Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ladra is battered by police chief

Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart have officially endorsed su alcaldito Carlos Hernandez at circus event at the Adult Community Center at Goodlet Park Wednesday.

And I guess both are okay with Hialeah Police Chief Abuser Mark Overton shoving me out of the comedor less than 30 seconds after I got there, at the behest of alcaldito's #1 do-boy Arnie Alonso, who su alcaldito repeatedly uses for his abuse of power. It was like I was in Cuba all over again and the state security was questioning me at the airport as I left with photographs of disidents who had denounced that government's abuse of power against them. This is the same thing: An elected official, su alcaldito, using his armed police force to intimidate, harass and silence an independent journalist. I understand that Robaina would allow it, nay, actually revel in the bliss it must be for him to see me harassed. But it is disgraceful that a sitting U.S. representative who says he defends human rights and freedom of the press would allow such abuse of power and censorship and intimidation of a political blogger to occur just steps from him. I guess it's okay if it's politically convenient for his preferred candidate. Huh, Mario?

Ladra couldn't capture what Robaina or Diaz Balart said at the press conference, where many TV news cameras captured their prepared speeches so we'll hear it together, dear readers, when it airs on the news tonight. Political Cortadito cameraman Raul "El Toro" Torres was also ejected -- this time by a police commander at the request, or order, of su alcaldito's chancletera secretary, Lissette Franco -- but, after other members of the media objected and started recording the incident, he was allowed to stay. We will see video of all that very shortly after he uploads it to our YouTube channel. I was able to get off  snap one photo (above) before Overton came over to me and grabbed me by my left arm, pushing me out of the room and telling me I had to leave. (Right). In the first of three blurry photos of Overton, his left hand is on my right arm, but it's not in the image. In the third photo, that's Alonso standing in the doorway. He was the one who motioned to Overton as soon as I walked in.

"This is a press conference. I got a press release," I told Overton in the hallway (and if there is no video of me being ejected, it is because I did not want to cause a scene). "You are not media and this is a city property. You have to leave," Overton said, and pushed me again, this time on my right forearm. Ladra tried to get some photos of the assault by the police chief, who should be stripped of his law enforcement badge, but was being manhandled at the time and could not get my digital camera on video or get a shot of the chief's hands on me. I've already contacted some media friends to see if they captured it, but Ladra is sure they were focused on Robaina's chubby cheeks as he yelled into the microphone pep-rally style about whatever it is that makes su alcaldito his candidate (read: he's the only one who won't bring out all the misdeeds and malfeasance Robaina inflicted on the city and its taxpayers).

I did ask two officers outside -- after I left when asked to leave -- to write a report about the chief shoving me and grabbing my arm twice (read: simple battery). They took down my information and went inside to get Overton's version of events. When Officer Nirio Nieves came back outside, he said "The problem is you are being issued a trespass warning." Say what? I left when I was asked to leave and now -- now that I am reporting the battery at the hands of the rogue police chief -- I am being issued a fourth illegal trespass warning outside in the parking lot? "So you can't return," Nieves told me.

This is ludicrous and Ladra will not stop barking about it. If what they want is to silence me, they got another thing coming. Whoever is giving you media advice, alcaldito, fire her or him. Because just like the mess at the IHOP -- when all you had to do was give me 2.5 minute soundbite about the event and how it was being paid for but, instead, imploded your campaign with insults and your arrogant mistreatment of me and balseros everywhere -- this is going to backfire on you. I will amend, again, my complaint with the state attorney's office and have already contacted the FDLE about it. I have also sent the two illegal trespass warnings I have already to the media with a denouncement of this police harassment and abuse of power. And I will now, again, call the ACLU and try to get legal representation. If I can sue you, I will. You cannot get away with this.

Whether you are elected or not on Tuesday through the theft and fraud of absentee ballots, you will not get away with this. I promise you.


  1. Are you sure he wasn't just "laying on hands"
    to bless you? Chief Overton is a deeply religious
    man, but so was Hitler. (As a youth, Hitler's goal was to become a priest.) The more religious a person declares that they are, the tighter you should hold onto your soul, and your wallet.
    Ladra, I am sorry that your were battered....but when I batter you, it will be with pancake batter, and I'll be pouring syrup in thy belly button....ooooooooo....I am so bad. Pray for me , Chief Overton.

  2. Congratulations Ladra, keep pursuing the rights afforded the citizens of this country. While that may not be the case in the Country of Northern Cuba(see Hialeah). The fact that again, a political event took place in a city building that was in fact not open to the public is a farce.

  3. Ladra, in your you-tube video where you're being harassed at the mayor's campaign headquarters, "is that the mayor's car in the handicapped stall?"

  4. Why, yes, it is indeed. He also parked in the handicap space at JFK during early voting... or Arnie Alonso did, whoever was driving that day -- because sometimes su alcaldito drives Arnie around.

  5. You sure are quick to jump to conclusions when it suits your ends.

    No it is not the Mayor's Car in the Handicap. The mayor's car is darker and its a suburban. That's a Tahoe. I know firsthand, I work there. It belongs to one of shopping center store owner's.

  6. So the mayor or his staff knowingly violate state law and park in handicap spots....think hpd would write them a ticket? NOT!

  7. Why should a political event at a City facility surprise you? This is after all the same place where the Police Chief sanctions Bible study, once a week ( only his faith, though) in the police compound! Next time you see that sanctimonious, bully ask to join his Bible study group, he may forgive your sins and make you one of his chosen people. Besides whats a little thing like the U.S. Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, we're in Hialeah!!!

  8. Ladra i am sick of all of this crap, i only hope that Raul will win this election but in case that the scumbags of Robaina and his team with the alcaldito get elected. I pray that Raul will do everithing in his hands and the Garcia ghost too to get this 2 out of Hialeah forever.
    I am surprise that they dont come out with the
    famous checks from Felipito that this 2 scumbags are collecting at 36% interest.

    One thing for shure if the people of Hialeah
    vote for el alcaldito they desserve the worst
    is a shame to see what is happening and how they are abusing the poor ignorant people from Hialeah.

  9. stop whining just cause you drew the short straw...just saying...

  10. I hate to be redundant, but how should Press credentials be determined/distributed now and into the future? With advertising revenues down, and online news venues supplanting print and broadcast media, the employment roles of traditional journalists continue to be trimmed.
    What de facto agency should have the responsibility and commensurate power to determine who should be allowed to attend Press Conferences and be privy to information not meant for the general public. Does the citizen journalist or the blogger have less rights, based in law, than the paid employee of a media corporation?

  11. Lickerprick
    Carlos Hernandez sends his regards, soon maybe you can go have some coffee so he can give you a job teaching english to all the elderly that voted him Mayor....
    Life is funny sometimes lickerprick!!!

  12. @ Lickerpoet
    I like you !! I believe you own a "licker" store - if so I want to patronize it. Can you fill me in please?

  13. lickerpoet
    get a job! who cares what you think anyway? i bet you are a convicted felon. or maybe you are la perra alter ego. pistol 3

  14. Lickerpoet I think you ROCK!! I can't wait to drop in to meet you in person!

  15. ladra maybe if were a real journalist with press credential.they would allow you at these events. they see you like I do,a loose stray dog looking for scraps.... pistol 3


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