Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two moves fill out Hialeah races

Longtime Hialeah Planning and Zoning Board member and council candidate Ramiro Sicre sat on a bench on the third floor outside the clerk's office at City Hall Friday afternoon and waited.
And waited. And waited.

Sicre, sitting here next to former councilwoman Cindy Miel, who filed to run against Council President Isis "Guttergirl" Garcia-Martinez in the only head-to-head, was one of the first and few funded candidates to jump into November's council elections. But he became the last one to qualify by the 5 p.m. Friday deadline. He later told Ladra that he wanted to see what Frank Lago, former Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño's chief of staff (at the other end of the bench), would do. If Lago switched from the Group 6 race against incumbent Pablito "Huh" Hernandez and longtime water department worker Daisy "Duh" Castellanos, Sicre -- who was once appointed to the council to fill a vacancy -- would jump into the Group 6 race. Instead, he jumped into the Group 2 contest to make a three-way now with incumbent Jose Caragol and former mayor Julio Martinez (who could quickly lost Back to the Future slate status with Sicre around).

But one thing was certain: Sicre was going to jump out of the Group 1 race vacated by termed-out Councilman Pepe Yedra, which is largely seen as Professor Alex Morales' seat despite several other wannabes, including last minute entrant Lourdes Lozano, a former Hialeah Housing Authority member who was among those who voted to fire Morales, the onetime director, at the behest of former Mayor Julio Robaina. Lozano has been cast as a plant by Hernandez (read: Robaina) to force Morales into a runoff so he has less time and money to help his slate mate, former mayor Raul Martinez, who wants his old job back.

He's not the only one who switched the seat sought. Tony Vega, who had also indicated he would run in the Group 1 seat vacated by termed-out Councilman Pepe Yedra, jumped into the Group 3 race against incumbent Vivian Casals-Muñoz and former cop and police chief's son Danny Bolaños. "My shot is better here," Vega said, which could be a strange thing to hear from a gun dealer. "A merchant of death," as he calls himself. Vega owns Miami Guns on West 84th Street, which he says the city is trying to close down (but Ladra needs to dig into something about a gun range and city permits). "Because it's such a crowded field," Vega added (read: "Because that is Professor Alex Morales' seat.").

"I'm running because of my terrible dealings with the city as a businessman," Vega told me, minutes after he qualified Friday morning (photographed here with City Clerk David Concepcion as he switches). "It can run a whole lot better. There is no customer service here. There's apathy."

But while he has spent much of the last year complaining about the administration and writing letters to the editor about the city trying to shut him down, Vega seems to be simpatico with Alcaldito Carlos Hernandez. He almost echoed Hernandez on the union position. "There's a big push to satisfy the unions who don't want to take any steps down," Vega said. "They want what's best for their members, but not what the city needs." And there also have been Vega signs spotted on the same posts Hernandez signs (unknown, however, if it was the ones with the little evil-eye-warding mirrors).

Su Alcaldito (Ladra adapted another nickname, this time to mimic his own slogan and return address) is rumored to be distancing himself from Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz. Ladra smells a riff between the incumbents and the official notary for the 1st Hialeah Bank of Julito, who may be off the slate and left to fend for herself. There are no Casals-Muñoz signs or materials at the incumbents shared campaign headquarters on West 12th Avenue, which is, coincidentally, a couple of doors down from Little Vegas in Hialeah, a game room with more than 50 illegal slot maquinitas, likely permitted and operated by one of Hernandez's campaign contributors (still more on that later).

Maybe there is one way to find out for sure whether Vega is the new slate mate or the incumbents are going to stick together: Let's see which one shows up for the photo ops at the Hernandez Et Al campaign office grand opening Saturday morning.


  1. Vega has some signs up on Hernandez poles

  2. I think you all need to look at this. Amazing isn't it

  3. Ladra is political-hope your new attack mayor Hernandez vehicle? Why? This one accomplishes that already. The title of that blog should be See how Raul repays those who stuck out the necks for him.

  4. Not that I have ANY attack vehicles (wonder who YOU might be, mmm), but political-hopeless is likely a Rudy Garcia campaign worker or staffer (again), or it could be someone in Martinez's camp. Because both of them know that Political Cortadito has a following and, of course, they covet that kind of audience. Both blogs (hopeless and untruth, which has been so silent as of late) are a little too blatantly copied from my style and Ladra doesn't like that. It's cheating. Find your own style.

    Then show yourself. Anonymity not only crushes your credability, it also creates an environment of diminished responsibility and accountability -- and, often, respect and sustenance or context. These obviously bogus blogs that bully and/or boast blah blah blah behind the safety of a secret status are bullshit. And people don't buy it, by the way. Or they won't for long.

    And Ladra does not like it (growl) either when you use her space to advertise your anonymous campaign propaganda. If you want to come out, come out, whoever you are (and use the legally required political advertising disclaimer), then maybe it's okay. And maybe I will even refer to your blog when it's worth the time. But not if you and your agenda remain hidden.

    If you won't show yourself, then stop (before Election Day, when you will surely disappear anyway) if only because your spelling is atrocious. Or be prepared to deal with the consequences when I expose you for the snake oil salesperson you are.

