Monday, October 24, 2011

Gavelgirl makes nice with Ladra

Among the deferential, diplomatic decencies displayed during early voting liftoff over the weekend at the JFK library in Hialeah, was Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez making nice with Ladra. No, really.

First, she said "Good morning," as she walked by, totally taking me by surprise because she had been completely ignoring me -- just like el alcaldito Carlos Hernandez still does -- since the IHOP incident. Gotta admit, that kind of put Ladra into a lull. Later, she offered to pose for a photo with council candidate Julio Martinez or someone else and did agree to pose with some guy named "Papito" wearing a Hernandez t-shirt who Ladra wanted a photo of since he is the same guy who was with Jose Gonzalez, council vice president Luis Gonzalez's brother, when the brother assaulted Political Cortadito cameraman Raul Torres outside a TV station (more on that later). Then, after I suggested to a TV reporter that what she had said was incomplete and less than truthful about the new water connection fees and the anonymous donor for the IHOP party, she suggested I run for office.

Thanks, Gavelgirl, but no thanks.

She also thought it was kind of funny that I thought she had a gavel in her back pocket -- either that or a gun, since everybody in Hialeah seems to be carrying. But no, it was her keys. "That's a good sense of humor, though," she told me, proving she has some, too. Now, can you put in a good word for me with su alcaldito, since he listens to you?

But she still lies.

When asked what ever happened to that restraining order she was going to get against me, she said, very seriously, that they had decided against it. "We decided not to proceed because you have been behaving yourself," she said. Yeah, you could hear my pen screech to a halt on my notebook. Say what? Behaving myself? Really? When? Don't you mean you decided not to proceed because you couldn't proceed, because you had no real base for it?

"No," Gavelgirl said, entirely seriously. "There's a line you can't cross."

We can't help but wonder if she means that illegally drawn white line -- an attempt to curb someone's rights -- that appeared mysteriously at the JFK parking lot the morning that early voting began.

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  1. Where were her manners when she intimidated and disrespected the residents/city employees who questioned the administration on 1- closed parks 2- closed libraries 3-Selling out to El Duque while City residents pay the bill,, Where were her manners? In the gutter. Isis Garcia Martinez has demonstrated to everyone in this City who and what she really is. No One will ever forget or stop reminding others about her very LOW CLASS BEHAVIOR. She has not only LOST this election but BETTER THAN THAT "SHE HAS LOST EVERYONE'S RESPECT". Ladra or Elaine there is only one ISIS and its not worth a minute of press time even on a blog.


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