Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big $$ already in Dist. 13 race

Three other people have stepped up to challenge former State Rep. Esteban Bovo (Rep. Dist 110) for the seat at county commission district 13, vacated by the recall of veteran Natacha Seijas.

They are Alan Rigerman, a middle school teacher who lives with big cats and has fought rock mining in Northwest Dade; Tania Castellanos (the Miami Beach artist and freelance TV producer?); and someone named Carlos Amaro (the Christopher Columbus class of '73 grad?).

But they're really wasting their time. Ladra had hoped someone with real muscle, say Raul Martinez (who says he would rather be Hialeah mayor again) or Alex Penelas, would challenge Bovo, who seems to be the heir apparent and is likely going to win. So it's not about that anymore.

Now, it's about who can give him money for special treatment later and who he can spread the money to in order to safeguard his political future. His campaign finance report shows $69,500 of contributions collected since January 25 (even though he did not announce for the seat until after Seijas was recalled in March).

All but 7 of the 144 donations to the campaign are for the maximum of $500. They include checks from UM President Donna Shalala, Miguel de Grandy (and his wife and his company), Hialeah Race Track owners (and Bovo's former bosses) John, John Jr. and Stephen Brunetti, Biltmore Hotel operator Gene Prescott and Ron Book (and his wife and his law firm), among others. There are also quite a few racing and gaming interests, including the Poker Voters of America advocacy group out of Burbank, California (slogan should be: I bluff and I vote).

There are more good details in here, but since lots of donations are hidden under corporate names and we have to find out who is behind those, it's too much to take on right now. Ladra promises to chew on this report a little bit more later, however, and see what's yummy inside.

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