Friday, November 4, 2011

More abuse of power in Hialeah

People of Hialeah, you need to know you must beware of the powers that be. You live in a police state where harassment of private citizens is not only tolerated, but in fact dictated by su alcaldito Carlos Hernandez.

While I am sure Ladra is not the only one to be harassed, followed, intimidated and insulted, she is the one who is going to amend her formal complaint with the State Attorney's Office with the latest tactics, which include another illegal trespass warning issued Friday, 18 hours after the fact -- over the telephone, no less -- by Hialeah Police homicide Det. Alex Castañeda, who was very nice and probably just following orders. Because, believe it or not, most of the cops in Hialeah are very supportive of my efforts to expose the corruption and ineptitude, the conflicts of interest and malfeasance going on at City Hall. They are being told to "write me up" by someone and it is a concerted and illegal systematic violation of my civil rights and freedom of speech and freedom of the press. And I believe that someone works from the fourth floor at City Hall.

As I said, it is not the first time.

This is the third illegal trespass warning originated by people connected to su alcaldito or Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez, who has filed two false police reports about yours truly and was frustrated when she could not get a restraining order, like she threatened, because she is a big baby and there was never any legitimacy to that. One of the false reports was Sept. 10, when I was issued a trespass warning after I left the campaign office in the parking lot of a shopping strip. Who called the police, Gavelgirl's husband and "campaign manager" Alex Martinez, who had actually invited me to the grand opening event days earlier. Su alcaldito, however, also spoke to police, who wrote a report that clearly shows I never violated the Florida trespass law, which is a misdemeanor. That statute states "whoever, without being authorized, licensed or invited, willfully enters or remains in any structure or conveyance, or, having been authorized, licensed, or invited, is warned by the owner or lessee of the premises, or by a person authorized by the owner or lessee, to depart and refuses to do so, commits the offense of trespass."

Let me point you, dear readers and cops with remedial reading problems, to the key faults here: I did not remain nor refuse to depart. I left the campaign office and returned to the outside parking lot, where I had been for an hour taking pictures in complete view of the mayor and council members/candidates there. It was only after I took photos of paramedics entering the campaign headquarters of the people who want to fire 105 of them -- leaving the department with 40 percent fewer life savers -- that they decided they did not want my camera there. Not trespassing. I left.

This last one, Det. Castañeda said, came about after I took photos of the campaign office on Thursday evening (photographed) when there were three people there. It is a stark difference to the Martinez camp where there were dozens of volunteers signing up for the tasks of the week ahead. I believe that is a newsworthy observation and that the constitution of this country guarantees all of us the right to express it. I did not enter the campaign office. I stood outside. I then walked the promenade and took the phone numbers of several vacant store fronts that were not vacant when su alcaldito moved in. Just for fun. Who knows if there's a story there? It could be coincidence. But it might not be. And Ladra wants to know.

There have been other incidents that show an organized and systemic harassment and abuse of power. Council Vice President Luis Gonzalez's brother assaulted Political Cortadito cameraman Raul "El Toro" Torres and put him in a headlock (more on that later) in the parking lot of a TV station. A police officer in one of those crime supression unit muscle cars stopped me one night at what I suspect is the direction of Police Chief Mark Overton, I am sure at the direction of his boss, Hernandez. Su alcaldito's privagte security thug in residence, Glen "The Goon" Rice, stalked me at the JFK library during early voting taking hours of video and invading my personal space. And Casa Marin owner Diosdado Marin, who is also the proud owner of a list of 651 absentee votes he secures for his candidates (more on that later), followed me with his camera phone and insults and innuendos when I stopped to document the Super Sunday corner rally of the incumbents on West 49th Street and 16th Avenue.

I say all this with confidence because there is evidence. There are documents and there is video and there are photos. And these people will be held accountable. But the one who I want held accountable the most is su alcaldito, who Ladra is sure is giving the orders here. Because my questions and inquiries are making him more and more nervous and irate. Because other journalists have begun to follow the no-bid contracts story and have also uncovered other issues, like the Golden MultiMillion Dollar water pump built and inspected by contributors to su alcaldito's campaigns. He has the most to lose as he heads into an election where he has less time to pick up absentee ballots and fix the vote (more on that later... which is exactly what they want to stop). Because he can't let former Mayor Raul Martinez get into City Hall and open up all the no-bid contracts that su alcaldito has given away to friends and contributors to his campaigns. Because there might even be more hidden there than what we have found so far.

In fact, Ladra can smell it.

I hope su alcaldito and all his bullies can smell the wrath that is going to fall upon them for this official misconduct and abuse of power. Like I said, I had already made a complaint with the State Attorney's Office and they already forwarded it to the Miami-Dade Police public corruption unit. I am not going to go away with my tail between my legs, like some anonymous commenter seems to want. The elected leaders in Hialeah harass and disrespect residents who go to council meetings with concerns. They repeatedly threaten and intimidate employees who dare ask questions or side with any opponent. Su alcaldito had his henchment Rice and Arnie "Botella" Alonso snap photos and video of every employee who wore Martinez t-shirts and supported the opposition at the polls. Their constitutional rights are also being violated as some have reportedly been asked to stay away from polls during the run-off.

But when they harass and intimidate Ladra in an effort to silence political speech, bueno, se las pasaron. And vinieron a bailar a la casa del trompo.

Boy, I hope a good attorney somewhere is reading this.


  1. I am not sure you are right on all counts, you started this game with the phone camera and now its being done on you which is starting to p--- u off.

  2. I mostly use a regular digital camera, like some other journalists, and only the phone camera when I don't have it or the memory is full. And I do not follow someone to harass them and make them uncomfortable and hope that they stop what they are doing. I do not take photos of someone with no reason or purpose. I take a photo or video to document what I believe is a newsworthy moment and then stop. And usually retreat. There is a huge difference. Plus, nobody is sending me to do it as an intimidation factor, as is happening here.

