Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mayor's lies must be challenged

Let's add another tall tale to the long list of lies Hialeah's alcaldito Carlos Hernandez wants to feed his constituents: The firefighters threatened with mass firings want to raise taxes and won't make a deal.

What a crock from the man they call "the Rock." But get used to it. He is truth challenged. The firefighters fight this emergency with the truth and have been handing out flyers telling residents and business leaders about the mayor's dangerous plan of political retaliation. Alcaldito only has lies to give the hundreds of citizens who have called to demand that he keep the firefighter staff as is.

The mayor's office is actually telling these hundreds of callers to call the fire union instead. "Call Mario Pico," one woman told me when I called, "and ask him why the union does not want to come to an agreement with the city." Other callers are told to call the fire union president, and the mayor's staff provides the phone number, because the firefighters want to raise taxes to preserve their benefits. 

Let's be clear: The firefighters, like Ladra, know that there does not have to be any tax increase because the council is squandering funds elsewhere. Like with no-bid contracts (about $1 million in the last meeting alone), some of which go to companies or people who make campaign contributions. Like the created positions for cronies and lackies, some of which just got "salary adjustments" -- including one mayor's aide that went from $1,776 a month to $2,884 a month. Would the mayor need to raise taxes for these things? The firefighters, like Ladra, know that there do not have to be any new taxes in order to maintain staffing levels where they are, which are already insufficient to cover a city of 220,000 residents that swells to a population of 500,000 during the weekday. This "tax increase" argument is a scare tactic used to bully and smear the firefighters even more.

But su alcaldito has to say that. He has no defense, no excuse for his threat to cut 40 percent of the firefighter paramedic personnel. It is threat and it is extortion because both he and the council president, Isis "Guttermouth Girl" Garcia-Martinez have publicly said that if the union were to make concessions -- not negotiate, but just take the concessions the city wants to force on them -- there would not be anybody fired. Really? Is that even legal? Let's rewind to July 20, when it was the city that declared impasse on the union not even two hours into negotiations. And they had planned it. The impasse document was prepared beforehand and brought into the meeting -- which shows a total lack of good faith. The city went into those negotiations clearly intending to declare impasse (and they will lose again when this is legally brought to the state board that oversees public employee relations).

This is just political payback because the union backed his opponent, former mayor Raul Martinez, in this November election and his mentor/master Julio Robaina's  opponent, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Otherwise why would Hernandez distribute an old newspaper article about past hostilities between the firefighters and Martinez at his press conference about the budget? What does that have to do with the 2011-2012 allocation of funds?

By the way, Mayor Gimenez, why are you so silent on this? Won't this affect county services, too? Aren't you representing Hialeah citizens also, Mr. "Mayor for All"? Wasn't this a group that backed you and helped you get elected?

For that matter, where are the other elected leaders that represent and speak for this community? I contacted Miami-Dade Commissioner Esteban Bovo, State Sen. Rene Garcia (R, District 40) and State Rep. Eddy Gonzalez (R, District 102) -- all of them former Hialeah council members who are quite easy to find in the City of Progress during election season -- before the first budget hearing last week and asked if they were going to go. I have yet to hear back from any of them. I guess election season for them is too far off.

So let's call their offices, too, to see what they think.
  • Gimenez can be reached at 305-375-5071 or
  • Garcia can be reached at 305-824-5058 or at 305-364-3100 and his district office is at 3814 W. 12th Ave, just above the campaign office for su alcaldito and the incumbents minus one
  • Gonzalez can be reached in Tallahassee at 850-488-1683 or his district office in Hialeah Gardens, 10001 NW 87th Ave., 305-364-3066.
Ladra wonders if they will redirect calls to the firefighters or the Hialeah mayor's office, where the blame really lies.


  1. Carlos Hernandez " Papi Chulo "

  2. Next thing you know, the mayor will be blaming the firefighters for global warming

  3. Is carlito sure he wants the people to speak to the firefighters. He may not like what they really have to say and show.

  4. The firefight are all greddy pigs!! Take a pay cut and move on. Elaine stop being a kiss ass.
    Martinez if mayor will be enemies again with the firefighters. You can bet on that.

