Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meek trumps Luke for Gimenez

Mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez might have hoped the now-nefarious Luther Campbell nod would have been enough to let him concentrate on his core constituency of supporters. But when that went south, he started doing other things and spending time (and money) in the black community.

Last weekend, he visited several African-American and Haitian churches and suddenly (because the poor guy was always left back at the office before) his sharp, handsome and black campaign aide Jeve Clayton is everywhere with him.

Today, Gimenez will be endorsed by former Congresswoman Carrie Meek at his outreach center in North Miami, opened to focus on the "central and northern communities of Miami-Dade" -- which is politispeak for the 'hoods.

Congresswoman Carrie Meek! Take that Uncle Luke!

Campbell has not returned any more calls from Ladra after two voice mails he left last week. But a little bird told me that she overheard Julio Robaina -- who reportedly stole his endorsement with a job promised to a Campbell crony -- tells his new fetch boy which reporters to talk to and who to ignore. Guess who is in the latter. Tsk, Tsk, Luke. He's also closely guarded, it seems, by Robaina's campaign manager, Ana Carbonell, who sat next to him and "interpreted" at a WQBA radio show. Ladra can't help wonder why the radio hosts, Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera and Helena Aguirre Ferre, particularly, did not mention that to listeners. It is totally relevant. But their coverage has been somewhat questionable. (Guess we know who their boss is also.)

But the Luke endorsement -- while becoming a big media mess -- doesn't carry that much weight in the very community it is supposed to matter.

"Who the heck cares about Luther Campbell? When did the black community get so damned desparate that we look at a man whose highest achievement was to be the porno king of South Beach as the voter broker in the black community," asked political consultant Barbara Howard, who, granted, is pissed off that Robaina did not hire her and hired Dewey Knight instead.

"When did we get so shallow where someone who becomes known for being as nasty as he wants to be and for wanting to 'pop that coochie' is who we look to for political guidance?"

Howard, who did support Robaina up until the Campbell endorsement offended her, says black voters are not fooled and that his 20,000 votes on May 24 will not transfer over to the former Hialeah mayor. "Ask yourself, 'Who were those people who voted for him?' Was it the super voters? The elderly? The college educated? No. And this is who you want to get out the black vote for you?"

She said Robaina should have gone for a T. Willard Fair (he and Jeb Bush are chummy, we hear, so I suspect that Fair supports Robaina) or Dr. Marvin Dunn.

Howard did not mention State Rep. John Patrick Julien (DEM, District 104, North Miami Beach), who is also expected to give his endorsement at 2 p.m. today at the former commissioner's North Central HQ office, 665 NW 119th St. Ladra thinks that endorsement may ruffle the feathers of the influential women who met with Gimenez for breakfast last week (more on that next).

Although the press release says it goes on until 3:30 a.m., his people assure me it is a typo and it is not that kind of open house.


  1. Elaine, check out Your lies and BS will now have a counter and you can rest assured that you will be the subject of many upcoming blog entries.

  2. yes, its obvious you are a robaina supporter because you only have 3 blog entries and the day before on 6/17 your blog only consists of the the phrase"robaina will be mayor" you are a paid robaina scum that is desperate cause you know you are on a faster downward spiral than the florida marlins. keep up the great work ladra.

  3. You call THAT a counter. I can't WAIT to hear more. It will only help take my blog wider. Thank you, whoever you are that hides behind anonymous attacks and has taken to making up wild stories about me in a desparate attempt to discredit me. Good luck with THAT.

  4. Robaina supporter, certainly. Paid? No, that would be equivalent to being like Elaine. For the record I'm not widening your readers, unfortunately they already read your site. I also did not write that one entry today was the counter, but instead that it is the purpose of the blog to counter not only your little blog but the others that release the same slime.

  5. Madame Ladra, Candela in our political arena, I hear that Rodriguez-Tejera and Helen Aguirre work undercover for Armando Gutierrez the political Zar, because they defend to much former Mayor Julio Robaina and they try very hard to let Gimenez down,Tejera much more than Mrs. Aguirre Ferre. I will try to investigate this allegations. I vote today for the future Mayor of Miami-Dade County in Coral Gables. If you need any bodyguard plese posted in your Blog.

  6. Robaina certainly has some shady campaign contributors. What favors are they buying?

  7. Gotta admit this made me laugh: " even a blind man will hit a target if he keeps throwing enough darts"

    Good sense of humor but clearly a Robaina hack.

  8. The only person I can think of who has really taken the Luke issue personally and would start a blog like this would be Francisco Alvarado from the Miami New Times. Can't say for sure, but it looks like his finger prints.

  9. There are so many inaccuracies in the blog found on; that it would require too much time to spend on such nonsensical drivel. The image of a blind man throwing enough darts is quite creative, though it is somewhat similar in meaning to "even a broken clock is correct, twice a day." What I most enjoy is when the author of this blog decries "(Elaine's)growing gramatical errors. If one is going to criticize another for grammar on an informal blog format, one should at least know how to spell grammatical. Those that have glass English books shouldn't throw stones. This author accuses Elaine of reversing her praise of Luther Campbell into criticism; when it was Uncle Luke who reversed course, and sold out his soul. What little value can be found in this blog is not very well presented and is greatly overshadowed by untruths. But alas, opinions are like rectums, everyone has one, and the author of this blog certainly is one.

  10. Thank you for letting us know the facts. Everyone needs to see what is happening. Keep up the good work.

  11. Jorge Arrizurieta was also at the dinner at Shula's with Julito, Campbell, and Rutledge - another witness. Will Arrizurieta be willing to lie for Robaina and, in return, Robaina names Arrizurieta to the Public Health Trust a board to which Arrizurieta was not re-appointed when his term expired.

  12. Pierre Rutledge is pond scum. The School Board should fire his ass. If he wants to leave so badly, fire his ass.

  13. Thank you for giving us the facts. I enjoy reading the political Cortadito.


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