Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Martinez concedes, but it ain't over

Former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez conceded early Tuesday night as soon as the absentee ballot machinery of su alcaldito Carlos Hernandez showed it had almost a 4,000 vote lead. A suspicious 4,363 vote lead counting ABs and early voting numbers.
"Se acabo," Martinez told supporters as he made his way outside to the TV cameras. "It's over."

He later lost by a total of 6,689 votes, which means that 2,326 people at the polls voted against him on Election Day. That's almost half of those who voted against him absentee. Really? Really? And if it is supposed to be a true reflection of the whole community, why is it that absentee ballots were disproportionately high, at about double the in personal votes? And uncannily equal among the alcaldito's slate. Let's review the early voting and AB counts. There were 10,408 votes for Hernandez (compared to 6,045 for Martinez), 9,943 for council candidate Lourdes "Who?" Lozano, 9,883 for Vivian Casals-Muñoz and 9,352 for Pablito "Huh?" Hernandez. Too close for comfort, just like in the first round. Ladra says. And more circumstantial evidence that the ballot brokers were successful. In comparison, the Back to the Future slates absentee numbers differered much more: 6,045 for Martinez, 5,690 for former councilman Alex "The Professor" Morales, 6,202 for Frank Lago, and 4,537 for former cop turned Hialeah Housing Authority employee Danny Bolaños. Only the Professor's and Martinez's votes are close, which is a natural thing.

Wednesday, Ladra, Martinez, former Miami Mayor Joe Carollo and some other concerned citizens turned fellow volunteer watchdogs will be making formal, written  complaints with the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office as well as the FDLE and the Miami-Dade Police public corruption unit so they investigate the irregularities you readers have seen here in this blog and in other media outlets. We will take the photos we have of Hernandez campaign workers helping incapacitated ALF residents to vote, video of known boletera picking up ballots at a public housing building and other documentation, like a woman who volunteered for the Hernandez campaign because she was promised housing. We will ask Miami-Dade State Attorney Kathy Fernandez-Rundle to recuse herself from the investigation and have the state appoint a new prosecutor from a different jurisdiction. I'm hoping for some old gringo from Lee County who would be outraged by these incidents. Fernandez-Rundle was accused Tuesday of having taken campaign contributions from Hernandez and bundles from his support base (read: illegal maquinita industry) and of having invested in the ponzi scheme by Luis Felipe Perez, whose loans from former Mayor Julio Robaina and Hernandez. Former Miami Mayor Joe Carollo -- who might be the only person in South Florida who knows more about absentee ballots than Ladra -- made the allegatoins on MegaTV's Los Implicados Tuesday night to denounce what is obviously a fraudulent absentee ballot operation and then he dropped the bomb about Felipito. We will both be at the State Attorney's tomorrow to make the stink public.

This is not about sour grapes. If su alcaldito would have won the absentees with a proportionate amount of votes, instead of double the amount cast at the polls, if we didn't already have documentation of known boletera, or ballot runner, Emelina Llanes knocking on doors last week in a public housing unit to collect ballots, if his campaign manager weren't Absentee Ballot Fraud Queen Sasha Tirador, if we didn't already have more than eight cases of ALF residents who voted with "assistance" from Hernandez supporters or campaign workers, then su alcaldito would have a mandate and the people would have, indeed, spoken, like Martinez said in his quick, spontaneous, respectful speech to accept defeat.

But while I have supported Martinez -- and only because I do not want to see Hernandez continue to rape this city and its employees, who have been threatened and intimidated (more on that later) for his own personal gain -- I disagree with him (again) when he said "the people have spoken." The people have not spoken. The people were spoken for. Big difference. Votes were stolen. Votes may have been paid for. We know at least one vote was promised public housing to support his candidacy -- and she was arrested at the Hernandez campaign office after the first round victory when she approached the media to complain about the housing situation. Of course they did not want her to do that. Who knows what they were trying to cover up. That is one of the other incidents Ladra will take to the state attorney and the authorities.

Because this is not over people. I want the residents and employees of this city -- and su alcaldito and his Seguro Que Yes rubber-stamping board --  should know also that I am not going away because he won. In fact, I am going to continue even more with my investigations first into the ALF fraud, then into the botella positions, then into the no-bid contracts and, maybe, into his moonlight job as an individual bank for loans to Felipito.

This is not over. Ladra is far from being done here. Someone else might be done. But not me. Not Carollo. Not former Mayor Julio Martinez, who wants to form a watchdog committee and propose changes in the AB process."I went to war to protect democracy and what these people did is a sham," Martinez told me.

This election might be over. But the investigation has just begun.


