Friday, October 28, 2011

Gaverlgirl's best hits on PAC's ad

A political commercial that strings together a bunch of the most unfortunate moments in the life of Hialeah Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez is already on YouTube and will be seen on Spanish-language stations tonight and over the weekend.

But it's not her opponent, former Councilwoman Cindy Miel, who is behind the ad. Miel is too soft to try something like that. It's one of her slate mates. Guess which one. C'mon. Ladra bets most of you will get it on the first try. The ad and airtime is paid for by Hialeah Deserves Better, an aptly-named PAC which was registered with the county in August by former councilman and current sure-thing candidate Alex "The Professor" Morales.

The ad starts with the text "Tu conducta es un reflejo de quien eres," or "Your conduct is a reflection of who you are," before a collection of Gavelgirl's most abusive powerplay and insulting moments. She berates a city employee who speaks at a commission meeting about his concern on the privatization of a city park. "Have you called me? Have you called me? Sir, answer my question," she demands, finger in the air. She insults this blogger, calling Ladra ignorant and insinuating problems with my past employer, which are bogus (I left on very good terms). "Altaneria y griteria no es lo que Hialeah necesita," or "Haughtiness and shouting is not whta Hialeah needs," it says in the middle of the clips, in the last of which she is getting booed at a council meeting. "Hialeah deserves something better. Say no to Isis Garcia-Martinez," it ends.

See it at

Morales said he simply could not stand by while Gavelgirl (photographed here first at the IHOP incident, parts of which are used in the commercial, and also Friday at the JFK library for early voting) mistreats the public.

"I was embarassed by her behavior and it needs to stop," he told Ladra Friday, shortly after the ad went public on YouTube. Why would his PAC focus on someone outside his race? "It doesn't matter. Its about Hialeah. It's not about me or Cindy or her. Her behavior has become an embarssment to the city."

Ladra knows that Morales wants an easy primary so he can avoid a runoff and help his slate mates as a sitting councilman. But there won't be a second round for Miel, who is the only opponent against the incumbent council president. So he had to help her now.

That's what Ladra calls being part of a team. And that's why Morales will make a good councilman.


  1. "It doesn't matter. Its about Hialeah. It's not about me or Cindy or her. Her behavior has become an embarssment to the city." I can almost hear the angelic harps in the background. He is such a good person (insert sarcasm here) An embarssment to the city PLEASE he should know! Ask any of the "viejitos" he swears loves him and the stories of his crass and rudeness and filthy mouth is just around the corner. Calling women that can be his grandmother by disrespectful names including but not limited to "descarada,sucia, y vandolera" is no less embrassing and he has done it ALL! He is also fond of sending "anonymous" mailing to HHA staff belittling staffers, so for him to say he has to defend Cindy is hysterical since he was the first standing in line to not only laugh at her mental ability while she was Councilwoman but even going as far as questioning the paternity of Cindy's daughter..... Disgusting behavior yes Mr. Morales knows all about it. Dig a little Ladra you will find more than you know...

  2. Garcia-Martinez is an embarrassment to the residents of Hialeah. The PAC that funded the media blitz is not creating something IT IS A FACT. Garcia- Martinez needs to be removed from the elected position she currently holds and has abused. Any defense for her actions casts the defenders in the same exact light. She has stained her reputation beyond repair as a woman and public representative. The truth is in the footage captured for eternity. Dump the vinegar and bring back the Miel.

  3. "It is easier to cope with a bad conscience than with a bad reputation." Nietzsche


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