Monday, September 26, 2011

Alcaldito plays with fire, again

We saw this coming. We told everyone that this alarmist threat to fire 105 of 271 firefighter paramedics in Hialeah was blackmail, or extortion (you pick your term), and that the very politicians who proposed it would come in at the 11th hour with a salvation plan or last-minute Holy Mary pass.

But I didn't imagine the scare tactic would be so obviously revealed. Or is it me? You be the judge, dear readers.
On Monday, a day after El Nuevo Herald reporter Enrique Flor published a story based on a source's [conveniently-placed] tip about the city's offer to renew negotiations with the firefighters union, union representatives actually got a letter expressing this offer from City Attorney Bill "Go-Between" Grodnick, who as a legal representative of the city knows that neither the letter nor the deal uttered at a public budget hearing are legitimate or proper offers in the labor bargaining process that has been halted by a declaration of impasse on the city's behalf. Nah. This is obvious campaign strategy. So the city attorney is playing politics now at the behest of su alcaldito Carlos Hernandez while accusing others of doing it (Can he be disbarred for any of this? Where do we complain?). The letter comes two days before the final public hearing where the Seguro Que Yes council is poised to pass a bogus budget that cuts 40 percent of the fire rescue staff and -- again, this is odd for a city official -- whines about not getting calls returned. It's even odder from the city official who prematurely declared impasse less than two hours into the last negotiation session in July. This is becoming a broken record. Union President Mario Pico told Hernandez at the budget hearing that he would meet with him at his earliest convenience. "We can go get a cafecito right now after the meeting," Pico said. "I don't want coffee, Mr. Pico," the mayor said, adding that he preferred to meet the next day. But he never made good on that because by then the TV cameras were gone. So, on Saturday, someone in the administration leaks the story to El Nuevo. On Monday, Grodnick sends the letter with the new offer, which is basically that in exchange for giving up holiday pay for 11 days, they can keep not only the 14 firefighters who would have been fired Oct. 1 but also the nine recruits at the academy that the city has already invested in.
But is it legitimate? Or is it a bait-and-switch hat trick (read: campaign stunt)? Because how can this be a possible solution if the holiday paycut will only save about $1.3 million and the budget, to be balanced, calls for more than $7 million cut from the fire department. Where did the city all of a sudden find another $5.5 million? "I can't give you the details because I was not involved in it. But significant operational and costs savings were made," Grodnick told me on the telephone, in a very proud tone. "We made substantial inroads in savings. Of the $7.5 million, half was saved through cost reductions in other changes." Really? Someone found $5 million worth of "cost reductions" that were not apparent two weeks ago, when su alcaldito threatened to fire 105 firefighters. Or is this offer just for that first phase of the "budget in stages"? Are there still going to be 35 layoffs Dec. 1 and 35 more next year? That was the original plan and it would also serve to delay the overwhelming negative reaction su alcaldito has been getting, even from his supporters, until after Election Day? It would also delay the mandatory return of $1.8 million in federal homeland security grants for minimum staffing until after Election Day. Yes, Grodnick said. Those terminations are still on the table. "We hope to cut the other $3.5 million during the year through concessions in the fire department or further workforce reductions. But we hope and sincerely expect to come to an agreement once we get through the political season," Grodnick told me. Really? I thought this was going on for two and a half years?

This is the longest shell game Ladra has ever watched and this dog is getting dizzy

