Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gimenez pulls to lead w/ AB+EV

Carlos Gimenez already has a 51 percent lead over Julio Robaina in the bid to become our next county mayor. Well, almost 52 percent.

While Robaina got a tiny head start on absentee ballots (38,420 votes to 39,749), Gimenez got a larger lead in early voting (22,321 to 17,283). The total votes cast are 62,125 for Mayor Gimenez and 58,005 for former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, who will have to find something else to do tomorrow.

When that 51.71 lead over Robaina's 48.29 percent only grows as Election Day numbers trickle in from the precincts, I want Mayor Gimenez and everyone else to remember one thing: Ladra was the first one to call him that.

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  1. Madame Ladra, you did a fantastic job during the last 3 months, you work very hard, brought big issues to the table. I was very glad of the results of last night, now we need to heal the campaign wounds and work together for a better Miami-Dade County. Carlos,family,friends and supporters.Well deserving victory,Congratulations. Candela said.


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