Sunday, May 22, 2011

Robaina look-a-like big hit at JFK

No, folks, that was not Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, running for county mayor, at the JFK Library on West 49th Street in the City of Progress for the last day of early voting on Saturday.

Ladra sped over there as soon as we got the tip, but didn't make it in time and missed this guy. Somebody told me, however, that his nose would grow every time he told a lie -- which, if he was truly channeling Robaina, would have to be every half hour or so, at the very least -- and did me the favor of sending me some photos.

I'd love to know who this is. It is either a good friend and supporter of fellow candidate and former commissioner Carlos Gimenez, seen as the biggest threat to Robaina, or one of the dozens of firefighters who have a beef with the mayor, some of whom were also at the precinct carrying signs that urged voters NOT to bubble Robaina's number.

Ladra really wants to know. If anybody recognizes the body or knows who went to these exteaordinary lengths -- and, you gotta admit, it takes dedicated passion to wear a dark suit in the sun all day -- please let me know. I would like an interview.


  1. It is not just the Firefighters who have a beef.. IT IS EVERY CITIZEN who's city has been destroyed by that TYRANT!!! The Person who suffered 93 degree heat that day is fed up like it seems everyone is.. GOD BLESS HIM or HER. LOL I think you will even see Videos on

  2. Yes, He or She got bill will be sorprise that he/she is not a firefighter....he/she is a simple person that is tired of Robaina's bullshit....


  4. I cant stand Robaina and I think he is a crook. But when it comes to laying off those overpaid and already retired firefighters, I salute him. I am hoping those retired fire officers will keep a low profile on Tuesday or at least keep their association with the fire department a secret.

  5. How to expect to be honest and loyal when he destroyed his marriage leaving behind 3 children, he remarriage his lover and he is now pretending to be stable. No respect!

  6. Rolando D. BolanosMay 26, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    I ask you Ladra, why couldn't it have been ROBAINA? Did you know that he has a twin brother? Chances are that it was SIMON but, I have to admit Ladra, there is a little resemblance of MENTIRITA in this photograph. In any event, more likely than not it's someone out of thousands that don't like the Maggot for what he is. It could have been me.


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