After I asked for details on these "significant operational savings" (one would think Grodnick could recite one or two if they were so significant), Grodnick told me to call Fire Chief Marco de la Rosa. "I can't talk to you about that. That was done through the fire chief and the OMB [Office of Management and Budget] Director." But the fire chief didn't seem to know about his own amazing "significant cost reductions" that saved his department's positions (at least for now). "I have to see what operational plan he is speaking to," de la Rosa said, buying some time and seemingly satisfied with the city offer (Ladra can't help but wonder if he was the tipster). "It's the same offer made at the council meeting, which was stated publicly." And when asked why savings of $1.3 million are suddenly enough, de la Rosa said "at least the partial costs are deferred through the holidays." He then said he had to get permission from su alcaldito before he could speak with me anymore about the "significant costs savings" in his department's operational plan and the re-organizational structure plan. But he is not, apparently, go-between material like Grodnick: When I called him back about a half an hour later, he told me he had been told not to provide me with any information. "As per direction of the mayor, all budgetary questions are referred to his office," de la Rosa said. I had already left two messages with someone at the mayor's office Monday, as I have done nearly every day in the last two weeks. But I likely will not get a call back. And I may ask him in person when I see him at City Hall, but he will likely ignore me again. So Hernandez won't answer questions and won't allow de la Rosa, Budget Director Alex Vega, Finance Director Vivian Parks or Water and Sewer Director Armando Vidal to clarify questions about the budget. That means that nobody gets to know what we are dealing with. And that's exactly what the fire union is facing and has been facing for two and a half years. No answers to real questions of substance. No checks or balances. (We have filed a public records request, but history has shown us not to hold our breath).

Hernandez does have the time and werewithal, however, to record misleading robocalls paid for by his mayoral campaign account and leave messages for residents sullying Pico's good Winnie-the-Pooh name. He has time to make up outright lies, saying the firefighters want to raise taxes "to protect their juicy benefits." His emphasis, not Ladra's. But the strong mayor (yeah, I did a double-take, too) won't negotiate with them himself. He won't meet cara a cara, at the table with rolled sleeves, ready to do what is necessary. The firefighters, many of whom live in the city and others who have served residents for decades, do not want anyone to raise taxes. In fact, they believe the city does not have to. They just want to stop frivolous spending and corruption. And they know that if the city loses its Class 1 rating, insurance rates could go up and Hernandez can claim no accountability yet again. Su alcaldito is desperate, meanwhile, to keep his $190,000-a-year job ($244,000 if you count his pension, since he is making a campaign issue of it) and has resorted to campaigning against the firefighters because its trendy and he has to rail against someone. He's lost both the TV and radio debates with co-candidates: former State Sen. Rudy Garcia, (R, District 40) and former Mayor Raul Martinez. And he likely fears the planned live radio debate with Pico Wednesday morning on Actualidad Radio (1020 AM) because Pico (who is not a candidate but will still beat su actor alcaldito) brings documents and asks specific questions Hernandez won't or can't answer. Truth is on Mario Pico's side.

But while Hernandez will pontificate perfidiously in public, el alcaldito sends the go-betweens to negotiate his will so he can later claim ignorance when they botch things up -- as they have so many times. Shall we count the ways? The most recent finding of sufficient cause from state regulators came last week and the fire union can file a complaint about what is clearly a premature impasse (the third in this process, which has clearly been prolonged by the city). How can you say it wasn't premature when even you are still willing to negotiate, Bill? Or was that also blackmail and extortion to get the firefighters at the table in a disadvantaged position? Was it extortion when former mayor Julio Robaina tells the union reps (who have it on video) that if they just shut up and bend over, the city will rehire the 16 firefighters that were illegally fired to influence a union vote (the same firefighters that have not been made whole yet even though the city was legally ordered to backpay them for those five months they sat at home and were covered with other staff on overtime)? Because every time su alcaldito and Go-Between Grodnick say it's been two and a half years of negotiations, they forget to say the part about how the city is the one that has thwarted any real dialogue with hostility and heavy-handed tactics. They also forget to add that during that time, they have been found to violate fair labor practices not once, but twice. It's been two and a half years because of them, not because of the firefighters who simply asked to see the books that show the city needs them to sacrifice so that political pals can keep getting juicy no-bid contracts (that emphasis is mine) and cronies who crank it out for their campaigns keep getting "salary adjustments." It's been two and a half years because there is no transparency about the numbers and the figures that are presented change from day to day. It's been two and a half years because city administrators have dug in their heels and won't show their real financials or even present a recovery plan so the community is not faced with this again in 12 and 24 and 36 months.