  1. Perro que Ladra no muerde. Let it go. It's over. You guys gave it all you got, but the robainada mafia proved to be too much.

  2. Please don't go away!!! We want you here so you continue to look like a ------- of yourself!!!
    Lost early voting and voting day bye 4000 votes , so take ab ballots out and you still lost.
    It is over baby!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sore losers.

    Math was not quite your thing huh? Why don't you break down the categories in to percentages to demonstrate CLEARLY the "Disproportionate" difference you claim. Let me do it for you...

    Election Day:
    HERNANDEZ - 58.1%
    MARTINEZ - 41.9%

    Early Voting:
    HERNANDEZ 60.1%
    MARTINEZ 39.9%

    HERNANDEZ - 63.7%
    MARTINEZ - 36.3%


    sorry to break it to you,
    but you don't have much of (if any) case to make.

    The small difference can be explained my numerous factors.

    1) The demographics of Absentees are more heavily Senior Citizens than the Election Day (you can request this data from elections dept). That group can be said to be in greater favor of Hernandez than the younger voters (middle age working adults and professionals).

    2) The Hernandez campaign can have a more effective Absentee ballot campaign. Instead of dedicating so many resources to making a big show at the ballot box, they make a bigger show at the new ballot box: the home.

    3) The media attention got progressively more unfavorable to Hernandez nearing election day. The Absentees were the first to go out. In order: ABS-63.7% Early voting-60.1% ED-58.1%. A clear trend. The blown up media portrayals of abuse correlate with this trend.


    Clearly there are legitimate reasons for this discrepancy.

    All you have are a few VERY SMALL isolated incidents on ONE SIDE. We can surely find similar irregularities on the RM side that would cancel out any alleged benefit. The ALF seniors from early voting were only 3 VOTES. Emelina Yanes was not found with ANY ballots in her purse when searched.

    If the vote had been closer and more disproportionate among the categories, i would say you have a case. But at almost a 20% lead, I would say your case is MUTE.

  4. OH YEAH....

    and Carlos and his crew won ALL but two precincts. LOL. He even won the areas where there aren't ANY public housing buildings (ex: the palm lakes area). So you can't blame it on intimidation.

    You guys lost FAIR AND SQUARE. This is not even remotely a SHAM.

    Just admit will you? Please can you say it? for me.....

  5. The only precincts won by Raul were 312 and 322.

    500 W 78 Street -- by 4 votes, very close to his home.

    and Ben Sheppard Elementary School
    5700 W 24 Ave

  6. It is not over until thge FAT MAN sings... And he did... Good bye Martinez. Raul boca de rana se lke termino su reinado que bueno para Hialeah.

  7. It’s truly sad that the citizens of Hialeah did not vote accordingly. I really thought that the run-off election was going to give Raul Martinez an opportunity to better campaign and reach out to many citizens in Hialeah. But it didn’t. Today is really a sad day for all employees under Carlos Hernandez administration.

  8. LG, writing in English must not be your strong point. It's MOOT, not mute. And maybe math is not my strong point. But smelling BS and fraud is. Whether or not su alcaldito won in every category, there was fraud committed. Maybe he didn't need fraud. But he and/or his people did, in fact, commit fraud. Maybe just a little. But a little is too much. And if you have any indication of fraud in the Raul Martinez camp, please let me know and, of course, I will follow that, too. Everyone knows Ladra is not about the candidates, rather the cause and the democratic process.

    Su alcaldito, without question, also abuses his power with the police department, like he did last night when he had me issued another ILLEGAL trespass warning at Flannigan's, where there were FOUR police officers in the parking lot babysitting him and his thugs (some of whom should not have been driving home after that dinner with drinks). The officers allowed Glen Rice to push me around and, while they took my information to write a trespass warning, would not write a report for me about the Goon's assault and battery. He followed me to my car and invaded my personal space with his camera phone. I have no problem of him taking photos of me. I do have a problem of him dancing around me with a camera phone calling me names in an effort to provoke me, which he did not. He cannot. It's actually amusing to watch this disgraced and diseased drunk, who is easily frustrated, get all bent out of shape when he sees me. And I ask everyone who is reading this to be on the lookout as The Goon drives home to Pembroke Pines under the influence.

    An amended complaint on the abuse of power and misuse of city resources is in the works. A complaint about the irregularities documented throughout the election is in the works. The documentation is being compiled. The authorities will be notified. If he has nothing to worry about, neither do you. If I am wrong, let me make a fool of myself with these allegations. You have nothing to lose, right?

