Friday, August 19, 2011

Gonzalez exits mayor's race--for now

Though he has been a non candidate for weeks, State Rep. Eddy Gonzalez formally dropped out of the Hialeah mayoral race Thursday with a statement on his facebook page that took a swipe at the interim incumbent running for re-election.

What it didn't say is that Gonzalez still plans to run for the seat -- in 2013.

But that's what he told Ladra in a candid cellphone chat earlier today -- that he still hoped to run for mayor of Hialeah in two years, which was his original plan anyway before former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina resigned mid-term to run (unscuccessfully, it turns out) for the county mayor's post. And since Gonzalez may end up running against one of the three current candidates after all, he doesn't want to throw his considerable support behind any of them for this election.

"I don't know that I would have anything to gain from it," Gonzalez said. "Because I may have to run against that person."

He did say he would likely help one candidate in a council race: Incumbent Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Munoz, who may either be defending herself against an indictment or providing testimony by then. "Because she has been helpful to me and has always supported me," he said, adding that she also went out on a limb and supported cigar czar Jose Oliva in the race for the state rep seat in district 110 vacated by Esteban Bovo, now a county commissioner, when the rest of the administration was throwing its support behind Frank Lago, the chief of staff for Sweetwater Mayor Manny Marono, who is now running for a Hialeah council seat. He said the opportunity to serve with Oliva also played into the "tremendously difficult decision."

But despite deep rooted ties with former Hialeah mayor and front-running candidate Raul Martinez -- who he served with during his eight years on the council before he became a state rep -- Gonzalez said he was not going to support his old friend. He says he won't back fellow Republican Rudy Garcia, the former state senator who is also running for mayor, either. And Gonzalez has sat on the sidelines before -- during the 2008 Congressional race between Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Martinez. He couldn't back Martinez because it would be a slap in the face to his party, a decision Martinez never forgave him for, despite the fact that he also refused to back Diaz-Balart out of loyalty for his old friend. "I asked him what my mother's name and my grandmother's name was. He didn't know," Gonzalez said. "I told him 'This guy knows my whole family' and that I couldn't publicly support him. It was a difficult decision because I wanted a Republican there."

One thing is certain: He won't help acting alcaldito Carlos Hernandez. In fact, Gonzalez hinted in his statement that diluting the vote and giving Hernandez a chance at a run-off may have played into his decision. "During a time when the current administration has demagogued the issues, a budget deficit is looming, and our economy is still shaky, I feel a contested primary would be a distraction," Gonzalez wrote (though there may also have been other factors, like maybe a poll showing he had an uphill climb). "While a serious debate about the fiscal condition of our city is needed...the heavy hand of a populist administration will not allow this debate to continue. This special election is slowly but surely focusing on personality clashes, personal agendas and not what is most important for the future of Hialeah."

Gonzalez, 41, had wanted to come back to his hometown because it has been hard to be away from his young family as a father of two young boys and a 2-year-old girl. But he said he had important work to do in Tallahassee as the only senior member of the Dade delegation this year, especially with redistricting on the horizon, and could "better represent my community by remaining in the state capitol," he wrote. "If this were only about me, I would go on...but it has never been about me. I entered this race because I love Hialeah, it is where I was raised and have resided all my life, and more importantly, because it is the place where my children will grow. In this time of fiscal uncertainty, I shall stay the course and continue my growth in the House of Representatives for the well being of our residents and for our beautiful City of Hialeah."

If that wasn't enough of a campaign hint, he ended with this: "I will continue to be involved and work hand and hand with the people of Hialeah towards rebuilding confidence, growth, and stability. A future return to the city I love is still very much alive, as it is a dream I intend to see realized."

He thanked his volunteers and the contributors to the campaign, which had raised more than $130,000 because he had begun in January, before anybody else. He may have to return those funds, however. He is seeking a legal opinion to see if he can keep it open for the 2013 election and open another campaign account for his state house re-election in 2012. If he can't, then he will write each of the donors to see if they will allow him to transfer the funds from one account to the state house campaign account. Most will, Ladra predicts. His supporters want him in office, here, there, anywhere.