Thank goodness we have the firefighters answering a different kind of emergency in the city. They are performing a different kind of triage. The victim is the community at large and the sickness is the corruption, lack of transparency and conflicts of interest that spread like cancer at City Hall. Rather than take their medicine to cover up the symptoms, the firefighters want to treat the disease -- perhaps even remove the tumor -- so that the patient can live and thrive again for many more years. They have sacrificed their own time to educate the public and the union leaders have sacrificed their personal lives to defend not just their own, but the entire city, and fight for what's right.

And for this, they are heroes once more.

They are certainly not the politicians that bargain-rate politico pretenders try pathetically to paint them as.


  1. Let's do some math. 7.5 minus 3.75("half was saved through other cost reductions-per Mr. Grodnick?) This leaves 3.75. Minus the holiday concessions (1.3) leaves 2.45 give or take some maquinita change. Yet Mr Grodnick hopes to get the other 3.5 during the year. Maybe we need to get new batteries for the calculator. It just don't add up.

  2. These crooked politicians can longer do whatever they want and get away with it. God bless the firefighters of the city of Hialeah, hang in there guys. 35 days left for Carlos and his bobblehead council. Keep exposing these parasites Elaine!

  3. Firefighters are the greedy pigs !!! Hernandez bury those bastards

  4. Like I said before, I will pee in a cup if they pee in a cup. Funny how the council and the mayor have NOT taken me up on that challenge. Maybe it's because they know they will finally be seen as positive in SOMETHING.

  5. Elaine I think you've now reached a ridiculous level. You wanted the city to negotiate with the firefighters union, then you blast him for doing it. The city lowers their concession request and again you blast him. Anyone with functioning eyes and ears knows Carlos and Raul both performed well in the debates. Rudy, unfortunately, performed terribly in all debates thus far.

    This is a BAD proposal for Hialeah because it does not go far enough and yet you are railing against him.

    Elaine, for the record, the city has not tapped the line of credit once! Stop using this blog as a Martinez campaign tool. It's your blog and you can do with it as you please, but this getting to bullshit levels. Your either losing it or have hidden it well until now. A call to disbar Grodnick? Because he gets fed up with your misleading questions? Wow. Bill is an invaluable resource, and Raul would agree, if he would be in the mood to be honest.

    By the way to lickerpoet, you must either recently be imbibing in your stock or not travel through much of Hialeah. The city as a whole is doing far better today then it was 10 years ago, even considering the recession. I challenge anyone to show me how it is not (the financial standing aside, real world).

    I hate coming on this board and sounding like a two-bit apologist that appears to write that everything Robaina and Hernandez did and does is good and correct. It's not!! But it's also not ALL bad. There's more good then bad, and if you took an honest inventory you'd agree. 

    Why don't you write about the ads against Martinez? Write one positive piece on someone other than your slate.

    Your getting boring, which is sad, considering I've come to enjoy the blog.

  6. Elaine, you are doing a great job! These corrupt politicians are scared, they know they have stepped in it big time....the truth will always win! Bye bye Carlitos!!

  7. A fireman making $114,000.00 x year is bad for the city.

  8. Responder, what I want is for the city to stop pulling the bait and switch and deal honestly. Do I want them to negotiate? Yes. But not through this publicity stunt that is not a real offer through the legitimate process. Do I want them to lower their concessions and find savings elsewhere? Of course, but I would rather they do it honestly and professionally, sitting with the fire union and the books open, and not with their own hidden agenda. This is a campaign stunt and anybody, especially someone as smart as you, knows this. So stop the spin. Of course I want truth and justice and things to be done the right way. But this is not that. Simple.

    Now as far as the debates. Not just me, but most of the people -- hell, ALL the people I have asked about it so far say the same thing. Rudy looks lost. Carlos looks like a liar. And Raul looks like the only one who knows what he is talking about and is telling it like it is.