  5. "Let's be clear: The firefighters, like Ladra, know that there does not have to be any tax increase because the council is squandering funds elsewhere. Like with no-bid contracts (about $1 million in the last meeting alone), some of which go to companies or people who make campaign contributions"

    Really Ladra? Because these were THE VERY SAME no bid contracts that CINDY MIEL AND VANESSA BRAVO were so vocally against when they were on the dais, so much in fact that Raul Martinez made FUN of them telling them that they were being "handled" by his enemies (sound familiar) and they didn't understand the budget enough to question IT... So now your Mayor and Professor Morales who also joined in on the laughing are saying that NO BID is bad WHY because they are not doing it?? OR because Williams Paving isn't giving enough to Raul Martinez Campaign?? Hhmmmm I wonder. While I commend the firefighters in their struggle I really do feel this has become so personal with them and the adminstration that it really has gotten to the point of no return no one will budge and everyone will suffer AND on top of all that we have Martinez, Morales and Bolanos who are throwing gasoline on a fire with little regard for either side they are just looking to see how it furthers their own agendas SAD but true.....

  6. Julissa, truth is relative...

  7. Elaine why don't you write on the history of the firefighters and martinez? It will be a interesting story

  8. Elaine you must of smoked a joint this morning!!! You are tripping out!! Go to rehab and change your life.

  9. Why can't the mayor and his cronies answer simple questions that the public has honestly? Why does he reroute them to the fire union office when he should be the one to speak to the people? Why does he spread lies like "the firefighters want to raise taxes?" Lastly, why hasn't he been held accountable for all of the lies he has told?

  10. If we all take the personal attacks out of this the truth is the truth.. Is it true that the Mayors office is redirecting calls? answer is yes. Is it true that the mayors office is telling its residents that the Firefighters are asking to raise taxes? Answer is yes. Truth be told again; I myself called and had the pleasure of talking with (I will not throw her out there. she has a job to do) She told me in the A.M. hours that the Firefighters have made this whole thing up to get attention. Shocked to say the least it left me. In the afternoon hours after receiving about 30 phone calls at the office I decided to call again. The lady on the phone told me that the Firefighters are demanding the mayor to raise taxes and he wont do that. She told me the firefighters are refusing to negotiate with the city and If I wanted anymore information I should call them directly and proceeded to give me the number. She also made it a point that I should ask Mario Pico why 105 Firefighters were to be laid off. I wanted to say thank you to the city for the move they made. This gave me the opportunity to invite all citizens into the office and SHOW THEM the truth and what has happened. A few citizens actually took me up on this offer and came over to my surprise. They left well informed and with a better perspective of transparancy and truth. We actually went a step above by setting up a call bank to answer any and all questions the public might have. Absolute success today. I look forward to tomorrow and imagine how many phone calls we will get. The Flyers WILL NOT STOP... 30+ thousand on the ground and door to door starts tomorrow as well. 100 thousand more to be printed. This was never about the Firefighters as some would have it but rather the saftey of the citizens that we SWORE to protect. It seems the city is the one with the short memory here. Remember this. WE ARE BROTHERS... THE SAME BROTHERS THAT WILL NOT GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THE CITY THAT HAS PROVIDED FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. The city has been assked for the truth for over two years now.. Time to put on your big boy panties and lets get this fixed.. All visits can be made in person at 752 east 1st Avenue. We are open to anyone who has questions...

  11. Eric, when are you going to sit down to negotiate? Is Carlos lying when he says if the union does not make concessions he will have to raise taxes or layoff personnel? Please folk the people are against out of control unions. Please wake up. Read the damn herald, it was your rag during the county mayoral election, do not abandon it now because it's not serving your purpose. Flyers are good but TV is better. I encourage you to please watch the spanish language stations next week to see clips about your chosen candidate. Eric, your on the wrong side of this one. Do the right thing and get back to the table.

    Elaine, how can I ask Carlos Hernandez to give you an interview if you keep insulting him? If you stopped the personal attacks, the loaded and editorialized questions and started some fair reporting, I could certainly try to work something out. Also, if you gave me a list of legitimate questions and promised to post the answers, IN IT'S COMPLETE FORM, then I believe I could handle that for you.

    Why can't the union just sit down with the mayor????