But Ladra suggests he sit that 2012 race out if he seriously intends to run for mayor in Hialeah a year later. Why waste the voters' time and patience running for a seat you have no intention of serving out? Find a replacement to groom now. If the simple removal of any perception of conflict of interest doesn't sway you, think practically. Look how that two-month session cramped your campaigning and fund-raising efforts in this trial run, Eddy! Martinez and Garcia both caught up to you easily because you had to lay low and stop campaigning -- actually prohibited from raising funds for more than 50 days -- so you could actually work for a while.

And Ladra has another prediction that will let you go ahead and help your friend, Raul: Martinez may not run again in 2013. Mr. Mayor, who has always had his sights on higher political office, said he wants to just fix the city's financial fiasco, which he is uniquely qualified to do. Then, Ladra says, he will likely take another lick at a federal seat -- or maybe the governor's mansion.

And he can support your bid for mayor. That is, unless Professor Alex Morales runs.


  1. Martinez for governor ? That is crazy, he won't even win Hialeah.

  2. Early polls show martinez will have a nice big retirement party. Good bye Fidel ..

  3. Mr. Gonzalez may not have supported Mayor Martinez in his campaign for Congressional District 21 but his legislative assistant was on leave from his position in the Florida House of Representatives during the campaign where he was the "coordinator of something or other" (a totally incompetent cretin) . He returned to his position after the elections. I have always thought he was a Trojan Horse in that campaign. All these ex-councilmen owe their positions to Mayor Martinez but once they reached a certain level, they turned their backs on him. Bunch of ingrates. I would never vote for any of them.

    Check it out. It's in the records.

  4. Martinez is a dictator !!!!! He turns everyone away.
    Loyalty ..... Martinez has zero. People that helped him when the fucker was going to jail, he forgot and later fucked them because they were making millions and he wasn't , and when he wanted compensation they said No.
    He knows whats up. He will lose... Guarantee

  5. Here is another way at looking at it.......Raul demands loyalty that is based on "with me or against me," no in-between or gray area. So if all these once council members want a different path that is not endorsed by Raul, then you an ingrate and disloyal. I would say that it is Raul who is disloyal to his friends, it is Raul that turns on his once allies if they are not obedient to his instructions. Democracy or personal ambition are ok, as long as it does not go counter to Raul"s desire.

  6. Is this blog paid by Raul? I haven"t read one thing posted that doesn"t sound like an endorsement of Raul"s return. Morales a professor? The guy sits to pee and his wife is happy he sleeps in Hialeah.

  7. Yes it is. The fired reporter is trying to making Martinez ,Morales and Bolanos to be these people they are not.. She has no idea what a Castro like person , martinez is.....
    When Martinez gets his ass kicked , can't wait to see her in city hall.

  8. Raul is a bad dude.

  9. Write on martinez and his consultant contract with the water treatment park!!! Go ahead and ask the fucker the question? He will tell you he did get paid and than you will see why he did all the annexation in Hialeah. Yes it was him not Robaina . Application started in 2004. yes 2004. Dumb fired reporter.

  10. I love it.. It seems that robaina turds have taken over.. YOU LOST PEOPLE.. Get over it.. This is so funny. It seems two people are the only ones that have posted on this blog. Hey Will.. At least use a different computer.. Ralph, you the same.. You guys are getting dumber with time..

  11. Elaine soon you will know who I am. But you need to be patience and learn to write the truth!!! Write on martinez and his consultant contract. Write on who really started the ball rolling on the annexation ... You said it was Robaina for personal gain.... Wrong..... It was martinez. And if Robaina would have given his client the contract , martinezwould have been paid millions.
    That was the start of the Robaina /martinez war!!!!
    Now that is the truth.