    I am writing about the TV ad against Martinez produced by a PAC tied to Rudy, who said he was going to stay out of the mud and run a clean campaign. I have written positively about Ramiro Sicre, who is not on the Raul slate. You just don't like it because it's not shrill and scandalous and I do not just lie for convenience, like you do. Remember railing against me because I was supposedly fired? Your anonymous mudslinging has zero credibility and you are the obvious two-bit apologist working for some candidate.

    As far as Hialeah being better today than it was 10 years ago... you might believe that and feel that way because you are in the circle of political pals from the current and past administration that get the political favors.

    And if Ladra's writing bores you (and the correct term is "you're", not "your"), go play on your own exciting blog (but learn to write first). I will still get more than 20,000 page views a month from people who are not bored.

  9. That fireman, after 23 years with the city, makes a salary with benefits of about $90,000. What el alcaldito doesn't say, Anonymous, is that this year his earnings went over $110,000 because of overtime -- filling in for the 17 firefighters that were fired ILLEGALLY and the fire rescue was understaffed for five months. That was the administration's fault. They spent somewhere in the vicinity of $1 million on OT before they were FORCED by legal order to bring back the fired firefighters and pay them backpay -- which, by the way, they still haven't done. Where is your outrage about THAT?

  10. The firefighters getting laid off make less than 60k a year....get your facts right. Carlos, you will be gone soon buddy! :)

  11. Yo, Responder, nice to see someone here with the courage of their convictions, willing to put a name to their gifted words.

    For the record, I do not imbibe alcoholic beverages. Occasionally I must taste new products, but only rarely do I find them not to taste like poison.

    The city is doing a whole lot better? Parks and pools closed, or hours reduced. Police operating at the bare minimum, having to constantly pay overtime to cover the minimum legal requirements. Calls holding for hours.
    All the PSA's were fired. Possibly the most cost effective position in the City labor force, the Public Service Aides performed the menial tasks, freeing up sworn police officers for more dangerous and pro-active tasks. Municipal workers' salaries reduced to below a living wage.

    The City could afford to build Welcome Walls at all the major points of ingress ( fine, Raul built his monument at the corner of Okee and E 4 Ave.); and those damn planter islands in the middle of busy thoroughfares. (Do they plant all the trees at an angle, or has every one been hit by a car?); and to repaint old white police cars blue, and buy new cars with a color surcharge. But they couldn't afford to keep the park and pool hours extended over the summer?
    The City had a surplus of more than $30 million before the Robaina crime syndicate took the wheel, and now the City needs a line of credit? And let us not forget the scourge of the 1,000's of maquinitas stealing money out of Hialeah's economic cycle.

    How does one actually know the state of the city's finances? How can one take an honest inventory when they have been guilty of "obfuscation" and "actions contrary to the law"? Every business venture of Robaina's either just skirts or breaks the law. Why should we consider his administration of the city's finances to be the exception to the rule? When the next administration takes over, and turns over all the rocks; and then takes an honest inventory; if an apology is due to you Responder, and to Robaina, then one will be forthcoming.


  13. Ouch, I don't know how to write? Should we go to school together then? Because your writing is atrocious. Your reporting is only slightly better. Elaine, the city is far better now than 10 years ago. That statement does not automatically mean that Robaina or Hernandez are responsible for it's improvement. For the record, of course the proposal has a campaign ploy element to it. The answer is so what?? Raul's position on it is also campaign posturing, once again, so what??

    Elaine your either naive or you think your readers are....

    Lastly, I cannot devote the proper time for blogging because I am busy in the real world. I occupy myself trying to do things that actually matter and make a difference. You could be doing the same, instead you have decided to choose sides and wage a guerrilla campaign against certain people (while masquerading as a reporter). 

  14. Elaine, a quick property search on found that you do not own any real estate in Hialeah, do you even live in Hialeah? If not, what
    s in it for you?

