, defeated mayoral candidate, so it may be legal. Unless he starts campaigning for some other seat -- maybe in Hialeah.


  1. Once again Julio robaina participating in ILLEGAL activities!!!
    He knows that MIA is county property and should have not been there!

  2. Madame Ladra, Candela every day in Miami-Dade County, what a shame.I'm looking foward to June 28 to end this elections and my candidate win

  3. What is illegal is Gimenez giving Munilla brothers from mcm construction getting county work and both of Gimenez son working for them. Look into that. Easy lead. Follow it and you will hit gold.

  4. Please get of Robina's back. When has he ever known the difference between legal and illegal?

  5. Have any of you ever been to the taxi lot at MIA?
    It is like visiting a third world country, the Haitian music blasting, the loud voices bellowing...or perhaps more like a circus atmosphere...and what is a circus without a clown. A clown... yes, Robaina the Clown...for who else would campaign amongst those who can't vote.

  6. Could we have a better 3rd option?

    Voting for Julio Robaina maintains the click of corrupted political figures of the era: Rivera, Rubio, Nuhfer, Alina Garcia and family, Liliana Ros, Ruby Feria, El Bovo, Fresen, Portilla, etc.

    Yes, Robaina is as shady as a shaded tree.

    Voting for Gimenez maintains the click of corrupted political figures of the era: Llorente (who needs to grow up and become a man and stop with the private school BS!), Meek, Curbelo, Zaida Nuñez, McGuillis (deranged addict who even Ricky Martin hates), Xavier Saurez, Francis Suarez, Rundle, Regalado, etc.

    Yes, Gimenez is a rude and brash person.

    Could we have a better choice please in two years? I am voting for the least worst and I think many more feel this way.

    Hate to say it, but maybe in Miami-Dade their should be a cap as to how much money you can raise to run. Special interest owns these corrupt politicians.

  7. Ladra,

    As you explained in your article, there is a "ordinance" that "prohibits" campaigning at MIA.

    Outside the fact that one candidate may receive more media coverage and reach out to more voters there is a bigger problem that seems to be lost.

    Because of a 20% staff reduction there is only 1 officer in the taxi lot which holds 400 taxi cabs to control the operations.

    Any kind of campaigning disrupts the flow of taxis to the main terminal and impacts passengers by them not receiving service. A trickle effect then follows into the curb area. There is also a concern of safety if drivers disagree with each other on the candidate they are support causing a disruption that the 1 officer controlling the lot must deal with.

    Although the "Union members" might have been upset that they "must follow" the rules while others do not, the number one concern for the Union is the safety of the employees at MIA and the traveling public.

    Regardless the candidates that may run for office Mr. Robina should have known better and his camp should have called Airport Officials before going out there!


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