  12. Won't, I don't really care who you are. Mostly because you keep anonymously repeating lies that show what little integrity and credibility you have. And because you wouldn't know the truth if it hit you on the forehead. And because your writing skills mirror your reading comprehension ability. But also because your anger with your own growing irrelevance has become even more boring with time.

    The great thing is that nobody really cares who you are, either.

  13. So stop writing because your blog according to you is only 2 of us. Why would you say that the consultant contract not true? We were right about morales , you just believed his bull shit.
    I want you to know who I am so when martinez gets his ass kicked and I see you in city hall , I will personally laugh in your face.
    You dumb fired reporter!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. My writing suck? You do this for a living and your is just as bad!!!

  15. Yeah, just like you were going to laugh at me when Robaina "won" right? Who's laughing now, Won't. Not that Martinez will win. He's leading now, but there's a long ways til Election Day. And Morales DOES live in Hialeah -- for his bizarre obsessed desire to serve on the dais and if you don't like that, fine. I'm still on the fence about it. And if you don't like that, fine, too. We don't care. Go take a remedial writing course, most night schools offer one, and come back when you can express yourself better.

  16. I express myself fine, you just read what you want to read.
    Read below
    Water treatment
    Martinez 2004 application for annexation
    Martinez 10000 per month contract
    Martinez/Robaina feud starts because Robaina does not give martinez client
    The contract.
    What don't you comprehend ??? You are not the public watch dog... You are the public kiss ass.... Where ever the tide goes you follow.
    Follow the lead , maybe you can get a real job again.

    On Robaina .... The county did him a favor, he couldn't be better.he is enjoying his family,friends and business .

  17. Elaine go do your feet and hands and go to a local hairstylist you look like shit. Saw you at city hall the other night and those feet look really bad.

  18. Yeah, that's not the tune you were singing a few months ago, as a private kiss ass. And, like I've said before, those issues will be written about. Just not on YOUR timetable. Oh, I know. Stop wasting your time here and write it on YOUR blog. Or have your friend (read: other personality) Responder write it so people can understand.

  19. The only one that writes lies is you .... Will have a tribute on you will all your lies very soon....

  20. We are the only people on your so called blog. You have a so called other personality". Read your last 3 comments. You are nuts

  21. You will never write on martinez consultant contract because you are his KISS ASS and being paid bye his slate.
    You say you can't be bought? Than show us all your so called balls!!!

  22. Read YOUR last posts. My feet? I was wearing my Ellen Tracy closed kitty heels. My hands? My hair? Who cares about THAT? And you know very well I was never fired. So what truth are you about? I post under one name, not anonymously under several. Ya. I'm bored again.

  23. Til
    What does those words mean? You need to improve your writing to get employed again. Maybe eo sol de Hialeah will employ you.

  24. Vieloa is a French company that hired martinez as a consultant after he started the annexation . 10000 per month and was paid for 12 month. When he didn't deliver he was fired......

    I just hit you on the forehead let's see what balls you have watchdog!!!!

  25. Will-- you are incredibly ignorent. Please go rant somehwere else, your comments are childish. Where's the $$$ Will? Did the administration squander it? Isn't that what really worries you? It will all come out sooner or later the City will have a new leader, either R.Martinez or R.Garcia and they will expose the true financial situation. Thats why you continue to attack with the same boring subject. Truthfully I can't wait till November 2nd, can't wait for that dumbass Hernandez and some of the present council members to be removed from office, they aided with the disgraceful financial situation the City is in.

  26. Don't care about hernandez. Only want to see martinez get what he deserves. He is worse than Fidel Cartro. Bye the way fuck you ass hole

  27. Y porque nadie aqui habla de Eduardo?

  28. Ladra, you have plenty of readers enjoying your work. I read every update and share with everyone at worm. please don't let the vocal few deter you from your outstanding work.

