Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cancio sign on TV at Heat game

That was not Ladra's imagination, after all.

Thought maybe election fever was getting to my brain and I saw signs everywhere. No, really. Political signs, that is. Even behind the Bulls basket at the Miami Heat game Sunday night. There was that nasty, angry, braided Bull, missing another free throw, and the Miami fans waving t-shirts and Heat posters and a Cancio for Mayor sign and... wait a minute.

Right there, in section 112, row 12, was a Pepe Cancio for Mayor sign. "Perfect location," said Jose "Pepe" Cancio, Jr., season ticket holder and son of mayoral candidate Jose "Pepe" Cancio, Sr. "You gotta get a little free advertising."

Junior's telephone interview was later, as he drove home from the game with his wife Sunday night. But, at first, I really thought my eyes were playing tricks. Marili Cancio hadn't seen it when Ladra texted her to ask if it could be. "It is very possible. My brother is crazy," she said.

Well, apparently the ad police at the NBA saw it and told her brother to sane up and quick.

"They wanted to kick me out," said Cancio, Jr., 44, who also was wearing a Cancio t-shirt. "NBA security sent security to come and get me. They wanted me to turn my t-shirt inside out."

No can do, Cancio told them. "I put my sign down, but I wasn't about to change my shirt."

The season ticket holder for the last 10 years was allowed to stay through the end of the game, in which the Heat beat the Bulls decisively in the last quarter and a half... well, pretty much since Cancio Jr. flashed that sign. Conicidence? Hmmm. Just in case, Pepito, bring a sign to the game Tuesday (who cares if the election is over by then?).

Good thing for the NBA, too, that they didn't force the issue. His sister, we hear, is one helluva lawyer.

"Now that is BS," Marili Cancio told Ladra when she first heard her brother's tale about the t-shirt trouble.

"I would file suit against that."


  1. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!! Cancio t-shirts for everyone Tuesday night!!!!!!!!! Go Heat and Go Cancio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patricia C BernardiniMay 23, 2011 at 8:00 AM

    Wow! Had no idea it was going to cause such a stir and that it was not kosher to do that! I told my brother to take 'some' signs to the AAA the night of the game. I am glad he did! Go Cancio # 18!

  3. Isn't Cancio the same dumb candidate who said he would rehire Roosevelt Bradley as his Transit Director? No wonder he is polling at 1%.


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