Thursday, June 9, 2011

Luke jumps fence to Robaina

Ladra is not a big Star Wars fan, but doesn't Luke Skywalker betray the force in one of those movies to join Darth Vader in his evil plans?

Well, looks like it happened again.

Former rapper and mayoral candidate Luther Campbell, known as Luke Skywalker in the rap world, backed out of an endorsement for former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez to back former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina in the race for the mayor's seat vacated by the recall.

The much-coveted nod from Campbell, who garnered 11 percent of the vote on May 24, is seen by both campaigns as a prize and a way to gain some of that crucial black vote in the June 28 runoff. Marcelo Llorente, who placed third with close to 15 percent of the vote, has already endorsed Gimenez.

Uncle Luke, shame on you. You were supposed to back Gimenez on Wednesday and cancelled at the last minute, saying you were still on the fence. Now, apparently some promises that Robaina made about redevelopment in Overtown made you jump that fence? To support the same guy who you said three times last month had financed the campaigns of two other candidates in order to dilute the black vote? Wow. You are not the man I thought you were. Ladra is seeing a lot of that two-faced, double-talking lately.

“It is disappointing that Mr. Campbell would change course following our conversations and his indications earlier this week,” Gimenez said in a statement. "Mr. Campbell and I had a frank discussion and agreed we were on the same page as to creating jobs and making community redevelopment agencies accountable to the communities they serve.

"However, I was not willing to do certain things that Mr. Campbell was asking," the statement said. "As I have stated before, I will not compromise my principles in order to win an election. It is clear that my opponent – who has demonstrated he will say and do anything to become Mayor of Miami-Dade County – made Mr. Campbell an offer he couldn't refuse.”

What was it that Robaina said he would do that Gimenez would not, Luke? The voters deserve to know the details.


  1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Classic.

  2. A little birdie told me a certain Pierre Rutledge can sing you a little tune as to what really happened, if you want questions answered email Rutledge a school board employee at

  3. I guess Uncle Luke is really an Uncle Tom selling at his people

  4. Anyone who has dealt with Mr Robaina knows anything he promises will not happen unless it good for him. Mr Campbell has not been reading all the terrible things Mr Robaina has been doing to Hialeah employees and Hialeah taxpayers. He waste money like the budget is a endless supply. I am very disappointed in Mr Campbell I really though he wanted what was best for the community. He needs to go back and check how many fellow associates of Mr Robaina have been lied to and cheated. People like Robiana do not change.

  5. Claudia FernandezJune 9, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    two thoguhts:

    1. Can't wait to see Ralph Arza and Luke together. On second thought, not so weird, they both love to use the N-word.

    2. You think the delay of several hours was because Luke wanted cash and would not accept a check from the maquinita people?

  6. Luke, you screwed up.But guess what, in the next few days you will have enough material on Azra (racist remarks) and Robaina (shady banking, etc.) to stage a second press conference explaining why you are withdrawing your endorsement of Robaina. It happened with Charlie Crist, when he decided to run as an Independent. All the Republican supporters withdrew support and even asked for money back. If you do decide to retract the endorsement, I believe you will be elevated to hero-status, because politicians hardly ever admit they make mistakes. The public will love you for it.

  7. The 11 percent Luke recieved on the first round was because he was a refreshing voice in a crowded run for Miami Dade Mayor. His credibility has just been blown away in the eyes of all those who voted for him. He will regret this decision which was based on promises that won't be delivered. He could have made a BIG difference in politics and public service. Luke you let your voters down.

  8. Mr. Joseph M. Centorino Chief of the Public Corruption Unit Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office 1350 NW 12 Avenue
    RE: Violations of Fla. Stat. 104.071 and 104.061(2).

    Dear, Mr. Centorino:
    Pursuant to Fla Stat. 104.071 of the Florida Elections law which makes it a Felony for candidates to:“Promise to appoint another person, promise to secure or aid in securing appointment, nomination or election of another person to any public or private position, or to any position of honor, trust, or emolument. . . .if elected.”I hereby submit this letter of complaint against Julio Robaina who is currently the Mayor of the City of Hialeah and a candidate for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. In recent days the news media has reported that a “deal” was cut between former candidate and current news columnist Luther Campbell and Julio Robaina to gain Mr. Campbell’s endorsement for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. The reports vary but what seems to be the clear indication is that Florida Elections law has been violated and case law as far back as 1914 suggest that a felony may have occurred as a result of promises to appoint certain individuals to a paid position that would answer directly to Julio Robaina if elected. The news reports suggest that Julio Robaina’s opposition Carlos Gimenez declined to enter into criminal behavior with Luther Campbell by refusing to promise to appoint and/or nominate a
    person of power in exchange for Luther Campbell’s endorsement for Mayor. Subsection (b) of this law may be relevant due to the fact that Luther Campbell has a direct outlet trough a local weekly paper that can and has influenced the election thus far, and your attention to this point is requested. The citizen’s of Miami-Dade County deserve better in it’s candidates, and we have laws that protect the institution of public office even before a person get’s elected. The perception of ethical behavior is just as important now, as it will be after election day. The Florida legislator enacted the Florida Election laws to prevent conduct that is corrupt in the eyes of the law. The conduct of Julio Robaina appears to be in violation of Florida law and it is requested that a full investigation be conducted with but not limited to interviews of both candidates for Mayor.

  9. Luke got played. And Pierre Rutledge is looking like a criminal. And why was Luke advocating for the CRA's? Those are nothing but slush funds that steal from taxpayers to reward connected white insiders. Didn't Luke do any research?

  10. Madame Ladra, Candela for the next 17 days I know for who I'm going to vote, to me endorsement have to come from the voters, not from politician, personalities,and others candidates.Gimenez will win if his wife, mother in law and family be in the heavy precints as they did in the primary. Please go to vote on June 28 or before. Go Heat, we need a good publicity for Miami-Dade County

  11. Madame Ladra, keep the great job, but you may need 2 bodyguards for your finding. If you need them please you let me know.Candela is the Miami-Dade political arena. We need the best of the two for our next Mayor for the next 17 months

  12. Julio Robaina political career is over! Congras Gimenez!!! You now Have My VOTE! Thanks Uncle Luke for keepin’ it real!!!

    Uncle Luke, I understand the concept you were trying to do by building an “Administration Team”; However, you guys (Luke, Robaina & Rutledge) could NEVER duplicate the Obama/Clinton Administration Team. Simply because you’re inane and talk too much!!! You’ve done a great job destroying yall’s reputation & careers. And if Rutledge continues to hang around you, then he’s the fool! Its time you leave politics alone and reach out to your five (or six) children you’ve abandoned. I checked out “YOUR” biological children on YouTube telling the world how you’re a Deadbeat Dad. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    Pierre Rutledge, why do you continue to be Luke’s puppet? This is not the first time Luke used you for your brains. No one feels sorry for you because you were in on Luke’s scheme from the beginning. You hurt yourself by attending Luke’s press conference for Robaina. Your presences at the press conference clearly confirmed a job was offered to you and you ACCEPTED it. I strongly recommend you NEVER run for office again. We will remember this! Mr. Rutledge ran for the City of Miami Commissioner District 5 seat twice (1997 & 2010). And yes, he lost both times. So who’s laughing at Spence-Jones now?


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