  15. Lickerpoet, once again, I'm surprised you did not fully read my post. I specifically said the city is better, finances aside. The city didn't have a 40%+ property value decrease during Raul's time. The city has not raised taxes and still has a better financial standing than just about any other city in Dade county (not the best litter but it is what it is). Stop with the allegations about criminal activity, that's old and unfounded.

  16. What does her residence have to do with Hernandez and company being corrupt?

  17. Alas, I do not live in Hialeah. I contemplated moving into the city before Oct. 1 (maybe the professor would take me in?) so I could register and vote there for my own personal satisfaction. But it was really just a happy thought. I love being a citizen of unincorporated Dade (Ladra is a purist). I live, as most know, in East Kendall with my parents. I do not own real estate. Which I have always lamented in the past. But which may now not be such a bad thing. I am free like the wind. But for many reasons I have not yet completely understood, I do love Hialeah. Sure she's had a hard-knock life and can be seedy and foul-mouthed at time. But she's real and honest and loyal and proud and hard-working and scrappy and funny and determined. She's beautiful in some ways and beautifully ugly in others. She may not necessarily be refined, but she can be educated and witty and charming if she wants to be. She just won't do it for anyone on cue. She is not there for us. We are there for her amusement. You gotta love Hialeah.

    And there is nothing in it for me. Wow. What a concept, eh? I have no properties, no business interests, no job with any campaign, no contract with any professional or volunteer political operative or PAC, no ties to any special interests (aside from a watchdog's instinctual love for a firetruck), no ulterior motives and no hidden agenda. My agenda is pretty obvious, intentionally so, and it is not a list of people but rather a list of criteria (that may change from time to time and government entity to government entity) for good government and honest legsilative representation at the local level. At the top of that list is (I can hear people saying it with me) transparency, but it is followed by proper public disclosure, systems without quid pro quos and conflicts of interest, checks and balances, respect for public records laws, good faith between the stakeholders and a little bit (you don't need tons) of civility. The people of Hialeah -- many of whom I have come to know and care about during the county mayoral campaign -- deserve good government as much as anybody else.

    Now, what's in it for you?

  18. Responder, I am a blogger now, which means I report the facts AND use my analytical skills to make sometimes sarcastic commentary on some not so obvious(or maybe to you some obvious) insider scenes behind the big political veil. I have always said that. I have never claimed to be unbiased -- or remain unbiased for long. I am a passionate political junkie by nature. But I become biased, as does everybody no matter what they tell you, as I become educated and informed. What I am not is bought, or even for sale. You may be. We don't know because you hide behind anonymity while saying silly things...

    Although at least you admit the latest labor move by Hernandez is a campaign tactic. Thanks for that momentary lapse into honesty. However, Hernandez is the only one with the power, as sitting acting mayor, to make it into a campaign issue -- or take the campaign issue away.

    Now, I do have to get back to doing things that really matter and make a difference. This is just for escapism fun -- my version of the boob tube.

  19. Thank you for your reply Ms. Ladra. Since you are not a resident of Hialeah, my question is why are you so focused and motivated on seeking the "truth" in Hialeah, if it's not for a personal or monetary reason. There are numerous other municipalities in Miami Dade County and Broward with similar issues of shortfalls, the lack of transparency, pensions debate, no bid contracts (M-DCPS & Miami Dade County), etc.... No need to mention specifics since they are named on the almost daily.

    Yet, you say that you have NO ties to any of the above mentioned groups or candiates, but with all due respect, I find that hard to believe (more on that later).

    The true intentions of this blog are to be determined.... I applaud you for opening this avenue of communication among the different parties that this soap opera reaches and affects. The beauty of all of this is that this blog has opened a door for residents & non-resident to discuss what is happening to their City. But unfortunately, that is not the case any more. It has become a brazen attack on the current and acting Mayor. Why not spend the same amount of time and energy discussing the other candidates and their records. We all know Mr. Martinez past what about Mr. Garcia's and all of those running for Council (that are not on Mr. Martinez ticket).

