Thursday, April 14, 2011

All inclusive mayoral forum Monday

Miami-Dade mayoral hopefuls Jose "Pepe" Cancio and Luther "Luke" Campbell, snubbed from other candidate forums, finally have a platform on which they can finally share the stage and be compared to each other and all the other guys and, finally, one girl (more on that later).

Cancio, a businessman and former interim county commission (appointed by then Gov. Jeb Bush), and rapper-turned-political-satirist Campbell were [finally] invited to a forum and have confirmed their attendance, said the presenting Democracy for America Miami-Dade, a liberal group that promotes "progressive candidates" like Howard Dean. The organization reported on its website ( that it invited all the candidates, but that as of Thursday only former county commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who resigned this week to run for the post, failed gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari, and newcomers to the race Gabrielle Redfern (who lost a bid last year for Miami Beach commission) and Roosevelt Bradley (former Miami-Dade Transit Director) had confirmed they would attend the forum at IBEW Union Hall, 1657 NW 17th Ave. Notably MIA is Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, who many consider a front runner along with Gimenez and former state rep. Marcelo Llorente, who was the first to announce his run and start collecting funds two years ago. Not notably MIA are Wilbur Bell (a comedian who lost a Miami Beach mayoral bid last year), Eddie Lewis (who lost his bid for property appraiser), and Jeffrey Lampert (that name rings a bell).

DFAM (board members are Franco Caliz, Sam Feldman, Nadine Olmann, Jessica Galvez, Wendy Sejour, Larry Thorson and Krystina Armeda) encourages questions but they must be submitted in advance at (Ladra growls).

This all-inclusive public exchange is a great idea, except for one thing: If DFAM gets all 11 mayoral candidates to participate, which I applaud, the 7 p.m. meeting is going to go into the wee hours of Tuesday.

Ladra hopes they have snacks.


  1. It would be very welcome if the media would be talking about the substance and the details of the economic plan of each candidates and as to how they would improve the economic condition of the Miami-Dade County and get us out of this economic meltdown which we are deep into it. If we do not, then we get candidates similar to those we are putting into the offices, and then the press has to publish similar articles as the following:
    Press and media is failing miserebly and not the good candidates!

  2. Thank you, Mr. Khavari. That's actually a productive and meaningful comment. (Hmmm. What else don't we know about you?) Economic plans it is.

  3. Very kind of you, Ms. Landra. As Mayor of Miami-Dade County I would implement the Khavari Economic Plan, which would:
    1) create 150,000 new jobs in private sector without subsidies,
    2) reduce the cost of living of the residents of this county, and
    3) help the residents to accumulate savings for retirement.
    For details, please visit: and I am an economist (Ph.D.)and author of nine books and numerous articles dealing with economics, environment, Oil, energy, healthcare, banking & financial issues, currencies, social cost and cost. I have a solid and prudent economic plan to fix Miami-Dade County's growing economic woes! We will first reduce property taxes and finally eliminate it. To realize these goals we need to create a publicly-owned county bank. The profits of this bank would be used to replace property taxes and finance other projects--PROPERTY TAX MUST GO. Property tax is poverty-inducing tax!

  4. Now this is what I am talking about, a person that has a plan and actually has knowledge of what to do. I personally need some lamen terms in the Econiomic Plan to understand it better but its a whole lot more than what the other Mayoral Candidates have said. All I have hear from the rest is we need reform, we need to stop the abuse, we, we, we said the little piggy. What we need gentleman is Jobs, real jobs not the *&^%$ from the Stadium and Tunnel that was shoved down our throats and most of the workers are from out of the state. Khavari you have my vote!!!


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