  9. "Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." (Winston Churchill, Nov. 11, 1947)
    There are lessons to be learned here, improvements to be made. When only a small percentage of eligible voters registers to vote, when only a small percentage of those registered voters choose to vote, when laws are enacted to disenfranchise voters from the electoral process under the guise of voting integrity, when election laws can be violated with impunity, when those who would enforce our laws are subject to these same electoral forces and the corrupting influence of monies to support electoral campaigns to gain the office of enforcer of these laws; yes, yes, there is much to be learned and many improvements to be made.
    "When every morning brought a noble chance,
    And every chance brought out a noble knight."(Alfred Tennyson, The Passing of Arthur)
    "Loco Joe" Carollo as champion of democracy in South Florida? Who is more interesting than Joe, who, at a press conference to endorse Maurice Ferre, denounced him instead? I anxiously await further chapters in your telenovela, "As Hialeah Churns."

  10. Wise words Lickerpoet.

    I believe that Hernandez played by the rules and won this election fair and square. This extends to his use of absentees.

    Nevertheless, I too am timid about the rising use of absentees. The temptation for abuse is irresistible. Even if such abuse is technically legal.

    This is what I have observed. Absentees create a situation where residents who could careless and who would not otherwise vote, can be pushed by more "interested" neighbors and friends to basically hand over their ballot. I think its better that uninterested and uninformed voters not vote AT ALL. I would rather have lower voter turnout of the informed type than high turnout with uninformed voters. With the old system, the act of having to go drive over to the polling place would weed out these careless residents.

    On the flipside, absentee ballots might be part of solution in overcoming voter apathy with the younger voters (working class and professionals). If young and middle age voters would get involved in large numbers, this could easily outweigh any abuse taking place with the older residents. Might internet voting be the answer?

    Had a greater swath of middle age homeowners voted, I think you would have seen Miel and Lago elected.

  11. Thank you for your continued dedication. It's human beings like you that move mountains. ProudFFrWife <3

  12. LG can't wait till you need rescue & they are tied up because they are short staffed. Will be interesting as you stand by grasping your chest because you are having a heart attack….May your last words on this earth be damn if only I would have really educated myself I would still be alive. Thanks to you & uneducated people like you there will be another 105 unemployed hard working individuals….but hey at least you will have a new reverse osmosis plant the Robaina seems to be ready to cash in on….I guess there is no conflict of interest…..Oh yea, what about those senior citizens that receive free meals paid for by the city that claim not to have money but have no problems gambling away there money playing dominoes….Hmmmm……Or how about the fact that they haven't figured out how to pay the ASME employees for the 20 million dollars that they stole that they have lost in court twice already & is in the appeals court?????? You are one uneducated f&**. Furthermore, mark my words when those now legal efficeincies are told they are not up to code & they have to fix them & PAY the city to re-inspect them as well as have more taxes IMPOSED on them because they have that now LEGAL extra income…..LMFAO….you dizzy uneducated citizens that voted for him YOU ALL DESERVE IT. YOU ALL MADE YOUR BED NOW LE IN IT & I WILL SEE YOU IN TIME COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW HE LIED.

  13. The truth:

    you REALLY THINK that they are going to fire those 105 firefighters????

    The union's bluff is about to be called.

  14. LG my brother is part of the 105…..he was told today he has three shifts left………..I know a hell of a lot more than you do….

  15. The truth:

    Time will tell.

    I doubt very highly 105 FF will go. Maybe a few (which is justified).

    We'll see. If your right, I'll agree with you that the admin is incompetent. But I highly doubt it..

  16. LG.....you said that the admin is incompetent? Why would you vote for incompetence? Makes no sense.

  17. LG, they laid off 17 Last december because they were suppose to save money, & what they paid in overtime was more than what they would have paid if they would've kept them. They also had to Retro those 17s pay…..Didn't work the last time it won't work this time……..No lay off in a critical job is justified. Go read the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) NFPA recommendations on proper staffing so a city won't be held accountable & let me know what you find.

  18. LG by the way my brother is #72 of 105, he has 5 yrs seniority, #105 has almost 8 yrs seniority….

  19. Oye...it is what it is.... the dumbass people elected a dumbass mayor....now we shitty employees gotta deal with it....if you don't like it, resign and apply somewhere else... the afscme employees have been taking it in the a.s.s. for a year and a half.... it's about time the ff get some too.

  20. anon - I do not believe they are incompetent. It was a conditional statement. Read it in its entirety.

    The Truth:

    What sort of impact/demand studies have been performed specific to our city. This should be easy to compile by the dept given the extensive 911 data at your disposal. On average, what kind of labor surplus exists throughout any given day and how does it range. How often does demand truly effect the dept's ability to respond within a reasonable amount of time, outside extreme events like natural disasters..things like that.

