Sunday, April 17, 2011

The ladies like Gimenez

Mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez is apparently a chic magnet. Who knew?

As plain and vanilla as some people say our former county commissioner and longtime city of Miami administrator is, apparently he doesn't need a Mercedes "to impress the ladies," as that cute little jingle produced by a political opponent goes on the radio. There is a long line of prominent women backing his candidacy, including noted historian Arva Moore Parks, who will open her home to a fundraiser May 4.

The "Women for Carlos Gimenez" host committee reads like a Who's Who of female power among local community and civic leaders. They include Betsy Adams, Gay Bondurant, Miami Monthly publisher Elena Carpenter, publicist extraordinaire Connie Crowther, Black Archives founder and activist Dr. Dorothy Fields, Miami River defender and innkeeper Sally Jude, PR pro and preservationist Penny Lambeth, former school board member Janet MacAlily, former Miami Commission candidate Beba Sardiña Mann (even though the invite spells her last name wrong), Miami author and historic preservationist Becky Matkov, activist and preservationist Dolly McIntyre, Florida Commission on the Status of Women commissioner Lourdes Castillo de la Peña (who might be related to Jose Luis Castillo, a political consultant who worked for Lynda Bell and Natacha Seijas, but we are not sure), Coral Gables Museum spokeswoman Chris Rupp, Pedro Pan exile and teacher Angela Albaisa Santos, femfessionals founder and political consultant Violette Sproul (who worked on Miami-Dade School Board member Raquel Regalado's campaign), tax attorney and chief development officer for the University of Miami Teresa Valdes-Fauli Weintraub, Patricia Vila of the Community Partnership for the Homeless and a dozen or so more.

Said Sproul, in her email to people she invited: "You will have the opportunity to get to know
Carlos Gimenez, candidate for mayor of Miami-Dade County (while enjoying great conversation with amazing with amazing women of our city)."

Ladra can't help but wonder what kind of women's group Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina can gather in Hialeah to match them up. Not for a softball game (I bet Julio's team could win that), but for a debate on the issues. That would be more fun (and probably more fair).


  1. Ouch. Been told that my sources were wrong on Lourdes Castillo de la Peña. She is not the married to Jose Luis Castillo (and I should have called some of my friends on the host committee to check. Sorry. But that's why I edited it out). Trying to find out if she is a sister or cousin. Forgive my slip, Lourdes, Carlos, and everybody else. Won't happen again.

  2. Did you read this?:


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