Friday, March 18, 2011

Alvarez still gets paid 70%

Don't think recalled Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez is taking it too hard.

One of the reasons that people voted the mayor out this week was because of his outlandish salary and perks. Ladra bets a bunch of them didn't know that he will still take home more than $14,000 a month in his pension. That amounts to more than $168,000 a year.

Does that come out to about 70 percent of his salary? Not bad in any case.

Thanks to Univision 23 and reporter Jenny Padura (who got the information from the state's retirement system in Tallahassee) for providing this information in their early morning show today. She also told us that county manager George Burgess, who resigned Wednesday after his boss was recalled, would have gotten $15,700 a month pension if he had left next June. So his is maybe $1,000 or a bit more less now.

Recalled Commissioner Natacha Seijas will take home a paltry amount in comparison, at $293 a month, for her two decades of service. But that's because her salary was tiny ($6,000 a year) compared to Alvarez (more than $200,000) and Burgess (around $400,000).

There's another thing that voters and people like Norman Braman should be really concentrating on, instead of moving around the chess pieces on the board: the broken pension system in the state and in our municipalities and fixing it. Ladra certainly won't pretend to know how. But even she knows that it should be a priority, before trying to get your cronies in office.

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  1. So much more to this recall business than meets the eye. Wonder how the Vice is gonna paint this one to their sheep? Or if they will just keep the wool pulled down as long as they can until they think they've got "Check-Mate?"


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