Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hialeah slate spotted at City Hall

Looks like the slate of recycled politicians running for office again is a full house in Hialeah: two former mayors and three council campaign veterans makes for a very nice hand. I'll stay.

So what if they did not drive in together to the Hialeah city council meeting Tuesday? If it looks like a slate, acts like a slate and feels like a slate, it's a slate. The incumbents are likely going to join forces as well on another slate, but this one is the slate that makes the next three months downright decadent for a political junkie like me. Ladra likes to call them The Back to the Future Five and, yes, I think they should use theme song. The B5s (for short) are led by former mayor and current mayoral candidate Raul Martinez (the boss) and Professor Alex Morales (the brains). Former cop-turned-housing employee Danny Bolaños (the brawn) is the only other original band member. Former councilman and mayor Julio Martinez (the backup), a known boss ally who registered last week to run against councilman Jose Caragol, and former councilwoman Cindy Miel (the beauty) just round out the slate. It was nice to see them all, for what Ladra thinks is the first time this campaign season, at City Hall Tuesday. Because they are a slate.

"What slate? There is no slate," said Martinez, the boss, who does readily admit to anybody -- like anybody needs reminding -- that running against Morales or Bolanos would be a bad idea. My words, not his. I think his were "Don't mess with Alex. Don't mess with Danny."

"There is no slate," the professor is tired of telling me. I explain to him, as the eager student trying to impress, that there is, indeed, a de facto slate, a natural alliance because of their parallel pasts. Although Bolaños is the only one who has not been elected before, he was robbed in that race and his tortured Greek tragedy story in the city as son of the revered, longest serving police chief makes him Hialeah nobility and one of them. The Back to the Future Five all talk about the same issues. They are all going to count on an anti-incumbent wave they are all going to fuel. They are likely going to be on the same side of the campaign war as the nasty battles break out. They're a de facto slate.

"Oh, well, if you want to know whether when I'm campaigning, I will urge people to vote against all the incumbents, the answer is yes, of course," Morales said. So do I get an A? Wait, let me expound on more evidence.

Everyone talks about "campaign HQ" referring to the storefront on West 49th Street -- in that shopping strip space the acting alcaldito had red-tagged for no real reason except political harassment (more on that later) -- that was opened up by Morales when Martinez was in Bimini. The other Martinez, who Ladra met at a fundraiser for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez at Hialeah's La Carreta, was first mentioned by one of the B5 as a coming-soon candidate to Ladra weeks before he was on anybody's radar and in exactly the group that Julio Martinez signed up for. And campaign fundraising consultant Irene Secada, who worked on Miel's past campaigns and put together that fundraiser at La Carreta, was spotted wooing Morales this week at Maruch, which is where the three original band members of the Martinez Municipal Machine regularly meet to practice.

It's a slate, professor, Mr. Mayor. And, Ladra will venture to say that if the momentum keeps up the way it has so far, it could be a winning hand.

But we still haven't seen the cards held by mayoral candidate and former State Sen. Rudy Garcia, who could start to stack his own slate and raise the pot with a Frank Lago or a Ramiro Sicre or -- does Ladra dare say it? -- a Rafael Perez, the popular Hialeah homeboy who lost a bid for state house in May to Jose Oliva. While Perez has only been helping in the Garcia campaign, the qualifying deadline is in September and there could be more surprises.

Maybe a card or two up someone's sleeve.

Ante up, everybody.


  1. Que hacian Isis y Carlito por tres horas parqueados en un auto en la 4ta avenida del West y la 49 calle? Estudiando anatomia?

    Y tengo fotos!

  2. Julio Martinez and Raul Martinez where enemies for all the years they served the city and now they are on the same slate. Amazing!!! That speak a great deal!! That they both don't have any backbone and will do anything to sell there soul for personal gain.

  3. Why is martinez working on ferry from Bimini to Cuba ? Is he a Castro follower?

  4. Son of the former revered police chief. Ms. Ladra normally you are pretty funny but that statement is disgusting. Former Chief Bolanos is an embarrasment and hated by everyone to include most of his own family.

  5. What a Crock! Chief Bolanos is highly respected to all those he has extended a hand in friendship. His family is loving and respectful towards him. He led many men and women in the HPD. He also dedicated plenty of months in research of the finances of the City and posted them on his wall on FB to inform everyone of the wasteful spending that has taken place. Grow up and go call out the mismanagement of those who played willy nilly with tax payer dollars. Where's the MONEY honey?

  6. Claudia tell us more. Were they discussing the Cities finances or there campaign message? Or maybe having a discussion on how to beat Raul?

  7. La verdad es que no oi nada. No se si es que estoy sorda, o si no hablaron mucho.

  8. @Claudia: Sharing is caring (photos). They might have been there to meet with Sasha Tirador since they don't have a campaign office yet and can't meet her at City Hall.

