Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 must-read Miami city blogs

While Ladra is concentrating on the very important county mayoral race and other distractions, we thank our lucky stars that Al Crespo and the writers at Investigation Miami are out there keeping tabs on the antics at the city of Miami.

Crespo was first to report the pending resignation of City Manager Tony Crapp (Hey, Herald! Where is his 1A story?) and the attempt by some commissioner Marc Sarnoff and Richard Dunn to sneak items onto the agenda as well as a directive from staff to keep Commissioner Frank Carrollo out of the loop (only Carrollo, it says) is on the IM site today.

The Crespo-Gram Report is at and Investiotation Miami is at

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  1. Al Crespo's credibility as a journalist is seriously in question, with his selective use of freedom of speech. While he will wrap himself in the American Flag, when it comes to his words, he denies others the oportunities to engage or challenge his points of view.

  2. Keep up the good work Elaine. Flush the roaches out of the woodwork (local politicos).

    Thank you,
    El flaco


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