Friday, October 28, 2011

Su Hialeah Alcaldito's changing hair

The campaign must be taking a toll on su Alcaldito Carlos Hernandez. While he has been perfectly coifed lately, and is known to use Grecian Formula or L'oreal or some such product to color his hair, Hernandez had some very evident gray roots showing Thursday as he trolled, er, I mean strolled around the parking lot at the JFK libary in Hialeah where early voters have cast more than 2,500 votes.

But by the time he made it to Oscar Haza's A Mano Limpia show on MegaTV, he had apparently -- and messily -- touched up. And, for your pleasure dear readers, Ladra brings you the before and after photos. This is before, with the white shirt and the gray hairline. The after photos have him in a suit with a blue shirt and yellow tie.

Could it be that Hernandez -- who likes to show off his bulging biceps with tight muscle shirts and unnecessary flexing when he hands out his campaign card -- is a little vain and self-conscious?

Ladra mentioned the gray showing at the JFK library, but I was just trying to break the ice. I mean, if Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez can make nice and be civil to me, you would think that the man running for mayor would be, well, less like a 5th grader at the school yard. I guess Gavelgirl is the bigger man of the two. "Get away from me," is all he ever says. To me. He talks big when he talks about me to other people. At the Oscar Haza A Mano Limpia show where the three mayoral candidates (George Castro doesn't couldn't) debated (more on that later), he first tried to have me thrown out of the studio, where I was invited by other journalists to watch the debate live and in person with other journalists (they refused) and then, during a break in the live TV for commercials, quipped to former Mayor Raul Martinez, the front runner in the race who makes a full head of gray look cool, that I was his paid staffer. Martinez shrugs because he knows he doesn't pay me -- and couldn't possibly afford the value I bring to this campaign for both him and former State Sen. Rudy Garcia, the other mayoral candidate -- and so does su alcaldito, he just has nothing else to say.

Instead, Hernandez should have used the break to ask Martinez who does his hair. But maybe it's Felipito's mom.


  1. Very dissappointing Ladra, there is plenty to write about. Let's leave appearance out of the fold or are we going to start making fun of Alex Morales for looking like Jim DeFede?? ISSUES Please you are good at it!!

  2. The Other Mayoral CanDiDate,,(not you ladra your not my type),,,i like my way better.

    Accredited, -G, Castro.


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