Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby X stumps for Papa

Forget Norman Braman and his considerably anticlimactic endorsement (though maybe not his money). Former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez has another big advantage in his bid to become the next county commissioner in District 7: His son, Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez.

The son is allegedly helping raise money for his father, whose giant warchest of $117,000 dwarfs the $6,500 raised by former State Rep. (REP, District 117) and South Miami Mayor Julio Robaina. (Though with several big fundraisers -- including one at founding Pinecrest Mayor Evelyn Greer's home and one at Lario's last week and two back-to-back today and tomorrow -- South Miami Robaina may be doing much better). But debonair Baby X (Xavier is his middle name) also stood in the rain on Sunday afternoon to greet the trickle of voters that showed up for early voting at the Coral Gables Library.

Asked about the local political chatter that has eyebrows raised about the possibility of both father and son Suarez sitting together on the board of the county's Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Miami commissioner told Ladra, as he stood under a Lincoln-Marti schools umbrella, that he's willing to quit the MPO if it made anybody terribly uncomfortable.

"I may resign," Francis Suarez said. "I will bring it up and see what the commission things. If they want me to resign because of any possible perception of an issue, then I will."

Suarez, whose dad lost a bid against Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who now resigned to run for mayor, is voting for Marcelo Llorente in the mayoral race.

"He's my wife's cousin," Francis Suarez said, moments before his wife arrived in a the Ford Explorer with a Llorente bumper sticker. Suarez's little girl was also wearing a Llorente t-shirt.

Which may bring up the MPO conflict again if his wife's cousin is elected to the county commission next year, in District 12, as we have hinted he may run for.


  1. Julio is the best in this race. He looked out for the citizens of the entire county when he was in Tally, and bucked the powerful interests, we would be well adviced to support Julio. The X brought shame and disgrace to us all when he was removed for voter fraud, and baby X almost got pinched in the scandale, so my support and vote goes to Julio!!!

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Suarez the other evening as he walk door to door in my neighborhood. He addressed all my concerns and answered many of my questions for close to 1 hour.
    I made my decision to vote for Mr. Suarez after his visit to my house and my decision was solidified when he attained the Miami Herald endorsement this past week.

  3. Suarez got my vote, meet him for the first time at early voting this week and it was a pleasure.

  4. It's hard to believe anything you say or take you seriously when you get your facts mixed up so often. Despite your alleged conversation with Suarez regarding his relationship to Llorente, you are obviously misquoting him as saying that Llorente is his wife's cousin. Llorente is married to Suarez' cousin. Also Suarez does not have any children so it's impossible for "Suarez's little girl" to have appeared anywhere. You must have seen Llorente's daughter wearing her father's campaign shirt. Stop making stuff up and pawning it off as true, particularly quotes attributed to elected officials. I'm new to your blog and I'm finding it really annoying to read so many false allegedly factual statements.

  5. You may be right because I admit, I can only read "wife" and "cousin" in my notes (used a pen and it was raining). So it could have been "His wife is my cousin" instead of "He's my wife's cousin." Honest mistake. And I do apologize. But it really does not make much difference. The primos politicos situation is almost exactly the same, but in a mirror reflection. Does it make a difference to the context? I apologize to all readers for the criss cross. Distraction and lack of sleep is no excuse for just assuming the little girl was with the family. But it's even BETTER that she is Llorente's daughter -- though we shouldn't assume that either (but she is really cute like him!). Because the gist was that the Llorente camp and the Suarez camp are related and supporting each other. Kids and all. And it was sweet. Sweet is not Ladra's usual stuff and she has to learn to be just as careful with it as she is with the bitter and the salty. Thanks for pointing those things out.

  6. Ladra to me you are # 1 in the political arena coverage,enjoyed your blog, keep the good work, after Tuesday elections I will like to invite you for dinner with my wife and daugther. One of the candidate for MDC Mayor

  7. Okay, Farid? Pepe? Who is this? One of them, by process of elimination. Can't be Luke, because he thinks he's #1 in the political arena. Can't imagine Julio, Jeffrey, Wilbur or Roosevelt to be my fans. Llorente has two little kids and Gimenez would not include his daughter and not his son. Eddie Lewis can't invite anybody to dinner. And Gabrielle is good with punctuation and spelling and does not have a wife, that I know of. So, Pepe or Farid just one more thing: Ladra likes steak. ;P


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