    I am right on all counts. And the state attorney's office, I am sure, will agree. Just wait.

  3. Ladra you are doing a very good job, poor stupid people from Hialeah they dont have a brain to see what is coming to them, but you know what they deserved because they are bling and most of them dont have any type of education and for a few dollars sell they soul to the devil.
    If they can see the difference between the alcaldito and Raul Pobrecitos que Dios los proteja.

  4. Hialeah has gone from bad to worse. Hernandez is dictator and Isis, well the way that women berates, disrespects and downright belittles the citizens of Hialeah that appear for the council meetings is simply a crime. I fail to understand why people; Cuban people who come from oppression would continue to allow themselves to be treated like this. I am Cuban-American myself and yes I am a firefighter (I do not work for Hialeah), a female firefighter if you must know. But this is not about being a firefighter this is simply about self-respect. Hernandez/Isis and the rest of these people are the reason why I am often asked when I am in central and north Florida ’is Hialeah really that bad’. The way they carry on sickens me and it should not be tolerated. They trample all over the American Constitution and laugh in the face of those poor elderly people who have no real voice. I worked for a private ambulance company and I have been in just about every ALF/nursing home in Hialeah. I know for a fact many of them have NOONE and are scared. I can imagine the brain washing that is taking place. The way Hernandez has treated its Fire and Police is also insulting. This man is a crook and a liar and again it shames me to admit he is Cuban. Enough of this people; we deserve better for ourselves. Do you want people all over world to continue to believe this is how educated Cuban-Americans carry themselves? Open your eyes. Do not vote on race, religion or gender. Vote on merit. On action; on whom will best suit you and your Cities needs and in my humble opinion, in the case of The City of Hialeah “who has lied to you the least”. Whatever you do, just do it with dignity.

    Stay Safe.

  5. Sorry but I don not feel bad for you one bit. You encourage people to invade "private citizens" all the time. As a matter a fact you are the one insigating all the cameras and the confrontations, so I find it comical that you are now whining about your rights being violated. Grow up Ladra you wanted to be relevant you wanted to be followed on your blog well HERE YOU GO!!! And please spare me the I am afraid for my saftey CRAP, I am sure that the candidates families that live in the house you posted on your blog are afraid for there saftey too! I can't imagine being in MY OWN HOME and wondering if someone is outside with a camera or a gun (CREEPY). And don't say you don't know who took the photos because you posted them regardless and encouraged the stalking of them AND THEIR families who ARE in fact private citizens. You got what you wanted and please don't act like we are in Cuba BECAUSE we ARE NOT if we were you would be in prison being beaten and not allowed to continue your work, DO NOT COMPARE yourself to them as even your collegues in the media LAUGH when you try to make this comparision. And in closing we all know what is going to happen on Nov 13 you will go back to harrasing Errrr reporting on Vanessa Brito and everyone else you hate while ignoring the true corruption say like the lobbying going on in a county by a mayor's son, perhaps that story just fell through the cracks HUH??

  6. Elaine you are reporting "The Facts" in Hialeah. Obviously the tactics they are using to intimidate you is brought over from CUBA and the belief that it will be tolerated here is absurd since we live in a democratic country that is founded on LIBERTY & JUSTICE for all. If they continue to attempt their discrediting of the reports on this blog it is because they are afraid that you will continue in the quest for the truth in Hialeah. I find it pathetic that Mrs. Diaz disrespects FREEDOM of THE PRESS in any form it is represented. It seems the disconnect from reality can be attributed to either drinking the Kool-aid or maybe having the rights to the recipe to create the concoction. I suggest the above poster re-consider the situation and see it as a fundamental right that we are all fortunate to have its called FREEDOM to VOICE our OPINION as we see it in our community. In conclusion I am glad Mr. Gimenez won the Miami Dade County Mayoral elections, My entire family voted for Mr. Gimenez and he is and will be the Mayor of Miami Dade County. Mr. Robaina spent the millions of dollars the City had in reserve and the taxes collected throughout the GOOD and BAD years. He was unwise to forego planning ahead and saving the tax payers money for a rainy day. He has been the worst administrator Hialeah has ever had and Carlos will take the blame for the financial disaster in the years to come if elected.

  7. Well I am glad to see Carlos Jr. or "Anonymous" still reads your blog. And JUST FOR CLARIFICATION, I RESPECT your blog and praise it otherwise I would not read it, I may not agree with what you say or your tatics but that doesn't not mean your SHOULD NOT be allowed to report quite the contrary. I love this county and all it stands for but disagreeing with YOU IS NOT A CRIME it is the beauty of the Country WE live in!! And as for the other Carlos doing a GREAT job ask the 500 employees he fired that make less than $90,000 while leaving ALL the "FAT CATS", if he is doing a good job???

  8. Julissa get over it Robaina lost. Gimenez reduced the taxes as promised, reduced the departments to 25, worked with the fire dept and the pba to re-negotiate the increases that the commisioners approved (and he did not) and best of all put on-line the payments made by the county, that's transparency as he promised. He has also shown integrity and substance by not flip-flopping as Robaina did on the Marlins stadium. I have to ask, what finally happened to that ballpark the City of Hialeah was promised in the annexed area? Is there anything Robiana did that was positive for Hialeah? Oh that's right he lent money at a high interest to a convicted ponzi schemer. SCUM BAG

  9. Fired reporter ,
    Martinez and all you troublemakers and liars will be on the losing side on Tuesday . We just hope you can handle it and keep making the shows that you have. You are entertaining .
    Johnson hope you have bought your appropriate clothing for your new secretary job!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha ha ha


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