  12. Until the election for Mayor in Hialeah is over, the city will be in a big turmoil.
    Candela dice

  13. The union has sat down with the mayor and guess what, an already prepared letter was handed to the union and the mayor declared an impasse. Does that represent bargaining in good faith? No, it doesn't. Can't wait for the pathetic interim mayor and clueless council to be removed.

  14. Anony above, do you have a back up plan? What if he wins, which I feel may happen? That impasse is in the past. Why not sit down again? If the union shows it wants to make a deal, doesn't it blemish Carlos if he is the one who rebuffs the union? That's not an excuse for not trying to find a solution.

  15. Responder....Why did Carlos lie and say the firefighters want to raise taxes?

  16. Johnson , Monday - Friday. 9-5

  17. - Well said JULISSA DIAZ!
    - Funny how Pico & Johnson aren't asking for a forensic audit anymore! You ALL finally realized that this Country, State, County and neighboring City's have lower revenues?
    - Mayor Gimenez has left you all hanging....
    - ALL Fire personnel are bright individuals, but for some reason you all can't see the writing on the wall? You guys just love to sleep with the enemy!
    "You fooled me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on ? ...! (IAFF Local 1102)!

    As for the rookie class in the Hialeah Fire Academy in Station 7, start packing. Your 'brothers' are not going to be pink slipped first. Unfortunately, you guys will!

  18. He's not lying, although he is certainly simplifying the predicament.

    The expanded version for residents is that if the fire union makes no concession then Carlos has two options: fire employees or raise taxes. I just do not understand why this is being dragged out and being played out as a drama.

  19. Ladies, Gentleman and those who have no balls to use their names,

    Did you guys know that Mayor Carlos Hernandez has NEVER SAT DOWN with this union?? Any takers?? Anyone want to say otherwise? I have all the dates and TAPED RECORDINGS.. Does anyone know that we made propsals even monetary ones at the last negotiations session where the CITY walked away from the table??? I HAVE DATES AND TAPED RECORDINGS... As for me going to a 9-5 I cant wait Mr. Payback... That will get me out of the office that has consumed my life.. In fact maybe I will just request it soon. But hey.. Just between you and me that is a benefit last time i checked.. LOL Home every night.. No risk of death, HIV, HEP, or a lifeless child.. As for the forensic audit by Anon: Get real... If I ask you how much is in your wallet and you tell me 20 dollars am I to believe it? I would rather look myself to see what happened to the 3 hundred dollar bills you just had. That audit is still welcomed; as you know we have already invested HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to show the city has Mangled its books. Although I do feed off all the hype regarding Hialeah Politicians this is plain and simple really. TRUTH!!!! Once again. I declare: THE UNION IS WILLING AND READY TO NEGOTIATE. Amazing the mayor made some great comments the other night at the budget hearing. Ashame he did not make them for this union just the T.V. Cameras.. We never got coffee after the meeting. He did not answer his phone. Mr. or Ms. Responder, I have always wanted to tell you I enjoy your writing. Behind Mr. Lickerpoet(the best), you definately think before spewing off just hatred remarks. I thank you for that. I know about "MY" chosen candidate as you called it. More than most since you know how much I also love public records and History. I am kind of like a nerd in that respect. I search and learn so I dont have to ask. You have stated that the other Unions have done their part and made concessions. Again "truth be told" they have not. They were illegally imposed upon and the STATE OF FLORIDA has already ruled twice on their behalf. Whoever the next mayor may be, Rudy or Raul, could possibly have some huge financial hurdles to overcome. But now we really dont know that do we since the city wont answer simple financial questions. There is a huge breakdown in the system here, But the employees are not to blame as you would have some think. Again. You are invited also. 752 east 1st Avenue. Behind the Maruch rest. All-day Everyday.

  20. God bless you Slick!

  21. People all he knows to do is lie and say """"yo soy muy orgulloso""" Proud of what you idiot you dont knwo how to run a city yes yes yes you dont know how to run a city ALCALDITO INTERINO

  22. You guys are ridiculous, how short your memory is when Raul Martinez stuck it to you guys. Did you guys already forget the billboards you posted in protest? It's not the mayor's fault, he's just a puppet like the rest. Wake the f#@k up already and stop blaming all these gutless politicians for your problems. YOU voted them in, YOU campaigned for them, YOU YOU YOU. If you don't want people in control of your affairs then DONT Freakin VOTE!!! Those that vote are at the mercy of those they voted for!!!! Carlos is simply following orders like every other mayor from here to California.

