Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robaina's win = a big loss

Some might think former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina came out on top in Tuesday's Miami-Dade mayoral race, getting the most votes of all 11 candidates.

But, trust Ladra, it's a huge political loss and Robaina is shaking his big, cheeky babyface today.

Robaina, who enjoyed a 29-point lead four weeks ago, spent more than $1 million on his bid and had most of the GOP establishment -- including the robo-calling former Gov. Jeb Bush -- behind his campaign. And he ended up only a measly five points ahead of former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who came in second as many expected, in a race that he said he could win in the first round. His backers expected at least a 10-point lead.

It's a huge political career hit.

"If I were Julio Robaina right now, I'd have some real concerns," said Coral Gables Commissioner Bill Kerdyk, Jr., at Sabor de España on SW 8th Street where Gimenez had his victory party and supporters split their attention between the flatscreen with elections results and the other one with the Miami Heat playing the Chicago Bulls. (When the shouts came, it was not because of a percentage point here or there).

Didn't start off that way. Robaina had 41 percent of the absentee and early voting votes, compared to about 28 percent for Gimenez. (Something Ladra needs to spend time on is the AB ballot "machine" that is said to manipulate thousands of votes in Hialeah.) But he didn't keep that momentum at the polls. And Gimenez -- whose numbers four weeks ago were in the single digits -- was able to sustain his support at the polls. While Robaina's numbers slipped from 41 percent to 38 to 35 to 34 andf 33 as the precincts reported, Gimenez stayed level at 28.

So, while there is work to do (Alex Diaz de la Portilla is more hyper than Ladra and joked about calling people at 5 and 6 a.m. today, just as he had Tuesday morning) and the Gimenez camp admits it has problems in precincts where Robaina's base constiuency will be hard to swing, Ladra thinks the scant five point lead and Roba-y-na's drop shows a lot. We don't think that manipulation of the AB ballots are going to make as much of an impact in the runoff (not if we can help it). And there is tons of time between now and then for Ladra to shine more light on Robaina's ventures (read: conflicts of interest) and for the multiple federal investigations to conclude or, if not, spring further leaks so that the public can know what the candidate has been doing.

Yep, this was a big loss for Julito. Ladra can see him now, cheeks flapping in the wind as he shakes his head in disbelief. "Where did I go wrong?" he might ask himself.

Ladra might answer: You didn't wait a little and run for the District 13 commission seat. Instead, you ran for mayor while under federal investigation for tax evasion and/or loan-sharking and/or mortgage fraud and/or money laundering and attacked a candidate who has not had any conflicts of interest or allegations of impropriety and who has always voted for the best interest of the public.

Let's see how that works for ya on June 28th.


  1. Great column with outstanding analysis as usual! You nailed it!

  2. Ladra = Kool Aid drinker. The Gimenez camp has been touting your theory for weeks. First, turnout will be even lower next month and it will be lower among Gimenez voters (especially wealthy Anglos in his old Commission District). Second, the Kool Aid theory depends on Gimenez picking up basically all the other votes based on the faulty premise that all the other voters are anti-Robaina. The Llorente voters were pro-Llorente. Llorente is a conservative Republican who is tightly linked to the legislative caucus in Tallahassee. It will be interesting to see where he and his team go. Third, there has been virtually no time to draw a contrast between Robaina and Gimenez because of the number of candidates in the race. This distinction will become very clear by the end of June because the matchup is head to head. Just because a bunch of political operatives develop a theory doesn't mean it is correct.

  3. Gimenez = Pensions

    Julio, is the lesser of two evils in my opinion.

    How is Gimenez going to deal with the Pensions if he is making a living of the pensions?

  4. This is part of the misinformation campaign. He has ONE pension. The city of Miami pension to which he contributed $250,000 over 20-some years, to which he is entitled to. He has been hardest on the unions, voting against the contracts.

  5. When you look into AB, let us know how did Jose Oliva receive more absentee votes than in-person votes. I was under the impression that it was Lago who hired DdlP.

    Do we have a challenger for a new AB magician?

  6. Thank you for telling the truth about Julio Robaina. I have been reading in disbelief how he can continue to mislead the public. He is probably the worst Mayor on record that I can remember. Hopefully Miami Dade county will look at what he has done in Hialeah costing the City of Hialeah taxpayers millions of dollars. Julio Robaina needs to be stopped.

  7. I just want to point out that Mr RObaina will be receiving a pension from the City of Hialeah. He never paid a penny into it. (It was 100% funded by the city) Mr Robaina time and time again wants to walk the walk but can't talk the talk. He will be benefit from a very nice retirement from the City of Hialeah. Again he never leads by example.