    "they laid off 17 Last december because they were suppose to save money, & what they paid in overtime was more than what they would have paid if they would've kept them".

    Sounds fishy. Will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    As for your previous argument about FF studying 4 years,etc.... Most college graduates nowadays don't make no where near $70k+. They also dont get paid double time and a half overtime or get to retire at such a young age. This was true in good times, lets not even talk about now.

    It seems to me something's gotta give on your end- something significant.

  21. Give it a break Laz

  22. LG are you that uneducated on your cities news?????? Seriously???? the 17 was all over the newspaper, as well as their rehiring. I don't understand how you can make such stupid f*&k(^g comments with out knowing all the facts. It is uneducated people like you that re-elected that dizzy ^u&*. Again you wanted the dictatorship not democracy so you got it. Enjoy….Oh here is some more news for you since you are not up to date with city happenings…..Katherine Fernandez Rundle will be asked to recuse herself from the Hernandez investigation since her hands are a little dirty when it comes to ponzi schemes & so on that happen to probably involve the mayor….Thats just a rumor, but let me know after it happens if I still don't know what I am talking about. A*&h%$@

  23. Anonydick….The FF have given up approximately $400 a month in pay. But that didn't make the news. You uneducated citizens are ridiculous when you speak that of what you don't know. Enough said

  24. LG also most college graduates haven't found a job. Whose fault is that? And for your information starting pay for a FF depending on the city is between $42,500 & $50,000….;..So where you get the $70K from I don't know? Maybe after at least 10 yrs in service? But just know this out of that money they make they pay about 10% of their pay into their own pension, $200/bi weekly goes to health insurance….. so its not like they get their benefits for free. Let know if you want me to continue to educate you again, that way the next time you speak you don't have sh&% flowing from your mouth.

  25. This is the problem with people like you - you cant have a decent discussion without resorting to personal attacks and getting all emotional. It doesn't seem to me that you are not truth seeking. instead you begin with the presumption that you are correct and all knowing in all matters. Facts and realities take time to unwind - especially when each side has selfish interests to cloud their logic. I can't imagine having to sit in negotiations with someone like that. Both sides come in already convinced they are not going to learn anything new and convinced there is nothing that can possibly change their position.

    Relax and Take a deep breath.

    ""they laid off 17 Last december because they were suppose to save money, & what they paid in overtime was more than what they would have paid if they would've kept them"."

    When I said this sounded fishy, I wasn't referring to the firing and rehiring. That's old news. I was referring to the need for overtime pay. I doubt highly that the fire administration could not find a way to cope with the loss of 17 firefighters. So of course, to "give it to them [the mayor]" and to have a good talking point for times like this, they opted to rack up some overtime. And even if they overtime was necessary (which i doubt it was), it would temporary as the department transitioned to a more permanent solution to cope (re stagger shifts, etc)

    "depending on the city is between $42,500 & $50,000….;..So where you get the $70K"

    I believe that is the average pay for the 105 FF's. Or perhaps that figure includes the cost to the city per FF, including everything else they have to pay.

  26. "But just know this out of that money they make they pay about 10% of their pay into their own pension, $200/bi weekly goes to health insurance".

    Correct me if I am wrong, that is matched to an extent by the city. So there is an additional cost to the city per employee than the salary.

  27. "No lay off in a critical job is justified. "

    Say that to the grossly overstaffed ER staff at jackson or to a solider who isn't granted a bullet proof Humvee.

    Time are changing. Shit is going to hit the fan in this country, and this is only the beginning. The days of excess and the things we take for granted and have naively label as 'rights' in some cases (like health care) are coming to an end.

    Trust me, maybe its not justified YET, but its borderline there. Nothing is a given. Were just spoiled.

    Take a good look at the rest of world. Wait till the federal debt gets called it, taxes increase to pay for it, energy skyrockets, entitlements are slashed, cheap imports like wal-mart chinese consumer goods increase in price and we are no longer the most technically advanced country in the world. Then we'll see what is justified and what is not.