  29. YO, Won't, I believe you may mean Veolia, not Vieloa... -
    Veolia Water, the world's leading operator in water services, provides water and wastewater services for public authorities and industrial companies.
    I couldn't agree with you more that we should look into Veolia (a multi-national French Company) as well as investigating OHL. Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A.
    Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL) is an Spanish-based multinational construction and civil engineering company. OHL owns Inima USA construction, that is building the Hialeah R/O water plant, as well as owning Community Asphalt which contracts with Hialeah. A bit of a coincidence there, I believe. The company is involved in infrastructure and commercial property construction, as well as homebuilding and the operation of toll road and other transport concessions. In the latter, the group is particularly active in Brazil through its majority-owned subsidiary OHL Brasil. OHL also has a majority-owned American subsidiary called Tower-OHL Group which is based in Miami, Florida.
    Whenever there is big money being spent, $165 million plus on the water plant, there is money to be made, money to be skimmed. The whole issue of the annexation of land and the rapid development, grading of roads, building a water plant....the whole issue stinks.
    Yes, Won't, I believe you have some valid points, and may have a valid grievance against Ladra for playing softball with the powers that will again be in Hialeah, when hardball is really called for. I do not believe that ad hominem attacks against Ladra strengthen your arguments.
    Once again I must defer to my previous, safe position of commenting only the electoral process and not the candidates. Previously we have described this Hialeah electoral process as a Telenovela, "As Hialeah Churns," I believe Ladra calls it. With the
    exiting of Eddie Gonzalez, I look at this process almost like the children's game of musical chairs. The music stops , and , oops, one less chair, one less candidate.
    Martinez, Hernandez, Gonzalez, Garcia....this gringo thinks they should remove all the chairs, and just let the music play on.

  30. And this is why Ladra loves the Lickerpoet. Intelligent additions and constructive criticism are valid and welcome and, indeed, valued. Ladra intends, of course, to look into the connections between these special interests and all candidates. Remember, Inima had a fundraiser for Julio Robaina's failed mayoral bid and Robaina is allegedly (though quietly and secretly) helping Hernandez. So, while Ladra is looking into this, it has to be put in context. Martinez's role will be fully investigated and aired, don't doubt that. And any monies coming to him or any candidates from these companies or their principals -- as well as other interests that benefit from this arguably unnecessary water plant -- will be duly noted. In context.

  31. Show us don't tell us!!!! Don't just go after Garcia and Hernandez. Go after Martinez and stop playing soccer with that camp. Give Martinez what he deserves.Ask him about his consultant contract? He will say it was legal!!!! But you will know than what his agenda was with the annexation !!!!

  32. Hey will, I ask one question here: You keep bringing up the subject of consultation. Instead of whining about it enllighten us all. Lets see what you got. You havee me curious and I am wondering after reading all of your posts what the hell you are talking about. Back up your statements with intelectual understanding and truths and reporters will write about it. It is common knowledge that most politicians set themselves up after they retire with a gig like the one you mentioned but what is wrong with that? Where is the wrong doing? I dissagree with your statement about Ms. Ladra though. She is a highly intelligent reporter who goes the extra mile at all costs. You on the other hand have only been assaulting her blog and gibing hints. Do us all a favor: SHOW US do not just tell us. If you are correct and show wrong doing as Ladra did with robaina then so be it. But in the mean time Get a life..

  33. A South Florida water plant tapping into the Floridan aquifer is a great idea. How this plant is coming into fruition is a different tale. To quickly learn more about Florida's aquifers you can go to this U of F site
    To put this info into a nutshell, the Biscayne aquifer, the aquifer that we now get our water from covers only 3,000 square miles. This is a surficial aquifer, that is, it is close to the surface, and more susceptible to surface pollution. The Biscayne Aquifer is recharged from the surface, from rain. The Floridan aquifer covers over 100,000 square miles; encompassing parts of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and all of Florida. The Floridan is a much deeper aquifer, but in our area it is brackish (salinity somewhere between fresh and salt water). With uncertain future climate changes, increases in population, ground water pollution, and salt water intrusion; South Florida certainly needs another source of water.
    Though I try to keep abreast of Municipal activity in Hialeah, when I was first told about a $165 million water plant, I was taken by surprise. After a little research, I posted a message on my store sign about this water plant.
    Many people challenged me; that there was no new water plant, that I was confused with the water plant on Okeechobee Road. If you look in the City of Hialeah's online records; yes, you will see plenty of references to the water plant proposal, the specs, the bids, the acceptance of the winning bid, and the construction plans and projected finished profile. How is it possible though, that such a large, expensive project could be proposed, funded and developed with the public having so little knowledge thereof? Obviously the local news agencies weren't up to the task of keeping the public informed. We needed a Ladra in Hialeah back then. Hey, at least we got one now. I just hope Ladra is more bite than bark.