    So instead of Carlos who at least has the balls to tell you that the ride is over you chose Martinez the most corrupt human being in Hialeah. What a short memory you guys have.

    If you guys had any idea how the monetary system works you wouldn't be having this argument. Research that and see the real culprits, your fighting over pieces of paper while your LABOR gets stolen right from under your noses.......WAKE UP NOW!!!!

  23. "Truth is relative" "If we take all the personal attacks out of this, the truth is the truth." "He's not lying, though he is certainly simplifying the predicament."

    I must agree with anonymous who stated that truth is relative. There is rarely absolute truth. More often there is only individual perspective. I do like the idea Ladra expressed that Hernandez is truth challenged, but with a different emphasis on the verbiage, this might be interpreted as ..He is truth...(that has been) challenged. I would suggest that Hernandez is accuracy impaired. But hey, that is only my perspective.

  24. Accuracy Impaired
    New Budget From Mayor
    Hernandez Election Campaign?
    Hasn't a Prayer

    Thanks for the inspiration Ladra. I'll try to post in on my sign tomorrow. Consider your disrespectful treatment at City Hall partially avenged.

  25. Mr. Johnson,

    Interesting that you can sit there and say to someone/anonymous "show your face" when the guy that called you 'slick' doesn't show his/her face. Many of us know who that is. Like Arsenio Hall would say things that make you go hmmmm......

    Nevertheless, we're not in middle school and there is a HUGE National campaign against bullying/peer pressure. I don't need to show my face, I am over that. Take my comments as they come.

    So you have tapes and recording Mr. Johnson, I don't care for any of that. The Union may have come to the table to negotiate and offer concessions but what we need to do is offer real concessions, not just our boot allowance. What I do care about is what concessions will the Union make in order to make an impact on this shortfall?

    As for the negotiations, why don't you mention that the Union wanted the retirement multiplier increased for the Fire Dept.? What kind of negotiations are those in these tough economic times?

    Why didn't you discuss in your previous post that the rookie class will be getting pink slipped before you and Pico? Are you really looking out for the best interest of all your members?

    Just come to the table, people's lives & livelihood are at stake, not just the residents, but that of the Dept.

  26. ^^^

    Do you work for the mayor?

  27. Accuracy-impaired is a much better term. And I am honored, poet, that you would be inspired by one of my posts.

  28. The vote in browsed earlier this month sent a clear message. Public employees need to wake up and understand we are tired.

  29. ^^^^^
    taxes were raised 11% on the citizens

  30. Poet put you sign up and we will put ours!!! We have a surprise for you this time!!!!

  31. before a City cut services, it has to cut administrative staff, who are usually the ones getting the fat pay checks doing nothing.
    vital services should be negotiated, and it takes at least a year for union and administrators to get to a viable contract which does not affect services or citizens.
    By state and federal law, no bid contracts are illegal if the contract is in excess of 5000. but Cities are doing it to either get kick backs or contributions, totally illegal and unethical.
    No matter what side are you on, the legality of the situation is the issue.

  32. Eric I really wish you would not have chosen the course you have. The other unions did concede and give concessions. The fire union's proposal was weak and effectively a non-starter. 

    Eric, I consider you and Elaine to be intelligent. Ponder this please....if you consider the current Mayor to be interim at best, with suspect abilities, do you go to negotiate with him in good faith? If you cut an endorsement deal with another candidate, why would you finalize an agreement with a Mayor whose time is limited and that you do not respect? The answers to both questions are that you never intended to finalize this agreement with the current administration and you felt he had no other plays against the union.

    Unfortunately, I regret to inform you and the union that Carlos has a very REAL chance to win and your current stance is playing against you. The union, and in particular Eric, played Robaina's actions against him quite well. But your now on the other side. Trends are working against you and the union. Want a prediction 2 months out? The best Raul can do is win the first round with 33-38%, in which case Carlos comes in between 28-33%. Problem is that the same trend that worked against Robaina is working against Raul. The same way the county election was made into a battle between Carlos and the Crook, so will this one. If you enjoy history and reading, take some time and research Raul and his elections. If he doesn't run unopposed, he wins by a few points. He has lost a big part of his base because of his stance on Cuba and his big mouth. Does a picture of him and other leading democrats help him in Hialeah? If you answer yes, I will never waste my time again replying to you.

