Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Su alcaldito's reign of terror begins

Hours after he felt the confidence boost of his election -- through fraud, lies and trickery -- to the mayor's seat he has exploited for months, Hialeah's alcaldito Carlos Hernandez again abused his power Tuesday night. From a booth at Flannigan's. And he may abuse his power against employees he will likely now target because they supported former mayor Raul Martinez in the race.

It's not like he hasn't done it before. During this campaign, he fired two part-timers and transferred one full-time civil service employee to a more difficult position -- all because they support Martinez or did not report him when he visited a resident at public housing building at the resident's request.

He has had his thugs, including his chief enforcer Glen "The Goon" Rice take photos and/or video of them during early voting. Some employees told me he even asks them to smile for the camera. They have such total, arrogant confidence that nobody will police them that they think they can get away with anything, including violating people's rights. And roughing up an independent journalist blogger. Rice pushed me around Tuesday night inside Flannigan's on West 84th Street, where the mayor and some unidentified friends (photos here) had a celebratory meal. He stomped on my foot and stayed on it, applying painful pressure in an apparent effort to provoke me and keep me from taking photographs of the mayor enjoying dinner with friends while four officers -- three of them on duty -- were babysitting right outside Flannigan's. That's why Ladra was there, to document the misuse of city resources by an abusive dictator who thinks he owns the city. Rice even started saying that I hit him in the stomach, which is what he wanted but which never happened -- unless he means when he physically and forcefully bumped into me several times to move me physically away from su alcaldito's table.

He then had Sgt. Manny Montalvo, who was officially the only one of the four police officers out in the parking lot who was off-duty, issue me a trespass warning in the parking lot (again) after Rice, a disgraced former cop forced to resign, basically demanded that the manager have me trespassed. After I was already in the parking lot. Because I had left of my own accord after Goon Rice made a scene. Another illegal trespass warning by the disgrace of a police department that the Hialeah PD has become. And I do not mean the rank and file who support what I am doing and tell me so regularly and are ashamed of what they are forced to put up with and put me to at the behest of their command staff, which is acting on the orders of su alcaldito.
This is what makes it a criminal rather than civil matter. An elected official is misusing city resources to harass, intimidate and silence a political blogger. He must be so orgulloso!
And while I have tried to get other authorities involved, I am getting the runaround. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office has not taken this complaint serioiusly and the Florida Inspector General and Attorney General say they have no jurisdiction. Craig O'Connell at the FDLE in Tallahassee, at the Inspector General's office, said they would have to refer the complaint to Hialeah Police Chief Abuser Mark Overton. Like that is going to go anywhere. He is the one who battered me last week at the Goodlet Adult Center when I went to cover an endorsement circus event. He is the chief of the department that is harassing me and intimidating me and investigating me illegally.

But Ladra is not worried about herself. Not too much, anyway. What can they do? Issue me trespass warnings? Illegal ones at that. Eventually, they will be seen for the thugs they are. So go to it. Any attempt to violate my rights and curtail my freedom temporarily will fail and will be fought hard. The law and my rights are on my side. Ladra worries more about the dozens of employees who may face retaliation as early as today from a vindictive thug mayor who will stop at nothing to retain his power and build his pension and continue to provide his friends and campaign supporters with juicy no-bid contracts (read: kickback opportunities) and botella positions. I personally heard su alcaldito -- who would not answer the phone or return calls to comment on this behavior --ask his Lady in Waiting Arnie Alonso and Goon Rice to take photos "of every single employee out here" supporting his opponent. during the first round of early voting. Even Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez got in on the intimidation. Check out the smirk on her face as she takes photos of employees with Raul Martinz shirts and signs below.

Just ask Roberto Santos, a 15-year fleet management employee who was told by su alcaldito at the Moose Lodge polling place Tuesday "I'll see you very soon!" with two thumbs up in a threatening manner. "Like he was trying to scare me," Santos told me. During the second round of early voting, he said Councilman Jose Caragol, who won in the first round, told him, "I squashed you." Some of the employees told Ladra that they were warned by their supervisors not to go to early voting sites or to the precincts on election day. "They are always taking photos of us. A neighbor even told me that a police officer showed up looking for me at my house," said one parks worker. "Arnie [Alonso] told my supervisor he wanted to see me buried." As he said that, Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez laughed and waved at him. "Look at her. She thinks she's a joker." Another employee said: "It is a way to intimidate and try to put us on the floor. But I know I am not doing anything wrong supporting another candidate." A firefighter told me that Alonso but his hand across his neck and told him "You will be gone in two weeks," referring to the threat to fire 105 firefighters -- 70 of them on Thursday -- for taking a stand against the administration's strong-arm tactics. Or the employees in this video:

Barbara Hernandez, the president of the general employees union, said that many of the employees feel they will be retaliated against now that Hernandez has been elected. "He has shown in the past that he is not above firing people or transfering or disciplining them for political retribution," Hernandez said. "We have filed grievances on behalf of employees who have been targetted."

They feel intimidated. They feel threatened. They are scared. And they are right to be. This alcaldito and this administration is abusive and, as I said, will stop at nothing to stay in power.

Will nobody stop them?


  1. nina I guess you hate that he won and worst does the same picture taking crap you do.

  2. I think after this post I will be saying farewell to this Blog. I think its getting a little pathetic and desperate with antics like this.

    Buh-bye political-cortadito. It was good while it lasted.

