Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Election Day turnout low in Hialeah

The election in Hialeah is today but the results have likely already been decided.

Voters trickled in one and two at a time Tuesday morning at three of the bigger polling places: The Salvation Army, the Moose Lodge and the JFK Library. And that spells doom for former Mayor Raul Martinez, who is in the fight of his life against a scheming alcaldito Carlos Hernandez. Unless those who got outraged and became indignant over the abuse of absentee ballots and AFL residents come out en masse, the election will be decided by the more than 13,000 mailed-in ballots -- and we all know who has more control (read: fraud) over those.

Less than 3,000 voters cast ballots during the shortened 3-day early voting period last week so that will hardly make a dent. If at least 10,000 people do not vote today, the process was circumvented by fraud and trickery and the voters let the machine -- operated by the candidates and their campaign operatives, which includes Absentee Ballot Fraud Queen Sasha Tirador -- decide the fate of their city for them.

It's also a shame that it seems more people are voting against Martinez than necessarily for Hernandez. He may become mayor by default again. One man told me at the Moose Lodge, "I would be dead first before I vote for him," referring to Martinez, who has been cast as a bad guy because of past attacks on him -- all of which he has legally deflected. That's some mandate, alcaldito. You got the default votes.

There is still time, however, and what the people of Hialeah and the Martinez Back to the Future slate of council candidates -- which includes former Councilman Alex Morales, former cop and Hialeah Housing Authority employee Danny Bolaños and Frank Lago, who lost a bid for state rep in May and is the former chief of staff for Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño -- need is for all teachers, municipal workers, and gente con mas de dos dedos de frente to come out this afternoon and vote.

And stop the theft of an election.


  1. Why is turnout so low? This could be one reason.

    I was discussing politics on Election Day with a friend, each of us trying to no avail to convince the other to switch sides.

    Finally, I said to my friend: “Look, it’s clear that we are unalterably opposed on every political issue. Our votes will surely cancel out. Why not save ourselves some time and both agree to not vote today?’’

    My friend agreed enthusiastically and we parted.

    Shortly after that, an acquaintance of my friend , who had heard the conversation said, “That was a sporting offer you made.’’

    “Not really,’’ I replied. “This is the third time I’ve done this today.”

  2. The problem with your last statement is that all those workers calling foul DON'T LIVE IN HIALEAH. Some do but most don't. Ladra you probably know better than I, where do the union leadership live?

    As a citizen that is a major point for me. The union look like they are only fighting for their salaries and retirement, not for the best of the city.

  3. I meant the 3,800+ county and other union workers who live in the city and are registered to vote, not just Hialeah employees, silly. They certainly have a right to representation.

    And, no, the union is fighting to save the citizens from the crooks at City Hall. That's how it is. All you have to do is pass by the fire union office at 752 E. 1st Avenue and they can show you how many times and how much the alcaldito has lied about city finances. Don't believe the hype. Get informed.

  4. It is my understanding that the State Attorney's ofice and the supervisor of elections of Miami Dade county (Beverly Townsley) have receivd numerous complaints after viewing on TV and/or reading in all newspapers the abuse at the JFK library with the incapacipated residents of the assisted living facilities. Yesterda the hospitalized resident that was basically forced to sign his ballot. This was aired on MEGATV los implicados. If there is an investigation it should not be diffucult to prove fraud by the Hernandez/Tirador group, and the elections should be invalid. Last time something like this occurred Javier Suarez lost even though he was declared the winner and Joe Carollo, in second place was declared the winner. There is still time to write to miami-dade elections supervisor Ms. Beverly Townsley at COOP2@miamidade.gov and express your opinion on the blatant fraud.

  5. Yes, Anon... despite reports by Channel 23 that there have been no complaints, I know first hand that the elections department has not only received complaints but has forwarded them along to the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.

    In addition, I will be demanding tomorrow that the state attorney's office look into the election, providing them with several documented incidents of fraud and abuse against the ALF voters, and asking for Miami-Dade State Attorney Kathy Fernandez-Rundle to recuse herself because of her conflict of interest (Hernandez and his supporters donated to her last campaign). We need a prosecutor from a different jurisdiction. I am hoping for someone from Lee County.

  6. Wow, people crying foul from the MARTINEZ camp. How about firefighters collecting AB's?? Where is the outrage?? This election has always been about Raul, on that Elaine we agree. I just never understood why you never wrote that bit of truth here.