    Do the right thing for the city and your fellow firefighters, please engage and come back to the table.

    Lastly, when were taxes raised? I do remember Raul did it in 1994...

  33. Responder, the general employees didnt concede, the contract was forced upon them....they won the hearing by the way.

  34. Mr? Responder, did the state of Florida not rule that the actions by the city against the general employees was illegal and needed to be rescinded? Oh, and were the city's action in firing the firefighters also ruled illegal? Has the city righted either of those wrongs? I think not. This administration continues to follow the past as they did when they were led by Julito.

  35. Ladra since learning that you are on the take from the fire union or the chief bolanos your points of view have been irreparably diminished to the point of irrelevancy.

  36. The fire union isnt paying her, don't lie.

  37. All real polls in the streets, indicate is going to be a run off between Raul and Rudy, Carlos is going to be gone in the first round, why? the anti Robaina wave still on, the anti incumbent wave, still on, Carlos voted for all Robaina did, the people in the streets who never voted for Raul before are voting for Raul now, they have seen the decline in the City. Go out in the streets talk to the people, get the feeling, and not all of Raul's slate is going to win, he has found himself a candidate who people do not like, but that is very good, Raul needs discrepancy in the Council, at least 1 or 2 who are not rubber stamps, even tho, Alex Morales has never been a rubber stamp to anyone.

  38. It's called checks and balances. If Rudy wins, who is his slate? All the incumbents? There needs to be a balance so that some questions get asked and answers have to be given.

  39. Has anyone been reading the Herald series on pension and public employee benefits in south Florida? Do you not see the public's will throughout the country? Do you really think the common voting citizen is pro union?

    Hialeah is a low to middle class city at best. During the peak of the real estate bubble house sold for more t than they ever were really worth. Hialeah also had (maybe still has) one of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the county.

    So I have these questions:

    * When were the last union contracts and agreed upon?
    *Do the union’s still believe that the unemployment rate and real estate market have no effect on City revenue?
    *Does anyone realize that the City’s financial department has won one of the highest honors for the past 5 to 6 years the department can receive from the GFOA? Below is the link and paragraphs that talk about the award.
    The GFOA established the Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards Program (Budget Awards Program) in 1984 to encourage and assist state and local governments to prepare budget documents of the very highest quality that reflect both the guidelines established by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting and the GFOA’s best practices on budgeting and then to recognize individual governments that succeed in achieving that goal.

    Documents submitted to the Budget Awards Program are reviewed by selected members of the GFOA professional staff and by outside reviewers with experience in public-sector budgeting.

    *Do union presidents work normal shifts as the rest of the employees?
    *If not, are they paid by tax or union fees?
    *If by tax moneys, why don’t they start and “set an example” (as they ask of administration) by eliminating their tax pay and benefits. Union leaders, please correct me if I am wrong, are simply in place to fight for their members weather that benefits the residents or not. So let the union leaders get paid through the union and not on my tax dollar. Why should I pay them to negotiate a bigger cut of the pie for them?

    To all union employees please stop insulting my intelligence with the “we pay taxes too” rants. Less than 25% (and that is being generous) of you actually live in my city (especially police and fire). It is fun though hearing you whine at family parties about the union being screwed and then how dare your city want to raise taxes or fees.

    What is sad is both my wife and I went to college and graduated with degrees but our combined salary is still about 10 to 20k lower than what a few friends of ours are. these friends happen to be police and fire but only took the classes required of them at the time to get their certification. Yet they are making over 90 thousand dollars a year. Although not in Hialeah most of that overtime besides a bigger pay check also translates into bigger pension.
    I thank every police fire or military personal when I see them because I personally know the sacrifices they make while on the job, although fire mainly do about 90% of medical calls. Maybe we should split rescue and fire units.

    and an anti robaina wave in Hialeah? what are you drinking? If robaina ran for mayor today he would probably win in the first round. only reason Raul even has a chance is because carlos and rudy both depend on robaina's base.

