Saturday, March 19, 2011

Turn $5 mil cost into an investment

Ladra wants to congratulate Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell for having been appointed earlier this year chair of the county's Internal Management and Fiscal Responsibility Committee. And, as a constituent in District 8, where she was elected in November, I must point out a chance to live by the "pledge" she made last January as early as next week.

"I will work day in and day out to bring about accountability, transparency and above all else, efficiency to our county government," Bell (photographed her on the campaign trail last summer) promised on a January press release on her district website. "We have a responsibility to County residents to ensure that every tax dollar is spent wisely, not wastefully"

Oooh. That's worth repeating: "We have a responsibility to county residents to ensure that every tax dollar is spent wisely, not wastefully." (Italics are mine).

Do you mean it, Commissioner Bell? Here is a perfect opportunity to put actions behind your words and make the most out of the $4 to $5 million estimated cost of the special election. Next week, you, as chairwoman of the fiscal responsibility committee, can turn that cost into an investment. Talk about making a mark early in your term!

As Ladra explained in the last post, the commission must table or otherwise delay the discussion about the replacement for the recalled mayor and the commissioner in District 13. Because once the commission decides to go to vote to replace them, they have to set the date within 45 days. But they have 30 days to decide to go to the vote. So on Thursday, they should talk instead about charter amendments (and Ladra prefers spending limits to term limits), which need 60 days before they can be put on a ballot. At another meeting 15 days after Thursday, on or about April 11, the commission can meet again and put the mayoral and District 13 race on the ballot.

So, I have already written to Commissioner Bell, as a District 8 voter, and I will call her at 305-375-5218 Monday. If you live in District 8 and feel the same way, please do the same.

And if you live in other district (except for Carlos Gimenez, who is also running for mayor; I stole the idea from him), I will make it easy for you to also make your position known. We need to make sure they don't blow this chance to make real changes that the voters want.
I am listing emails and phone numbers. Please take a minute to call. If you cannot get the commissioner, like I hope because they will be besieged by calls, leave a message with your name, phone number and voter's registration number, so they know you are serious. Give them your address in the email so they know you vote in that district.

Here are the phone numbers and emails you need:

District 1 Com. Barbara Jordan: 305-375-5694/305-474-3011,
District 2 Com. Jean Monestime: 305-375-4833/305-694-2779,
District 3 Com. Audry Edmonson: 305-375-5393/305-636-2331,
District 4 Com. Sally A. Heyman: 305-375-5128/305-787-5999,
District 5 Com. Bruno Barreiro: 305-643-8525,
District 6 Com. Rebeca Sosa: 305-267-6377,
District 7 Com. Carlos Gimenez, 305-375-5680,
District 8 Com. Lynda Bell, 305-375-5218,
District 9 Com. Dennis Moss: 305-375-4832,
District 10 Com. Javier Souto: 305-375-4835,
District 11 Com. Joe Martinez: 305-375-5511,
District 12 Com. Jose "Pepe" Diaz: 305-375-4343/305-599-1200,

We have a real opportunity here to make some real significant, meaningful change. Let's not let anybody steal it from us.

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