    @Anonymous coward idiot: I have been with the Chief when people from the community greet him with hugs and kisses and armloads of respect that you probably would not recognize because you have never seen it before. They tell him how much they miss his leadership. He is a quiet soldier of truth and you are afraid of what he's been able to shed light on. And I have also seen Danny to be an honorable, respectful man with more courage and kindness than I would have in the face of your crap. Keep up the obvious mudslinging since it's all you can do.

  9. Mr. Anonymous, You ignorant puke. The Chief and his son are good people. They have been honorable gentleman that truly care for the future of Hialeah. Seems so many are upset that they stuck their necks out on the line to expose the CORRUPTION and FRAUD perpetrated by former mayor and soon to be indicted Julio Robaina. Oh well.. Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kiss ass !!! Always one sided!!! Why were you fired Elaine ? What happen that last night in the herald building ?
    We told you to speak the truth and be fair! You failed!!! Game on bitch!!!

  11. Arnie said...
    Your so ignorent. Let's play a game "It's called tell us the truth." Where's the money? Why is the City broke? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Because the former Mayor was a poor administrator who surrounded himself with ignorent people that have no brains and no financial abilities to understand the TRUE finances of the city. They all contributed in the squandering of hard earned tax payments made by the citizens who own homes and business's in the city. Then they exploited the employees and labeled them the culprits. Ignorance must be bliss for you. The community is not ignorent and they know Raul Martinez was a good financial administrator. Look at the US economy why are we still in this mess because of poor leadership. Robaina and his council are poor leaders. Face it and move on.

  12. When is Robaina going to get indicted asshole Johnson !! Nothing there. He was a victim fool

  13. Ms. Ladra and Mr. Johnson

    I am an anonymous coward and with good reason. I am especially dissapointed in you Mr. Johnson. Bolanos and his sons are not good people. You as a champion of employee rights need to ask around a bit. Ms. Ladra you as a journalist should REALLY ask around a bit.

    While Mr. Bolanos now comes off as an affable old man and employee champion, lets us not forget his actions as the former chief.

    He now rails against Mark Overton and Julio Robaina. But let us not forget Mark Overton is a protege of his and is only perfecting what Bolanos did for years. Bolanos internal affairs squad were notorious head hunters. Guys like Livio Suarez and Samuel Ceballos were hatchet men for Cheif Bolanos.
    Employee champion Bolanos when he was chief constantly proclaimed to the media that the vast majority of his officers were corrupt (If you judge by the actions of the offciers under his own roof, maybe he was right). Twice in a five year period he told the media he did not care about officer morale, they were paid to follow his orders.
    When Robaina first became mayor, Bolanos was more than happy to be a party to Robaina's tyranny. Nobody will forget the sector 1 witch hunts, and Bolanos ordering Lt. Artime to reopen the Velazquez investigation. Ms. Ladra check into that if your a real journalist and not just a moouthpiece for the politicians of choice. Mr. Johnson ask around your best buddies in the police department what they think of Bolanos.

    Even the loudest and most obnoxious critics of Overton and Robaina would never vouch for Bolanos. Bolanos and Overton can be compared to Batista and Castro in Cuba. Everybody hates Castro but nobody would ever want Batista back. The were both murdering tyranical pigs. Bolanos and Overton are cut from the same mold.
    We must stop trying to rewrite history. Bolanos was a pig. Now he has soften up his demeanor and put some lipstick on but make no errors in judgement a pig with lipstick on is still a PIG.

  14. Pick a candidate , any candidate. They are all
    dirty laundry. You just have to pick the shirt that is the least dirty, and put that one on.

  15. Nobody ever said that there aren't skeletons in everybody's closets. And I am quite sure that you could look at any IA in any department in any city and find hatchet squads. Hell, we elected a county mayor who, as a police chief, had interfered in investigations and disciplinary action for personal cronies and political favors.

    Ladra will, indeed, ask about things that are relevant as the election nears. The police department keeps coming up so who knows? And there is a good story of epic, HBO-worthy proportions in the saga of the police chief and his two sons whose lives were held hostage by a few mistakes compounded by political pressure. I smell a series. But if you think for one minute the Bolaños name recognition is going to be negative for Danny, then I think you are out of your mind. Maybe among you and some other angry cops (now I see the need for anonymity). But not among residents (read: voters). And that is what Ladra meant.

  16. Ms. Ladra
    The boys Bolanos beat up plenty of residents. Ask around and look at the past election, Danny got beaten 92% to 8% by Katie Cue and she didn't even live in the city.

    Now he is riding with a winner and has a decent chance but do not ever be fooled that the name Bolanos is anything but bad. Again don't take an anonymous coward's word for it. Do your job as an investigative journalist and you will see. Crap, corruption, tyranny, Bolanos are one in the same.
    (read: voters) By 92-8% margain chose someone other than Danny Bolanos. Good Luck.