  34. I must admit I've been pretty disgusted with politics in general lately and have not had a desire to write or comment. It's becoming alarmingly apparent that the media has chosen to once again pick a favorite candidate in the Hialeah mayoral election. On a side note before I continue, Elaine, it's becoming increasingly difficult to even consider you a journalist because your blog has become nothing more than propaganda. I may agree, after some investigation, that you are not being "paid" for this campaign promotion but anyone with a third grade reading comprehension can see you are unabashedly pro-Raul. For you to mention higher office for Raul, before the Hialeah election has even taken place, is not only indicative of your slant but is wildly ridiculous. The residents of Florida may have elected a man that was involved in medicare fraud but they would never vote for a Cuban-American democrat from Hialeah that was convicted of racketeering (whether just or not). The only pleasure I will take is that Raul is hard pressed to win. Especially once the campagins of his opponents go negative and start the king of corruption media blitz and start exposing his stance on Cuba (I admit beforehand that foreign policy debate in a municipal election is ludicrous but it will get significant play and he should be VERY concerned about it).

    Lickerpoet, although I may disagree with you on a variety of topics, it is apparent that you are not only capable of discerning spin from truth but that you can see both sides of an issue. Elaine, as I told you in my last post, this back and forth has bored me but it has reached a point where it is visible that you are drifting more and more into irrelevancy. If you continue to applaud and fawn over Raul in public, like you did at yesterday's council meeting, ladra will become more lap dog than watch dog. Enough with the lip service about being fair and balanced, show us that you are!! Stop the non-stop attacks and comments that denigrate Carlos Hernandez. You may disagree with Will that you were fired but there is little doubt that if your articles were this biased even the Herald would not tolerate it (their biases are subtle and are shown more in their reporting pattern). 

    If you think Raul Martinez will be the best person to manage the City of Hialeah during these difficult times, just announce it and be done with it.

    I do although have a lesson for you, maybe one Professor Alex Morales already knows, the greatest issues facing the city today is the retirement system and the union contracts. The city is running on fumes with regards to their day to day operations and layoffs or increased efficiency is impossible. Real alternatives are few. The zoning director is handling reoccupancies for christ's sake. Not even Jack Welch can turn the city around without getting concessions from the firefighters or raising taxes. 

    My question to you is two fold: 1.) If Raul Martinez is now being backed by the firefighters do you think he will obtain the necessary concessions? 2.) Will he have no choice but to raise taxes?

    The residents of Hialeah are being toyed with by a man whose ego has surpassed his own legacy. If he has solutions, bring them and stop the empty rhetoric.  

  35. Welcome back, Responder. Really. Maybe Ladra is sick that way, but I kinda missed you. Now, let's get down to business.

    The media has not, that I have seen, chosen a candidate to support. The media, and I, have reported that Raul Martinez leads the polls because -- gosh darn it, as much as some media actually HATES to admit it -- the Dark Prince (and he does not like that nickname, by the way) is leading in the polls. Punto y aparte. He is the front runner. I am simply reporting it as such. Do I think he will win? Right now, I do. But not because I WANT him to win. I have not yet decided who to support, really, and I spoke with Rudy Garcia today about a number of things.