  5. cuando lei este articulo no deje de sentir verguenza ajena , 30 años no le alcanza a la gente de lo mismo ojala todos los politicos que han estado el algun asiento en hialeah tuvieran la decencia de irse y darle paso a una nueva generacion que ha crecido aqui y que no ha hecho nada mas que ver toda la incompetencia a travez de los años y otras cosas mas , ,, basta ya !!!!! verguenza !!! ,,,,,vladimir A. del valle

  6. Papi to the rescue..... I dont know what the last post was all about from our fearless reporter but I am sure it was good. Another tactic for her to divert who she is going for, for mayor. Just say it your really going for Carlitos. Miss Gossip Columnist

  7. I'm waitiing patiently for Nov 1 when Raul is announced as the winner. All those clowns in el alcalditos office, you know the ones that hold doors open for him, that drive for him that help him zip up after peeing, you know... Arnie.... and his little crew the ones that were robaina's little minions and were traded like cigarretts or freindly favors in prison when one gets paroled. Those guys will be out on their butts calling julito for a job, or i guess they can try to be men and join the work force of real men in Sanitation/Garbage..think that will work out well for them? I think there are some very nervous boys on the 4th floor. At least el alcaldito can take his money and run.

  8. Just think, on Nov 1, Hialeah will be free from the communistic ideals, 3rd grade accounting and irresponsible City managing. "Do as i say not as i do robaina", and dumbass el alcaldito, he really is stupid, trust me, Iv'e spoken to him on several occasions and seen the blank stare of confusion as he attempts to flex his arms during a conversation in which I used small and simple words, to no avail. I know that Raul will not get in until the 15th or so, but its nice to know that many of the incompetent ones will use that 15 day period to draft and sign their retirement and resignation letters and clean out their desks and offices. Alas, this will save Raul the time of doing it himself, sadly, it also will remove the satisfaction of removing incompetence. The time will come when all departments/department heads will be evaluated and held accountable and those responsible for the demise of services, programming, and commitment to the community will feel the wrath of their own apathy and dispassionate attitude toward serving the community.

  9. Raul Martinez a GREAT ACCOUNTANT but Hialeah is still trying to regain it's image from the mud dragging it got while this big lipped yapper was in office. Arrested by the Feds for corruption. fights on the street with citizens ??!! is it really that bad in Hialeah that we have to dip back into the septic tank to pull out this fish ? -- Alex Morales ? isn't this the former director of the Hialeah Housing Agency ? Didn't he get booted for questionable dealings ? El Profesion ? LOL surely you must be joking LOL !!! -- The Fire union might as well put out fires on mars because in case they have not noticed EVERYBODY on the planet is having to adjust to the new economy. Ladra who's your master litte puppie ?

  10. I agree with Vega. I'm not about to foot the bill
    For a fatter pension for any public employee no matter
    What job they did. It's about time all these folks realize
    That the whole country is going trough tough financial
    Times what made them think they are immune to reality.
    No Tax for contracts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY !!!!!

  11. Anonymous, if ur so jealous of public employees then go be one. What u and other narrow minded mental neofites fail to understand is that Hialeahs unions (all 3)have never been able to negotiate major monetary increases. The unions have consistently traded $ for future security. This has alwas benefited the city and its residents. u go fight a fire, u go stand behind a trash truck in August, u try to enforce the law as a police officer with a target on u everyday all day, or work the sewers, or mentor , lead and progam youth and adult activities at a city park. I guess not, u c, its not that easy to do any of the aforementioned and still know that u r amoung the lowest paid employee doing similar work in the state. Yet city employees have never NOT done their jobs and lived up to their responsibilities and done it well. So, u apply, work part-time for several years, serve ur community, take a test, wait, and then and only then hope u get promoted to begin to make a semi-livable wage. The trade off is the benefit value. Thats why some choose the public sector over the much more lucritive private sector where its possible to make alot more money alot quicker. So, u leave ur private sector job or close ur business and join the public sector. R u willing to sacrafic the present for the future? They do, so why the hate. U and all the mental migets that think like u have the same opportunity. Deal with it. The problem in Hialeah does not stem from employee pensions or salaries. it stems from crooks and incompetent moronic, mentally challenged politians like JULIO ROBAINA and CARLOS "el alcaldito" HERNANDEZ who are adminstrativley challenged and are lacking in proper experience and education. Clowns cannot run the circus, that what ring masters r for. Hence the Robaina / Hernandez reference

  12. It is actually pretty plain and simple to a tax payer. We pay our taxes and expect the City government to allocate the funds appropriately. This obviously has not been the case under the former or present administration. Why? AGAIN It's plain and simple they have spent our tax dollars on frivilous activities, created a department that was un-necessary, funded a water plant for vacant land and employed too many lackies. In return for our Tax dollars they have attempted to turn the residents against the Cities employees (the working ones) and inaccurately blamed them for their own shortcommings. This is not government as it is meant to be this is a total and complete abomination to the process of governing. The voters of Hialeah are aware of these tactics and will be ready to vote against all those who continue to spout these lies and who misdirect the blame. Thursday nights budget meeting will be filled with people and they will carry the story forward to the entire population of Hialeah. Be assured that those who stand with the former and present administration will be held acountable in their respective re-elections. Hialeah has had enough of the same, it is more than time for reclaiming our rights and that our tax dollars be spent on the services residents have paid for.

  13. Anonymous who said they agreed with Vega, have you taken the time to understand that the tax payer has paid for the services of Fire, Police and General employees. Are you also aware that they are not the cause of the financial situation that has put tax payers in the situation of possible tax increases? The responsible people are those who voted YES on everything before them without one word or question on behalf of the tax payers. Mr. Vega holds no value to this tax payer as long as he does not speak up at a council meeting and ask's the council and acting mayor for answers. If he is set on running that is fine but to not ask the crucial questions that must be asked may indicate to us "the voters" that he may be just more of the same. If you know Mr. Vega pass the message on. No Questions, No Vote.


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