  8. Ladra, please do a story on Robaina's six digit pension which he now receives for just for being an elected official. I understand that Robaina's new Hialeah pension exceeds Gimenez's pension, even though Gimenez earned his through nearly 30 years in the Miami fire dept and the city manager post.

  9. Great column and insight. But please check your "links" color the words cannot be seen. Another thing, Attorney Steve Cody posted on his Facebook that he was attending a "Miami Lakes State of the Town Address" meeting held by Mayor Pizzi and was nearly arrested. Seemed according to Cody, that Pizzi felt that by holding the meeting on private property he would be able to control who was attending and reporting. This is so "Banana Republic" and would love to hear your take on the situation.

  10. Wow. Ladra has to love it when her tips come in comments!!! Yes, Mr. Cody called and spoke briefly with me before my phone died. Will be following up in the hours to come. I believe it is a violation not only of the Miami Lakes charter but also the county charter...and I can't help but add common sense. We will be posting soon.

  11. Nice robo calls by Gimenez!!!!

    Great way to pick up the hispanic vote by trashing people and the city of Hialeah.
    This guy is a clown. He had the never to commence denying that he was behind those robo calls until people pointed out that they voice seemed similiar to other robo calls he had been doing. CLOWN!!!!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Amazing how all of the ROBAINA supporters use the same tactic of hiding who they are.. LOL Just seems to me it is the same person..HA HA Get a life.. You need to face the facts that JULITO has destroyed Hialeah unliek any other POLITICAL FIGURE ever in it's history.. It will be years and years till we dig ourselves out of the financial mess he has left behind.. My heart continues to bleed for the general employees who illegally had 30% of their pay removed from one day to the next as that "PRICK" Only removed 3% of his own after facing public scrutiny.. HOW SAD.. The courts have already ruled twice in the favor of the employees but He continued the appeal process so that he would be out of office when the Lower DCA came back with a final ruling... OH WAIT.. There is more.. Lets bring up the Firefighters that were also ILLEGALLY terminated. That nighmare ended last week and because of his TEMPER-TANTRUM it has cost taxpayers 2.1 million dollars for another illegal decision. HOW SAD.... ROBAINA WILL BRING HIALEAH STYLE POLITICS INTO MIAMI DADE COUNTY... PLAIN AND SIMPLE.... Wake up cronies... HE WILL NOT WIN and god forbid if he does because the Citizens of Miami Dade will have lost...

    BRING OUT THE TRUTH!!!!! Robaina cant tell the truth.


    Look at how his plan is starting to form. Recall netasha, get bovo in, hopefully win the election, and now he has a commish already in seat.

    Anonymous, Anonymous, and Anonymous ALL Julio Robaina supporters and SCUMBAGS just like him.

    Look you Anonymous' MF, I cant start a family, people have lost thier homes, broken homes, all this and more for Hialeah General Employees because in order to so-called Balance the Budget he had to get us 30%, GFY if you this thats ok. Robaina cut himself 3% and not from the total over $250,000, he only cut it from his $155,000 salary. This way his total income will still be high.

    So wheres all the money? Why are parks closed on saturdays? Why are police station closed at 4pm, why did he cost the taxpayers $10,000 a day for 210 not to rehire illeally fired firefighters. You know what that totals ? well ill help you because your an Robaina supporter and therefor an IDIOT, thats $2,100,000!!!!!!
    Just wait when the courts rule in favor of the general employees, after winning the first ruling, julio had a great idea to appeal, lost the appeal and still cost the taxpayers by appealing again. Not to mention who is paying the city outside lawyers? oh yeah WE ARE! the Taxpayers of Hialeah, $500/hr.

    is this smart or TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP?


    PS: Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous if your Julio Robaina, Arnie Alonso, Sosa, or anyone in his campaign.... F! U!

  14. Folks,

    Robaina placed himself in this predicament. If Robaina would have lead by example, most likely he would have won the Miami-Dade Mayoral seat in the primary election. Robaina chose to sacrifice the employees of the City of Hialeah by cutting their salaries almost 30%, when he himself only took a three percent base salary reduction. This reduction did not affect his 100K plus expense benefits. Even more distorbing was his decision to reduce management's salary three percent as well. Folks, Robaina's actions towards the employees of the City of Hialeah caused an outrage amongst employees all over South Florida. As a long time personal friend of Julio, I strongly believe that he did not play his cards right. Robaina chose to divide the citizens and employees in order to conquer his Mayoral goal.


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