    It just seems to me that you should end all of your blogs with the following disclosure, "Paid political advertisement by the _______________ for Mayor of Hialeah campaign".
    Let your readers fill in the blank.

  20. Elaine
    Thanks for your interview tonight !!! Why you walk away when I was asking you questions about all your past arrest and spending some time on probation?
    How much pot did you have when arrested?
    Why were only you arrested and not your boyfriend?
    How long where you in the cell all 3 times you were arrested?

    You always say you were let go at the herald, not fired. What is the difference ?
    What happen with your editor?
    Did his wife have something to do with you being let go?

    You were very rude in your interview today at city hall.

  21. Elaine I am proud of the way you described Hialeah on the above post. Every word is true it is everything that combined makes this City so uniquely amazing. Thank you for speaking on the Cities behalf and lifting the veil that has endangered her heritage.
    As to the matter of where to report attorney behaviors too:
    I came across this; Florida Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions, page 32 section 4.6 Lack of Candor
    4.61 Disbarment is appropriate when a lawyer knowingly or intentionally deceives a client with the intent to benefit the lawyer or another regardless of injury or potential injury to the client.

    After reading your blog and reading 4.61it made me think of the following, If a City attorney knowingly deceived the client (tax paying residents) to maintain his employment or benefit a person's "political agenda" which could potentially cause the injury or potential injury of a (resident not receiving life saving services that have been paid by their tax dollars) than I think in my tax payer opinion that it may have grounds. The moment 105 firefighters are reduced it puts the residents/client at risk of injury.

  22. Mr. Gonzalez, when did you interview me? Because I certainly did not interview you. And I really wish I had not agreed when you asked my new friend and (if I can con him) news partner, cameraman Raul Torres, to excuse us so we could have some privacy (Note to Raul: Camera stays ON always from now on). Because you never asked about my by-now public and irrelevant 25-year-old arrest record or the non-existing probation or any of those other things, which I would have gladly answered, as I have always done, honestly and openly.

    You wasted your time and embarrassed yourself with this pathetic attempt to embarrass me (give it up, people). Nobody believes you anyway. Know why? Because everyone knows Ladra never walks away from questions and loves to play catch -- or, rather, gotcha -- with confrontationists. So here is the true version of events, in detail (read: credibility).

    You approached me in the hallway outside the chambers and asked if I was devallez, with a z or s at the end. I did not correct you, like I normally would, because you seemed nervous. You said your name was Sergio and that you had been wanting to meet me. I asked for your last name because there is another Sergio who works in the Hialeah Police department who may have had me investigated or backgrounded at the behest of one or more incumbent candidates (and I am making an inquiry/complaint with the FDLE to see what agency or authorized law enforcement officer ran my criminal history because, as far as I am aware, I am not under investigation by anyone). You told me your last name was Gonzalez and you shook my hand. You told me that you read the blog and that I was very knowledgeable about the candidates and the election. You said you had moved to Hialeah from Coral Springs five months ago. The hair on Ladra's neck stood up. You had lived in Hialeah all of five months and you were already so politically motivated that you were at a council meeting -- a boring one at that -- asking a relatively obscure blogger for intel? I asked you how you found Political Cortadito and you said friends had referred you to it. You said I seemed to know a lot about the races and was "close" to some candidates. Your lines seemed practiced and it took you forever to get to your obviously end-game question...