    (the NBA's recent 'strike' comes to mind)

  28. LG, what do you do for a living?

  29. LG, as far as the overtime they didn't "stick it to them" there is a minimum staffing requirement that has to be met to properly run a fire department. You obviously are a micro-manager white collar worker that sits behind a desk. "People like me" seems a bit offensive, do you mean blue collar workers who bust are balls for everything that we have earned? "The average pay is $70,000???????" Funny my brother has been there 5 yrs & makes approximately $56,000….Are you including other benefits???? BTW if you fire 105 firefighters what the city will have to pay out in pension cost will double, because they will no longer have the contributions from those members….therefore……it doesn't pay to fire them. Again what is funny is that you haven't acknowledged the pay cut that they already took that I told you about. Why not? It wasn't enough???? How much do you make??? or are you some ignorant welfare recipient getting free money from the government & all of a sudden have an opinion? Please enlighten me as to your career field???? The Health insurance is matched I believe that is the only thing I can agree with you about. But, know this there copay is higher than most jobs health insurances. Now try not to compare apples to oranges, there is no comparison. Just because JMH is overstaffed doesn't mean every one is overstaffed. But the mayor has I believe 1 secretary & 2 assistant secretaries???? Seriously??????? Thats overstaffed. "Shit in this country will hit the fan because of the continuos mismanagement of government officials…….Again what is it that you do? & did you read where I said that they already took a pay cut? Let me know if you want me to continue to educate you?

  30. Is this over yet? Waiting for all of you to concede !!!!
    Martinez you got it handled to you, you have lost all your power to haunt every business owner in Hialeah . Good bye forever Mr. X MAYOR!!!

  31. I am 22 year old college student. I work weekdays and weekends, doing an assortment of jobs. Many of them include manual "blue collar" labor.

    Quit thumping your chest. Your not going to "educate me".

    ""People like me" seems a bit offensive, do you mean blue collar workers who bust are balls for everything that we have earned?"

    A little insecure are we? No. That's not what I meant. I meant people LIKE YOU, as in some one who cant enter into a discussion without personally attacking the other person and "thumping his chest" with statements like that. Someone like eric johnson-i've seem some of his clips from the council meetings....that is THUMPING YOUR CHEST simply for theatrics. To make himself look big.

  32. LG, why don't you go through a fire academy and see what busting your ass really means?

  33. Anonymous why dont you get a real job so your dumb ass can compare what busting your ass is. You guys do so called real work 10 hrs per week only 500 of work per year. Working people work those hours in 3 months fool!!!! Get real!!

  34. LOL....anon above me Dec 9 11:25 am......we work 96 hours per pay period(48 hours a week). I'm dumb cause I made something out of my life? Get real kiddo, I've busted my ass for years to get this job and I bust my ass everyday I'm at work. Don't be ignorant just cause you are unable to do what I do either physically, mentally or both. Jealousy is an ugly attribute to have my simpleton little friend. I have a REAL job putting myself at risk for ungrateful little pansies like yourself. But I don't do it for whiney little runts like you; I do it cause I love helping people. Why don't you get back to kissing the mayors culo?

  35. Hey dude, how many hours do you work of those so called 48 hour week? Be serious!! That math is easy and on record!!
    My Mayor ass you better start kissing because you guys are dealing with a Mayor with balls that won't put up with your extortion !!!
    Viva Carlos Hernandez tu alcalde!!!!

  36. "Hey dude", if any of you gutless wonders knew how to do math the City wouldn't be in the financial blunder it is in now. Don't question my work ethic just because you have NONE. The only extortion that has gone on is you scumbags threatening us. Now go crawl up the rocks rectum again.

  37. Stop with that bullshit. Every year there is a budget and budget have to balance. Now if there is less revenues than there has to be cut back or raise taxes. What world do you live in fool!!!
    Go do your 6 calls per day and feel like you shit is better than anyone else.
    For your stupid ignorant comments about my life, I am very happy where I am and really don't have to work again at my young 39 years old.

  38. Your improper grammar is what's ignorant. I wish I only responded to 6 calls a day, what a blessing that would be. Don't worry kiddo I won't be responding to your comments anymore, it's like talking to a wall. The only fool here is you.

  39. To the anonymous talking shit…..I don't thump my chest…..Obviously you are ignorant…….I run about 15-18 calls a day…at the least an hr each call depending the severity of the call…..stop watching those distorted TV shows get off your ass & come ride with me……That way you can see what its like…..But you must ride for a month straight for 24 hrs like we do….Bet you can't hang…..You would be crying like a bitch…….You obviously like you said don't have to work because you have enough money at your "young 39 years old" great grammar. Trying taking some of your free time & go back to grammar 101.

  40. Retired at 39 and a rich man!!! Life is good!!!
    Carlos Hernandez is the MAN.

  41. The Truth is you are 35 percent lighter on your payroll fool!!! Welcome to 2011 !!!!
    Firefighter should have the same pay cuts that everyone in the world is having

  42. What is your name anonymous? What do you do? Living at home with mom & dad sucking off the government????? Probably...


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