Monday, June 27, 2011

Another cool $1 mil in mayoral race

The campaign finance reports were finally posted online by the elections department late Monday afternoon and it shows that at least another cool million was raised between both candidates in the heated Miami-Dade mayoral race.

Julio Robaina is up to $1.7 million, raising $400,000 in the last three weeks. Former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez is not too far behind with almost $300,000 more to get to just over $900,000 in his campaign account. The PACs all got more money, too, including another $360,000 for Gimenez's Common Sense Now, which is at $1 million.

More on the money later, after I've had a chance to read over the reports. Still coming, maybe after Tuesday: How rich did the consultants get?

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  1. And this guy has already raised $46,000 for next year's election!


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