Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paul Crespo will try again

Paul Crespo, who lost the Republican U.S. Congress (District 25) race primary last year against David Rivera, who went on to beat Joe Garcia before being accused of funneling hundreds of thousands to a lobbyist/on-and-off girlfriend, is going to try another run for office.

The former U.S. Marine officer and self-described "conservative Reagan Republican" filed earlier this month to run for the seat vacated by State Rep. Eddy Gonzalez (Rep. District 102) who has already launched a campaign to be the next Hialeah Mayor. (See last post). He joins fellow Republicans Jessica "Jessie" Fortich and Manuel Diaz, Jr., who filed a week apart in January. (But Fortich sent paperwork as early as November indicating she was filing).

Ladra called Crespo to find out if his platform will be the same as last year, like advocating for a flat tax, but had to leave a message. We will get back to this race later.


  1. What do you think about the "Flat Tax?" I mean it is a Federal tax reform proposal and Crespo is running for a state office. Am I missing something?

  2. Check his record arrested in feb 2011

  3. In fact he has 3 arrests on his record not fit for public office

  4. Ugh!! Can someone NOT affiliated with Hialeah please run? Are there any Democrats or Independents who can step forward? We need real representation for ALL residents. Northwest Miami-Dade deserves better in the County Commission and state House.


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