  3. Carlos Hernandez Adan makes Rick Perry look like Einstein. This stupid clown won't be able to get out of his way for much longer. That goes for the whole cabal--Rice, Caragol Sr. and Jr., Lazaro "El Stupido" Guerra...they lack the ability to manage anything larger than a fruit stand. The small minority who voted for this pompous twerp...remember, low turnout...are going to get what they deserve...a city in rapid decline.

  4. Let me see if I can stop laughing long enough to answer your ridiculous analysis. First of almost if not all of the employees have civil service which means that they can not be fired. That's number one, number two anyone who knows Arnie Alonso knows he doesn't have the manhood to threat anyone to their face behind their back MAYBE.... Number three the GUY is Jorge Aguilar, Mayor Robaina gave him that job and the one he had in Hialeah Gardens so in good spanish he "un mal agradecido" his father worked for the City and when he said he needed a job after he retired, Robaina gave him one too. In addition Mr. Aguiar helped on Mayor Jimenez's campaign and still has his job, so please spare me, this guy is a piece of crap that would sell ANYONE OUT no matter what because until 4 years ago he loathe Martinez and was one on many Robaina butt sniffers. When things went south he decided that Robaina was the anti-Christ and didn't lose ONE opportunity to bash him both in the press and ON THE TELEVISION with NO FEAR, so what has changed?? Mr Aguiar thought he was gonna give Hernandez a BIG F*** YOU when Martinez beat Hernandez it didn't go that way and now he's pissed that he has to go back with his tail in between his legs... As for Mayor Hernandez not letting you barage in on his good time at Flanigan's well I can't say I can blame him. He didn't want to interrupt his celebration, I wouldn't have wanted to stop either.

  5. Yeah Ladra, that is low.

    Going to Flanigans and barraging in on his meal...come on. That's borderline stalking.

    If I was him, I wouldnt care who you are, I'd work on filing a restraining order.

    Not exactly "pulitzer prize" material. More like perez hilton.

    The cops were off-duty and they can be where they please.

  6. hey ladra
    were you at flannies trying to get a job as the urinals cleaner? or trying to get a free meal? hey i heard that you were in the dumpster looking for food. fo away alreadt no one cares about your antics.
    hernandez will not last in the office.i am sure that his legal issues with the ponzi scammer will have him suspended yet.we just have to wait....its coming.rundle will not lift a finger,but bondi will....and well theres also the feds.....

  7. You are starting to act like a stalker. The election is over and the people of Hialeah have spoken, even though you disagree with the outcome.

  8. This Batista or Castro regime?
    Whether he is in the little boys room tapping shoes with the stall next door or on the dias........
    All The Kings Men are commenting here.

  9. Ladra was there to document misuse of city resources and abuse of power. Three of the officers were on duty, according to my information. Only Sgt. Motalvo was off duty. At least that is what he said. Officers Jimmy Gutierrez, Amado Herrera and Nirio Nieves (who already issued me a trespass warning at Goodlet Park at the order of Chief Abuser Mark Overton, who is directed by the alcaldito and/or Arnie Alonso) were working on duty, paid by the taxpayers to guard the mayor while he met with a couple of former cops turned private goons (his brother Eddie Hernandez and Albert Nabut... still don't have the guy in the blue shirt identified). About what? Ladra wonders.

    That is not stalking. That is documenting and investigating abuse of power and misuse of city resources. The police department is not the alcaldito's personal security squad. And the FDLE will investigate this as part of the systemic harassment by su alcaldito through the HPD. How anyone can condone this is beyond me. No matter who does it, this is wrong.

    I am uploading the video from that night, from the parking lot where Goon Rice was abusive with me and the cops did nothing. Will post the link as soon as it is done.

    Oh, and I am also sending it to the investigators I've spoken with at the FDLE.

  10. Here is the link to the video from that night.

  11. If the officers weren't on duty, what were they doing at Flanni's in uniform???

  12. Anyone request a public records on Rice's "distinguished" career????? :)

  13. I have to admit this is getting a little weird.....the elections done and your still chasing him around? I have been saying for weeks now that Raul should have never run for Congress or Mayor. His opportunity closed when he decided not to run for County Mayor in 2008. Think of it he would have Hialeah completely locked down, would have had friends in local and state government......but at last his ego got the best of him. Raul's political career was the only one that while he complains that so many betrayed him, I would counter that in fact it was he who betrayed so many because of his ego.

    Ladra, go ambush someone else for a while and leave the new Mayor alone. Let the public decide if he is doing a good job or not.

  14. Glenn Rice is actually a friend of mine, not that we chase skirts or down shots together; but if we were to meet on the street, we would do so with a warm handshake and a smile. I don't recall Glenn resigning in disgrace, rather he retired when he had put in his time, without being pushed out. Glenn had a history of speaking out against public and police corruption. He was an amiable policeman. I am surprised that he is employed as anyone's "muscle." Perhaps he just established a good relationship with Carlos Hernandez when they were officers together, and nothing solidifies an old friendship like a nice paycheck. I cannot speak for his actions during this mayoral campaign; but to video tape you, while you are video taping him, well, turnabout is fair play, and not only between the sheets.

  15. I love Flannigan's and eat there often. There are always on duty cops there. That has nothing to do with Carlos Hernandez.....

  16. Hey Barbara, what's your strategy now that Mayor Hernandez won the election? I hope you go back tot he table ASAP and negotiate, with honor this time, a better contract for the general employees or we may have a new Union representing the general employees soon!

  17. @anon....and what union would you want to represent you? The city owes you money from their actions that were ruled to be wrong. Why don't you ask the city where that money is.

  18. Were you able to see Carlos at city hall today? If yes give us info


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