  23. ..."Um, I mean, you have been involved in this and you know so much about them, so, um, who do you think, you know, I should vote for?" I told you I was not comfortable telling you how to vote and that I had not decided who to support for mayor besides being ABC. "Anyone but Carlos. The other two candidates have very different styles and very different things to offer so it depends on what you want for Hialeah." I told you that I may lean a certain way eventually and to stay tuned to the blog because I would be open about it, as I have been in the council races. I told him he could find who I supported on the blog and that I was basically anti-incumbent because I felt that they were complicit in fiscal mismanagement and lack of transparency in the city. I also told you to read other things too, like the Miami Herald and "their blog" I said, motioning to the council chambers and giving you the www. site address for the real[non]truth blog that I now suspect you may also already read. I was not rude at all. I was exceedingly nice despite my misgivings about you. And I excused myself when I needed to go and interview candidate Tony Vega and even invited you to listen, calling him a "smart and funny candidate" you might want to learn more about. I did not say he was a two-faced opportunistic back-peddler who would soon be exposed in a smoking gun post that would not only end his short candidacy but also could end someone else's political career (more on that later) because I still wanted him to talk to me. On camera. About the smoking gun.

    I suppose your frustration at not getting me to say whatever it was, I don't even know what, that you were supposed to get me to say led you to post these lies instead. But like I said, nobody believes you. They know I would have gladly answered, so I will here: Not much. Because he was a jerk, but a level-headed jerk who knew he had to stay cool so he could bail me out. Hours (never overnight). I never say I was "let go" because I took the buy-out in 2009 during a forced reduction and got a 26-week severance package, down from a 32-week max severance months earlier during the previous layoffs so if I was going to jump I was jumping while the water was still deep. The difference is huge but you don't really care since you don't care about the truth. We made great journalism together. No, because I was not "let go".

    Now it's your turn: Are you a city employee? Who sent you to get me to say I don't even know what? What was it you were supposed to get me to say? Why didn't you have the guts to ask me those questions you posted here in person? Will you the next time you see me? Are you "Won't"? Because your bad grammar, tone and rhythm suggest you are. Do your handlers realize that this has only vindicated Ladra, made me stronger and motivated me to start translating all posts to Spanish and print El Cortadito Politico on paper to distribute by hand to the voters who don't read online?

    Final question: What are you guys gonna try next?

  24. Elaine enough of your lies, I have your whole interview on video. This video plus one of your x- boyfriend in his interview with us will be shown soon.
    Your cameraman Raul seems like a nice guy, maybe I interview him because you can't pay him much, we all know you spend your time lying and not working and not trying to give your 11 year old daughter a real home. 46 years old and live with mom!!! You are a loser!!!

  25. You didn't answer one single question, Mr. Gonzalez. I answered all yours. You prove again that your baseless accusations carry no weight.

    Please show the video as soon as you can... oh, that's right, you won't. Because it does not exist. If it did, it would already be on youtube.

    I have been painfully honest about my life, which is why everyone knows how old my daughter is and where I live. But I guarantee you that our home is very real and happy and loving and there are many people who are today living with their parents because of the economic hardships we are all facing. Living with her abuela y abuelo have been a blessing to my daughter and to me and we are eternally grateful for having had this opportunity. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

    Again, please tell everyone who you really are and who you are doing this for. These threats and actions must mean that I am on the right track and uncovering some truth you do not like. Or someone else, maybe someone running for office.

    Show the video. Or shut up. Nobody believes you.

  26. No I am not a city employee
    No one sent me to interview you
    you walked away before my interview was over
    I answered your stupid questions.
    Want to know who I am? I will tell you. I am a American citizen that is tired of bad journalist like you. The facts you report are all one what you want to make it to be.You are a Bad Person with bad intentions. I will follow your blog even after this election and will expose all your lies.... Enough of your bullshit!!! I am a bad son of a bitch so if you think your so called tough girl I will run from you are mistaken.
    Elaine you had a affair with my X- brother in law and caused a lot of pain for my sister!!!!!!
    Shall I continue?

  27. Yes, please continue... because everyone will see that you can't because there is no such thing. And show the non-existing video, too. You have nothing. So put up, or shut up. Because nobody believes you and this is getting boring, except for the part where you are revealing yourself more and more as Won't.

    I have more of my important work to do and more personnel files to go through at City Hall... maybe yours (are you posting comments on city-paid time?)... and campaign finance report to peruse and liars to hunt down. You can continue to spew your garbage, because like I said, nobody believes you.