    As far as "fawn over" ... I'm not sure what you are talking about, although, I admit because it is transparent, that I am always excited to talk to Martinez not because I like him or support him but because he is a political veteran and I am a political junkie. I was equally excited to visit Garcia at his campaign office today. If you had seen me there, perhaps you would have thought I was fawning. Maybe some people would have described my chat outside council chambers earlier this month with Sasha Tirador as fawning. But I just love what I do. I'm fawning over the job. If you would see Martinez and I when we talk outside the earshot of other journalists or politicos, you would know that I do not fawn. I've yelled at him. Yeah, it happens. I have challenged him. I called him and his cohorts "a gang." I believe he has called me, and I quote, "a pain in the ass." He has told me, but only once, that what I was writing was irrelevant and I laughed in his face and told him not to tell me how to do my job. He has called me "that f*&$ woman" and, probably, tells his inside circle when I'm not around that he has me exactly where he wants me. I'm not stupid. But I am absolutely going to take advantage of the fact that he is open and honest and transparent and accessible and answers questions -- even when he narrows his eyes because he doesn't like all my questions -- and provides me with independent confirmation leads that I then independently reconfirm. He treats me with respect. And, still, I am not yet there to say I support him.

    But, yes, maybe you do see some bias because it is a matter of ABC: Anyone But Carlos. Maybe THAT is what has become alarmingly apparent. I am biased not FOR anyone but AGAINST the incumbent. I have not yet decided which of the two Rs to support. I may choose not to support anyone in that race, but -- even though there is a remote chance that he will come to his senses and invite me into his office and explain away all the questions and allegations and provide documentation of his own accusations and artuments -- Ladra is not going to wag her tail at Hernandez. Not after all the flip flops and lies, but mostly because he doesn't respect anybody.

  36. I'm also pretty sure that the firefighters union -- which is willing, by the way and for your information, to make concessions if they can SEE THE ACTUAL FINANCIAL FIGURES and not the made up stuff -- is also ABC. I don't think they have already decided between Rudy and Raul and the screening could be this or next week. But I believe the leadership is leaning in that direction -- if only because of the slate. They still have to vote on it.

    Speaking of slates, Ladra is also likely to support Professor Morales (but he is not paying me to, by the way, just in case). See? I can admit when there is a bias for someone. I don't even know the other people, but I say likely because, who knows? Maybe one of them will blow me away and Ladra does catch the professor living outside the city. I highly doubt, however, that either of those things are going to happen. Does THAT make me biased? Or just plain observant and honest about what I see? What makes me biased is perhaps the fact that he is open and honest and transparent and accessible and, it seems, has nothing to hide but plenty to provide, and because he treats me and others with respect. For the same reason, and because I am feeling a little anti-incumbent in this city, as I have PLAINLY admitted already, Ladra will also likely support Danny Bolanos. Well, that is pretty much set in stone. I take back THAT likely. See how transparent I can be? Not only do I feel that the current council members are responsible for a financial emergency the extent of which we have not even begun to see, their lack of transparency and refusal to treat legitimate questions -- even of the constituents who comment at public meetings -- with any degree of respect.

    I don't know any specifics, of course, about the finances because el alcaldito -- and I only use that nickname because he was appointed, is a junior mayor, not elected -- won't answer any questions directly. He won't even speak to me at all, but he has increasingly avoided speaking to other reporters and has taken to using the nonanswers probably taught him by Julio Robaina, who basically endorsed him on the radio today in his first appearance since he went into hiding seven weeks ago. (Maybe that rumor about a deal where he pays off his delincuent income taxes and gets off is true).

    Which leads me to your prediction about Raul's "hard-pressed win." You want to try again so quickly, eh? You didn't do too well with your last prediction, if I remember correctly.

    I, on the other hand, have a pretty good track record. So I will let everybody know if I make a decision and decide to support anybody else.

  37. Oh, and Will... I questioned Martinez about the consulting job. It was $7,500 a month, not $10K, and I am still reporting, talking to state and county people involved in the financing of the water plant. So the story is coming. But it's not the black glove you think it is. Just more bull.

