Thursday, September 22, 2011

Police lives in danger with layoffs

Ladra has provided this space to republish a blog post by Hialeah Police Officer Antonio "Sergeant" Luis about alcaldito Carlos Hernandez's proposal to fire 105 of 271 firefighters -- which puts patrol officers at risk.

The whole thing can be found at, but here are a couple of the best graphs:

"Afternoon shift two major traffic accidents occur 15 minutes apart, one in sector 5, the other in sector 1. Just about that time a small kitchen fire happens in sector 3. While all that is going on, an officer gets into a shooting. How long will it take a fire department with 40% less manpower take to get to that officer? Wait a second all the fire units in the city are tied up.

"Do not be fooled for one second OUR LIVES are in danger if the city goes through with this. This cannot be allowed to occur."

The date and time of the final budget hearing at the end has been changed from Sept. 26 to Sept. 28, but the rest of the post from this 13-year veteran -- who has been put through hell for denouncing political favoritism and is fighting injustice in his own department -- is right on target.


  1. I got it!!! Move back to Hialeah and then vote as a community member otherwise please just take you $100K salary limit your opinions to a "thank you" to the residents of Hialeah.

  2. Those greedy cops want safety!!!! How greedy of them! They can't get away with this kind of greed.

  3. Safety ? As a cop in Miami ? It's the profession they chose ! If they can't take the heat, well then get out of the kitchen. There's 100 eager nuts that will jump for joy as-is for the $42K without the whine in their voices.

  4. You must be a bitter pencil pusher

  5. Elaine I have to wonder if you were forthcoming with your current employers about your criminal record? It's obvious that they rely on you to truly and sway public opinion for these sob story causes but your terrible record really does take away from the pitch. We often wonder if you were high or coming down of from the effects of the cocaine depending on the tone of your note. Hiring you to do this is akin to hiring to letting the drunk guy speak at a wedding. If I had to rely on you to deliver my cause to victory I would know indeed I was up the creek sans paddle. Stop chasing the ghosts of pulitzers past, clean up, get help and get a real job.

  6. ^^^
    You must be the mayors pet

  7. is shameful that in a time of crisis, people are being petty and bringing up a past mistake of a fine reporter because she is saying things that they preffer to keep quiet.
    Are you saying the same thing to the New Herald? to the Miami Herald? because their reportings are just as damaging as the ones Elaine is writting, read the New Herald today.
    The cops are not afraid of safety, there is no real safety for a good cop, and one bad apple in the basket does not mean all are bad. is the safety of the people, paramedics have to go to car accidents, firemen and paramedics have to go to fires, a city with the size of Hialeah can not survive with 150 or so fire fighters, does not take any political savy to realize that.

  8. Tony Luis has exercised his right to free speech, repeatedly, calling into question many practices of the past and current City of Hialeah Administrations. Tony is known for doing thorough research and presenting his facts in a coherent manner. Tony took some procedural liberties while on duty, that many, if not all police officers take; and received a most extreme punishment, not commensurate with his non-criminal, procedural violations. This punishment was direct retribution for excercising his rights to free speech. Tony may not be very good looking; especially in a beard, but he is a good man.
    Now I would like to further exercise my right to free speech, and relate a favorite Hialeah story of mine. I was traveling south on East 4th Avenue. Do you remember, if you were of my era, the driving training films in Driver's Ed? Can you spot the impending dangers in this film clip?
    East 4th Avenue is the archetypal street for this driver training exercise. The fruit truck ahead with the fruit swinging and about to fall off. The ALF residents off on a hike. The a bit too friendly girl on the corner smiling at all the traffic. The Horse Track traffic. Unending road construction, road rage.etc, etc.
    So I'm traveling south on East 4 Ave., and I see a 317...that is...a serious accident with injuries. Ahead I see the Fire Rescue truck pulling onto East 4, but it is turning in the wrong direction, away from the accident scene I just passed. "Yo, morons, the accident is this way!" Well, I was the moron, for there was another 317, a more serious one, in the other direction. Hialeah Fire Rescue never needs training runs....they are too busy handling the real thing.

  9. Lickerpoet...please marry me!

  10. Sure, but I'd like to taste the milk before I buy the cow....not saying you're a cow....oh, damn put my foot in it again. La lecha, that doesn't quite translate right either. hmmmm....okay, as long as you have indoor plumbing and not swinging beef.

  11. leche.......gringo tonto


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