  40. You're mistaking dade county or city of Miami with Hialeah. Hialeah is one of the lowest paid fire and police departments in all of south Florida. Don't skew the facts.

  41. Although yes miami and County are worse my friends work for Hialeah. They bank on all overtime.

    Also just go to the herlad in the link below and type hialeah. Police and fire are some of the best paid in the city.

  42. Here wee go: In response to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, We will take this one by one. The last time we had a ratified contract was for 2006-2009. Last raise despite contary opinion was in 2008 as inflation has grown by an average of 3% per year as we have not. But certain employees inside the "KISS THE RING" squad have received generous raises. Absolutely un-employment and tax revenue have a direct impact on all citizens. That you cannot argue. As far as your distinguised award LOL.. Too funny. ANYONE and I repeat ANYONE who applies receives that award.. Just call around and ask. That was comical.. Better yet, just call a municipal finance director as I did (4 of them) and they will all laugh the same and tell you... Mario and I work normal 24 hour shifts as all other Fireman and still find the strength to address the lack of transparency inside the City of Hialeah. Tax payers do not fund a Union salary but just for transparency I am paid $600.00 monthly for my work. Truth is that EVERY MONTH I spend about $1800.00 to $2300.00 out of my own pocket to perform my job. TRUST me.. I did not sign up for this as now My family suffers from my committment NEVER TO QUIT!!!!It seems that I actually pay to represent my guys..So again your facts that taxpayers fund my INVERTED salary are absolutely incorrect. As far as your wife and you are concerned for both having college degrees: God bless you. Education and beliefs are things that can never be taken away. You are certainly a better person for educating yourselves. As far as TAX IONCREASES are concerned: WE HAVE NEVER ASKED anyone to raise taxes. That is another political ploy by the Mayor himself to distract the residents from the truth. As far as 25% of employees live in the city: That could be true I honesty do not know. I will tell you this though. Those 25% are just as important as the other 75%. We all are taxpayers may it be inside Miami Dade County, Broward County or inside Hialeah. Tax increases afffect us all and that is one thing we have never asked for. NOT ONCE. We have asked for transparency and nothing more. No raises, no extra benefits just the truth. Remeber just a few months back when the City announced and provided documents saying there was 19 million dollars in surplus? All gone??? Like someone else had said earlier... Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMM...

  43. Of course police and fire would be paid more, they have riskier jobs.

  44. About that link in the Herald... how come they stopped at 60 employees? Because they can't prove their case with Hialeah and they could see that. And did anybody notice who gets the famous six-figure pensions? Police "commanders" who were "promoted" out of turn and without merit, some say, by former mayor Julio Robaina for political reasons (oh, and the police chief).

  45. Bovo, Gonzalez nor Garcia will associate themselves with you, you are not legit.

  46. You wanna know the real reason Raul is running??????

    Raul is close friends with the gentleman who is spearheading the project and I almost guarantee Raul will be dipping into that revenue stream. Which is why he wants to get rid of all the small operators who have their machines around Hialeah.

    Do you think his campaign against the machines is to better Hialeah? hahaha....No, it's to get rid of any competition the casino may have.
    City of Miami is doing the same thing, they have plans to build a casino, spearheaded by a malaysian group of investors, didn't you see when they bought the Miami Herald building??

    Wake up gentleman of Hialeah Fire department, Raul's interest is his own pockets, not yours. You will continue to get cuts as much as they see fit. Bank on it

    If you don't believe it, research it.

    As far as the firefighters go, you better check your union leadership as it seems they are in bed with Raul and will further the demise of the department. No matter what Mayor is elected if they say cut, he has to say "how much" the only difference is Raul's corruptibility factor is higher than the other candidates.

  47. Why won't the city show the books? Are they trying to cover up mismanagement of funds? Are they stealing and trying to disguise it by illegally imposing paycuts?

  48. Eric, you and your members are doing an awesome job. Your critics fail to realize the pride you have in your city and the love you have for your profession.

    The City of Hialeah once was the model city. The police force kept the trouble makers on the other side of the tracks. The parks were noted as being some of the best in the county. The fire department, one of the highest rated in the state for both fire and emergency medical responses.

    As many units as the county has, it would not be possible to maintain an adequate response time to emergency calls if Hialeah lost four stations. It isn't just saving lives, it's quality of life.


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