Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brito's attack apology lame

We need to get out of here for another hot scoop on a state rep race but must post this first:

After Ladra noted earlier today that Miami Voice PAC chair Vanessa Brito, who led the recall against former commissioner Natacha Seijas, had allegedly denied her involvement in another PAC's negative attack ad against Commissioner and mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez, Brito has apparently made those denials public.

And she quit her post as "media director" of The Accountability Project, formed by political consultant Keith Donner and funded, in part, by yet another PAC supporting Hialeah Mayor and county mayoral candidate Julio Robaina.

Brito did not return several calls from Ladra, but we got her statement from the other blog:

"Sometimes, people like myself who are relatively new to the 'scene' do not realize the background or baggage that comes with a professional request. I believe in transparency and accountability, one of the reasons I agreed to serve as a media contact for the Accountability Project. I did not form the PAC and I apparently did not do my due diligence on their motive for bringing me on board," she said. But she does not say that she, indeed, knows Donner. They have talked about campaigns before. She also knew Donner was working with Dario Moreno on a Gables candidate campaign and had used the [Non]Accountability PAC to smear an opponent in that race. And she forgot to mention that Moreno, who was her boss at FIU's Metropolitan Center, was her mentor and friend.

"I never thought the attacks emanating from this PAC would be so out of line and targeted at one candidate. I never thought my quotes would be misconstrued to an attack on one candidate for mayor."

Really? Okay, Vanessa (she always says I misconstrue her quotes also, very convenient), please explain exactly how they misconstrued this quote or what in it is misconstrued:
"Commissioner Gimenez just doesn't get it. He's simply ignoring the will of the people." Or this quote: "Commissioner Gimenez is a career politician and bureaucrat with a long record of voting to raise his pay and benefits at voters' expense. He's the poster child for what's wrong with county government." (She loves that poster child quote, it is classic Vanessa). Or this quote: "We hope that the radio spot and website will allow voters to learn more about Commissioner Gimenez so they can make an informed decision about the candidates running for Miami-Dade mayor."

These are all from the press release and indicate that she knew about the radio piece and the website and that she knew it was geared against Gimenez. So is she lying yet again? I am willing to hear her out, but she won't speak up. She won't call me back. She just issues this non-apology that takes no responsibility for her mistake but places the blame, yet again, on everybody else.

"Political Action Committees serve a purpose in a community," she said, because she knows this whole episode helped Ladra show just how dangerous PACs and EOCs can be. "I am sorry I got involved with this PAC as I feel my name was sullied by the actions of the PAC. At this time, I only wish to be associated with my own PAC - Miami Voice, where I have control of the message." Wait a minute... isn't it the "voice of the people." Yeah, riiiiiight.

"As stated several times before, Miami Voice PAC will not endorse in the Mayoral or District 13 Commission races, but will provide a voter guide to voters with relevant issues to help them decide who will be the best candidate - for them, the people." Can't wait to see these "voter guides" and just how transparent they are going to be. Yeah, riiiiiight.

"As always, my professional private work will remain as such," (which could be another way of saying she got caught and will be more careful next time, but don't worry, dear readers, Ladra is good at finding the trail). "This specific case, however, is one I wish to clarify and to apologize to County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez for any statements attributed to me released by Accountability Project.

Gimenez told me this morning that she had texted him apologizing for the comments just before we spoke around 9:30 a.m. "But if she doesn't make that apology public..." he didn't finish the thought, but he didn't have to. It would mean nothing if she did not doing it publicly. And this self-serving justification is not even close. Please, commissioner Gimenez, don't buy it.

And start separating yourself from these Bramanite spin doctors who might be sabotaging your race.

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