  17. Lickerprick I agree with you 100 percent !!!!!
    The problem is the old school that is trying to come back is very dangerous... We need to be very careful and Elaine needs to stop writing on how good they are!!!! Martinez and Bolanos are bad people.

  18. Danny was a good candidate and he didn't press the issue of katherine's residency which was non-exsistant and she was elected by that large a margin because she was on a slate with the former Mayor. She did not run alone. What some people can't stand is that he is liked regardless of his past he has made up for any youthful mistakes and atoned for them by being involved and giving a shit about the City. What's wrong with that? You need to stop dwelling on the past and realize that the incumbents have poorly managed the City on many levels.

  19. Raul Martinez signs are going up around Hialeah. Great message at the top "Aqui se apoya a" Raul Martinez. The message is clear. Today a City resident and a voter (at the polls) said I am voting for Raul because when he was in charge Hialeah looked better than ever and now it looks bad. Clear message to the incumbents you have done a horrible job and will soon be looking for a new source of income.

  20. Someone said isis was on Tv talking about Morales residency issue. The lady also said, she is really fat. yeah i guess stress can do that to a person. Wonder if her stress comes from Raul winning and exposing all of the councils mistakes.

  21. I am an avid reader of Ladra's blogs, and do try to digest all the political pablum that she spoonfeeds us; still, when I see a whole spectrum of vibrantly colored campaign signs arrayed on a verdant Hialeah lawn; I have no idea who is running against whom. Yes, Hialeah council candidates all run at large, that is, not for a specific district; which almost makes sense in Hialeah. Are the needs of one zone of Hialeah that different from the needs of another? Are the needs of Purgatory that different from those of Limbo, or of the City of Dis, or Satan's residence Cocytus? Yes, an at large system of electing council persons to govern Hell seems workable. It would still be nice to somehow identify one race from another on these beautifully colored campaign posters. Maybe a color coordianted scheme; the red seat...and all those posters in a red theme...a yellow seat( Danny's signs are a beautiful shade of yellow, and Miel's yellow not so vibrant.)..and so on, across the political and visual spectrum.
    I wax philosophic on musings of the campaign, and not the candidates; as my memories are strong and indelible, as are those of the candidates. I do not wish to piss off the powers that will be, so I must maintain my neutrality, and not strike my colors. As one of humanity's greatest poets ,Dante, commented, " “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality” Alas, I am already there.

  22. Allow me:

    Raul L Martinez (the DICKTATOR)
    Alex Morales (Defede lookalike)
    Danny Bolanos (Dr. Steroids)
    Julio Martinez (El Frustrated)
    Cindy Miel (Queen Gordita)

  23. El Chino says, That this will be fun, its like family feud and we get to hear all the dirty laundry.

    Martinez, I guess got sick of hearing how good the city was without him, it must have been eating at him for the last six years? Fat Ass, life went on and your not as relevant as you thought you were.

    Hernandez, you supported Raul for Congress and what did that get you? It has always been about Raul, you should have know that. Now your hated by the Diaz Balarts and the Martinez clan. Dumb Cop.

    Morales, are voters suppose to buy that your family is one place and your in another for the love of Hialeah? Clearly you need a money and this screams of sicko politics. Do everyone a favor, go back to Miami Lakes.

    Bolanos, come on, your father has become a FB junkie and your brother robs banks, you head looks like it is about to pop and voters don't need you.

    Isis, you made this mess and now you will have to deal with it.

    Cindy, did Raul try to have you kicked off the council and arrested? Does you father have any shame? Mija stay teaching, this stuff is not for you.

    Julio, Where are you? Are you going to speak up?

    Lago, your not welcomed by anyone.

    Vivian, investigators will soon come knocking. Make you deal.

    Folks we need RUDY GARCIA.......but see Julio above.

  24. Rudy missing in action!!!!

  25. Actually, I see and hear from Rudy quite a bit. He has been working with the sole tenant of the Hialeah Marketplace at the Tri-Rail Station in S.E. Hialeah, just down the street from me. Of course, the smart money is on Martinez to win. Even though I think Rudy has some damn good ideas to revitalize the Eastern Industrial Corridor of Hialeah; I must maintain my neutrality. (Please see my comment above about not pissing off the Powers that will be.)

    There have been some negative comments posted on this blog concerning where Rudy has been. Someone had to administer government business on the state level. His state legislative record is quite impressive, even if he is a Republican.

    The better question remains, where is Julio? Wouldn't you want to defend your record if suddenly the story morphed from "Economic wonderboy saves Hialeah without raising taxes" to "millions of dollars short, bridge loan required" ? Maybe he is just hoping that unseen will equate with unindicted. If the smart money is correct come election day, I can't wait till
    Martinez and Morales ( M & M , hey guys, I named my store after you, what better support could you ask for?)....I can't wait till Martinez and Morales start turning over all the rocks strewn through the City of Hialeah's balance sheet, and see from which rock Robaina crawls out from under.


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