Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gimenez likely resigns in a week

Miami-Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez is ready to leave the District 7 seat next Tuesday so he can run for county mayor.

Gimenez, who has to resign to run but has already been campaigning for months, told Ladra that was likely the date the commission would set at Monday's meeting as the qualifying date for the May 24 special election to replace recalled former mayor Carlos Alvarez. Another special meeting is set for Wednesday the 13th to decide how and when to replace any vacant seats caused by resignations to run (so far, the only sitting elected taking that risk is Gimenez).

Already lining up for the District 7 seat are former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez and former South Miami Mayor and State Rep. (DEM District 117) Julio Robaina, who, Ladra was told, might be unhappily worried that the other Julio Robaina (Hialeah mayor also running for county mayor) will get some votes from confused people who may think it's him.

I think it might actually help Hialeah Robaina that South Miami Robaina runs. Who wouldn't want to see that confusion on the dais?

Of course, everything becomes moot if Raul Martinez, who we hear is bored his booming business overseas and feels that political bug again, makes a decision on which race he might have the most fun in, District 13, the mayoral run or a bid for a state seat. We can't wait.

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