Monday, May 23, 2011

Mayoral Robaina tops $1.2 mil

The latest campaign finance report filed by mayoral candidate Julio Robaina, whose resigns as Hialeah mayor today, has topped the $1.2 million mark.

And that does not include the monies donated to two PACs run by his friends and supporters.

That means he collected another $442,000 in donations. Even if all of them were the maximuj $500 (and we suspect almost all of them are), that would be an additional 884 checks or so.

Ladra has not had time this morning to pore through the list and find out how many more of those are bundled contributions (coming from multiple businesses or family members of the same person) and tens of thousands (or hundreds, perhaps?) for Robaina's mayoral campaign come from special interests like the mafia behind the maquinitas industry or business partners with properties near the proposed reverse osmosis water plant that he is so supportive of.

Maybe that is why it was filed late, so that people don't have time to fully digest it before Tuesday's vote.

Ladra will take a long look at it later, with many cups of coffee. But it shouldn't matter. There are enough questions about this guy already and, coupled with the big money pouring into his coffers, there is reason to be wary.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I just looked through the campaign reports.. I only found a few individuals who actually cojntributed to his campaign. THE MONEY COMES FROM BIG BUSINESS!!!!!
    Are people blind??? Do the math people.. This is just waht you recalled but on a MUCH LARGER SCALE...

  2. Money dont mean anything!!! What's the amount of person ration to that amount of money? That's the better question

    Let say him and gimenez both collected $100,000 of which there are multiple checks for both ends, because of the $500 limit, but in robaina's case he has only 10 people donating $10,000 each and gimenez has 100 donating $1000 each, I like Gimenez numbers better.

    ROBAINA from yOur former city employee,
    "WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOU!" you have ruined families and prevented people from starting one. IMO I hope everyday you end up in jail!


  3. Mayor Robaina will destroy Miami Dade county. He just gave another job to his friend Julio Ponce to run the Hialeah Housing Authority. Despite only having a high school diploma and no experience in public housing, Ponce was approved for a $125,000 annual salary by the authority's board of directors this past May 19.
    In addition to his annual salary, Ponce gets a $900 monthly car allowance and $8,000 a year in covered expenses Watch out Miami Dade county he will get rid of everyone and hire his cronies. He is doing this on his way out the door of Hialeah. Shame on Mr Robaina always wasting money.


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