  28. I must admit, ashamedly, that sordid tales of this sort do interest me; but there are many more exciting, ribald tales online. I admit to these prurient interests, but that is not why I come to this blog. This blog is an open conversation about current politics in Hialeah. Not wishing to speak for Ladra, she is quite capable of defending herself, but no one claims that this is
    strict, formal journalism. Instead it is the color commentary that fills in the questions of motivation of the players' actions. Let the official news media call the play by play, and we can receive, and add to, the color commentary here.
    Let ye amongst us who has not sinned, cast the first stone. It takes two to tango, and Sergio, if your allegation is true, then perhaps some responsibility lies with the actions of your ex-brother-in-law, or with your sister. Yes, Sergio, you may continue; but on the subject at hand, the City of Hialeah, and the administration thereof. If you wish to read or write tales of sex, then visit If you wish to have a conversation about Hialeah, where apparently no views, no matter how prurient, are blocked; please continue to share your knowledge, and questions, of Hialeah
    And one more thing Sergio, please forward picture of sister...only kidding , Sergio. I heard you are a bad son of a ...hey, that makes you sort of a kindred spirit of Ladra then. She is a watchdog, and you are a son of a bitch, a puppy.. que cute !

  29. Sergio, quit with the tough guy act over the Internet. No one believes you, not even yourself. If your boyfriend passes the proposed budget tonight that will be the end of him and all of his lackies(you included). You guys only have 34 more days :)

  30. I will continue than, I posted you were arrested and you came out and admitted that you were arrested THREE times. So I spoke that facts!!!! Period!!!!

    I posted you were fired and you came out and admitted you were laid off !!! Laid off and fired is the same shit!!!! So I spoke the facts!!!!! Period!!!!!!

    I posted you had an affair with my brother in law and cause the divorce of my sister with 4 kids, 4 6 9 and 12 years old that now have to live with a broken house because you were fucking him and got caught. I am not saying his name to protect my newphew and niece and if you want to continue hurting those kids , 2 years later than go ahead.
    You are a bad person Elaine and everyone will soon find out who you really are.

    So what now am I still full of shit

  31. Lickerpoet
    Those comments of my sister is not funny!!!

  32. Sergio, you need a hug man.....34 days left :)

  33. Mr. Gonzalez, I think you have me confused with somebody else. Please come to the budget hearing tonight so we can clarify this case of what could be mistaken identity. We can also continue the "interview" that I didn't even know was an interview since you introduced yourself to me under false pretenses.

    I am an open book and will answer any questions -- but let me ask some also, okay? Thanks.

  34. Sergiyoyo, I was not trying to make fun of your sister. Your pathetic behavior is more than enough comic relief without picking on your sister. I also hate to pick on another's command of the English language if they are not a native born English speaker. But "those comments of my sister IS not funny !!!", man, that could have been spoken by Moron George Bush himself. That is funny.
    I feel sorry for your sister, saddled with 4 children. What are you Catholic? Don't believe in birth control? 4 kids, that's a crime against nature. Overpopulation is the world's greatest environmental issue. Regardless of whatever advances man makes in food production, potable water, climate change, energy production; overpopulation with swamp and drown all these advances. With all those noses and butts to wipe, when would you sister have time to keep her man happy? And if this amorous relationship took place, why is it the woman's fault. Is Ladra an irresistible seductress, a siren luring her man to the rocks of romance? Why is the woman the bad person?
    Maybe the ex-brother-in-law is a lying, cheating bastard...or maybe he's hung like a horse and knows how to gallop.
    What has any of this to do with a political conversation about Hialeah? Now if you really have video of Ladra, and I don't mean standing in a hallway answering your pathetic Ladra..I did admit to prurient interests. I am but a weak man, and you are a powerful, bad woman. Take me Ladra, I am powerless to resist.
    Yo, are not a bad son of a are just someone's bitch. Pathetic, airing your family's dirty laundry, and mistakenly attacking the wrong target...what a pathetic gusano.


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