    Elaine, the union is self-motivated and looking out for their members pockets. That's natural and expected. The problem is that the union leadership was blinded and grossly miscalculated this entire process. Their members will now suffer consequences, not political retribution just negotiating leverage. I will let everyone in on a secret, the anti-Carlos camp could have won by backing Rudy. George Castro would beat Raul in a run off, the union's best chance was with the ghost .

  7. Again, ridiculous things to throw out Responder. Firefighters were collecting the ABs ONLY from the Raul Martinez supporters so they would not be stolen and thrown away, like they were in the first round. They have been negotiating in good faith, while the city has done nothing but lie about everything. They don't care about their own pockets. They are trying to save the city from an alcaldito who will rape it dry. Talk about the no-bid contracts, the quid pro quo, the botella positions... not in 1993 (when there were 1,800 ABs cast in comparison to today's 14,664 so far) or 2005 but right now. I can't go back into the past and do anything about that. I can shine the light on what is happening now. And Raul Martinez is not in power now. Su alcaldito is. And he abuses it. You don't EVER talk about that, however, do you. The same as you never talk about the other things I mention. You simply repeat the same lies that su alcaldito practices in his preening mirror.

    I have criticized Raul Martinez, in this blog and in person. Everyone knows that. I am not necessarily welcome at his campaign office -- though I am not illegally issued trespass warnings either.

    I do agree that they miscalculated the voters and maybe would have been able to unseat the moronic and abusive and fraudulent and criminal alcaldito if they had supported the Ghost. Because Hernandez didn't win this election. Martinez lost it. Like you said, there is a large number of people who would vote for ABR -- Anyone But Raul. And that is sad because it is based in lies and halftruths taken out of context.

  8. Wow!!!!! It sounds like i hear and feel fear in some of you and are looking for excuses to why Hernandez will win today. Give it up. And join the line of unemployment and dont waste any time. Trust me Martinez will be financially fine and you all wont.

  9. Congrats to Hernandez

  10. "I can't go back into the past and do anything about that. "

    By your logic then all your talk about "Felipito" is irrelevant right? After all, its in the 'past'.

    I've seen you inside RM HQ laughing it up MULTIPLE times. You're a regular there. I wouldn't be surprised if you even made phone calls while sitting on Danny's lap.

    Listen. Carlos will win Early Voting and Election day AGAIN. So you even if you struck away all AB's which you allege are tainted...he will still win.

    As for the ALF seniors. Only 3 of their votes were deemed valid anyhow. Way below the margin he DEFEATED Raul by during Early Voting.

    You never mention the fact that he defeated him in the Early Voting and Election Day numbers, DO YOU???? That's cause you want to play up the "fraud" angle. Maybe that's so you can have something to keep your petty life busy for the next couple weeks.

    "Anyone But Raul. And that is sad because it is based in lies and halftruths taken out of context. "

    You really need to step out of that bubble you've been living in. I think you might actually believe this crap you spew.

  11. See? You guys just don't get it. It has never been about anyone's personal finances. Apparently, that is what most of you are in it for. Not Ladra. Not the firefighters. Not the employees. For us, It is about stopping the fraud and abuse of power and lies that permeate City Hall.

  12. nothing will come of an investigation bc all the evidence is circumstantial regrettably. this has nothing to do with KFR recusing herself and furthermore anyone who believes that the Miami-Dade Delegation will do anything or propose legislation to curb AB Fraud and criminalize it is naive or jaded at best... Dade legislators will never win in an honest race starting with ADLP's little brother and all others associated with him...Commissioner Sosa's Ordinance and request to the state legislature only serves to promote selective enforcement because it benefits those in office who can actively request a forbearance of enforcement on election crimes mainly AB Fraud. Truth be told we created and made our bed and now we have to live with and sleep on it...


  13. Figured that in your twisted mind this day would be not about Carlos winning, but about Raul losing. I have said it before....Raul lost this race because of his arrogance. Let the blame game begin and the justification for his loss commence.

  14. It's disproportionate, that is what I am saying. Fraud ocurred, that is what I am saying. It doesn't matter who won. Fraud ocurred and it should not have. I cannot believe that anyone would condone that, with or without beating him at the polls. Fraud ocurred.

  15. It's WAS NOT disproportionate.

    I wouldn't call the petty examples you have "fraud".

    They are no more fraud than the Barbara, Mabel, and 3 firefighters entering a Public Housing building in the middle of the night to pick up ballots from Seniors.


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