Friday, June 24, 2011

1st Hialeah Bank of Julito, Part II

Former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina keeps saying he is the best man to oversee the county's $7-billion budget. But his own 1st Hialeah Bank of Julito seems to be in financial trouble.

Robaina's bank is apparently $1.7 million in the hole on personal high interest loans made in the past few years, some of which may be part of a federal investigation into usury and shadow banking in Hialeah, discovered when a ponzi schemer was arrested last year and allegedly flipped on Robaina and his partners, the Blancos, for a lighter sentence.

In fact, $850,000 of that outstanding money is in four loans to Luis Felipe Perez, known as Felipito, the ponzi schemer/jeweler and one-time member of the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce. Robaina has said he and his family fell victim to Perez's scheme and filed four lawsuits against him in December (as sentencing drew near). Maybe that is why he charged him 18 percent interest. Payback is another five letter word for Ladra. Another $800,000 is claimed in three 2010 lawsuits against Rodolfo Blanco and his sister-in-law and nephew Mercedes and Robertico Blanco, who is also being looked at by federal authorities. He was charging them 18 percent, too. There is also a $55,000 claim against Jose and Juana Sigler, who have ties to maquinita permits in Hialeah, and former councilman Guillermo Zuñiga (who was once an assistant to the mayor but was fired and has sued Robaina and the city for wrongful termination), for an outstanding $28,000 mortgage from his former boss. But he is only paying 10 % interest. A sign of friendlier times?

This list of nine 2010 lawsuits filed by Robaina or companies owned by his wife, Raiza Villacis-Robaina (MR Holdings and RVR Holdings), show a total of $1,735,277 and comes to us courtesy of one mad-as-hell firefighter who has made it his mission to burn down Robaina's political aspirations. Fire Local 1102 Vice President Eric Johnson, whose professional and personal beef with Robaina is publicly documented on facebook and in every website that writes about the race, took the time to go to the courthouse this early Friday morning and make copies of these files. Bless him. And if that makes him my "handler" as one jealous wannabe hater has suggested, so be it. I am not exactly easy to handle and you have to be ready to get your hands burned if you play with fire, but I am an equal opportunity handlee.

Besides, they can be found online at

Robaina supporters may say that this is just evidence that he is a businessman, Ladra says that, at the very least, it is evidence -- as are the foreclosures he and his partners have had in the past couple of years -- that he is a bad businessman.

Not someone to trust with a $7 billion bank.


  1. It's time for a name change: Politically Motivated Cortadito, a strong shot of bias to get your motor running.

  2. With 8 million net worth not to bad a business man I believe. Foreclosure for every high profile business man is part of the times and sometimes used to do work out with lenders.
    You don't have knowledge of that because you are only but a bad , can't write , fired reporter from the herald.
    Why were you fired?

  3. Madame Ladra, do not look at this ill coments from the money campaing of JR. they are bleeding from the wound, because you and others are discovering facts that are Candela in this Miami-Dade County race for Mayor on June 28.

  4. Coming soon to a theatre near you....The Pen and the unlikely crime fighting duo...He fights fires , and she lights them, under the feet of local corrupt officials. They won't stop fighting until all corruption is extinguished.......Action toys sold separately.

  5. -> Anonymous...and how did he acquire $8 million net worth while in office, after promising to curtail personal business when serving the public at the one of most generous salaries in the state...and what person in their right mind, or what law abiding citizen, makes personal, unsecured loans for $750,000...err...I mean his wife makes, that he knows nothing about. There has to be more to this, blackmail. Yeah, that $8 million net worth is gonna do him a lot of good behind bars. He is gonna be the darling of the commissary...buying honey buns and candy bars for the incarcerated masses...and tossing his cellmate's salad.

  6. This is to Ana Amador who must not know this bit of information.

    Zaida Nunez is very corrupt. Her son is in jail charged with murder. Her goal is to get a dumb judge she helps get elected to pardon him. Clearly, she is not very smart as this is impossible.

    She brokers absentee ballots out of the trunk of her car.

    She bullies and lies to the elderly to steal their ballots.

    She found a formula to make over $25K from Rick Scott and others last year without speaking English. Would love to see her IRS return.

    Know those around you people. Zaida Nunez is a delinquent!

  7. I love Political Cortadito as much as Ladra loves Robina a/k/a Robaina. Without Robina, Ladra would not have anything to write. Thanks to Robina she has a full plate, she keeps us entertained and maybe she'll be able to write a book. Go girl.

  8. Ladra got the skills to pay the bills. In this highly corrupted environment, Ladra will have plenty of marks.

    Xavier Suarez
    Tomas Regalado
    David Rivera
    Alina Garcia
    Raquel Regalado
    Carlos Curbelo
    Marcello Llorente
    Frank Artiles
    Manny Garcia, Jr.
    JC Bermudez
    Katie Edwards
    Ester Nuhfer
    Vanessa Brito
    Perla Tabares-Hartman
    Marc Sarnoff
    Alex Carvalho
    Liliana Ros
    Zaida Nunez
    Antonio Verdugo

  9. Cancela in our Miami-Dade County


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