  38. That is why he did the annexation . He did it for that reason. Legal or not, we don't care but that shows he is a crook.
    The info I gave you is correct, same as Morales. Now you just believe the shit you hear. You are smart for something's but very ignorant with others.
    Lickerprick I am respecting the fired reporter, I hope you are impressed.

  39. Elaine Ask martinez why Robaina didn't give his client the contract??? Martinez was very upset. It cost him millions!!! He wanted Robaina not to put it up for bid.
    Ifvyou want a written statement on what occurred I will deliver ?from Robaina ? To be posted on your blog!!!
    What martinez did is not illegal but shows you what a crook he is and how he can be bought. The old Rene Delgado and Silvio Cardozo have testified on that.... Martinez is a crook !!! Period!!!!!

  40. Elaine you write. just more bull". If you think what he did has no wrong in it you are fucking nuts!!!! You are so in bed with this crook .... You are not the public watchdog, you can be bought. You and Martinez are perfect for each other.
    Lickerprick please give your opinion and I will rest my case with this issue after your assessment .

  41. Elaine,

    An upfront disclaimer, I sincerely like Rudy but lets face facts, he is clearly fading away and will likely serve as nothing more than another piece of artillery to use in the war against Martinez. The herald published today an article on a poll, which I can only describe as invisible (since it was not proffered to the media to be published). The firefighters commissioned a poll that gave no actual numbers and admittedly only used a sample size of 300. The preceding sure sounds like a basis for not writing an article on but they still wrote it, granted they mentioned the absent facts, and used it say Raul had a double digit lead. They are not writing headlines that scream, WE ARE MARTINEZ SUPPORTERS! They manipulate the race by selectively reporting information, for a case study see Gimenez v. Robaina. As for the poll, I ALMOST could believe it, except for the tell-tell clue which was the "over 50 favorable for Raul". I will go on record again as I saying I have never doubted the intelligence of Raul but even he knows his poll numbers. His unfavorable ratings are always higher than his favorable, that alone doesn't mean he can't win just that he has to employ a different strategy (which he is playing well). 

    I was wrong on the previous election results but you were wrong on Robaina's "forthcoming indictment". Fair enough, we're even. Will loves to make an issue regarding the consulting contract, not because it's illegal, but because you went to great lengths to accuse Robaina of trying to profit from it. I also agree with him that it shows how Raul can approach near extortion levels, for evidence see the years of El Sol de Hialeah advertisements. 

    In the coming days I will be releasing two other polls that were conducted and will not be formally released. You can choose to believe the results or not, frankly I was surprised (admittedly quite pleasantly so) at the numbers. I will also be releasing a report on our dear palm avenue professor. 

    On the firefighters, they keep asking for the numbers...I just do not understand how they don't comprehend the information they already posses. The city budget is not rocket science, it has to be balanced every year by law. Changes occur naturally throughout the year, savings and cost overruns. It is possible to run into a deficit if you have AP that is still outstanding or go uncollectable. I could  understand that they want clear and concise data. Carlos should and I'm sure will show it to them or allow them access. Ultimately, the new budget has to balance and unless the firefighters make REAL concessions it just won't happen. I'm sure we'll get into numbers more as time passes but just as I predicted Gimenez's moves on the UDB, I am putting it out there that the entire budget will rely on the firefighters   and that Martinez (who has historically been an enemy to the unions) has already cut a deal with them. The whole affair stinks because it shows the level which Raul is capable of sinking too to get elected and enact revenge. Oh yes Elaine, Raul has revenge on item 1 of his agenda. Bolanos, whose probably mad at the world, Morales and Martinez are all on the revenge ticket. Raul has already began telling people how he is going to punish some of his former friends and how he is going to clean house (the house is near empty so that one will be interesting). 

    The only reason I spend my time engaging in this discussion is because I believe that you can serve a great public purpose. So many reporters are afraid of asking the tough questions. I just hope that you can sincerely do it to all sides. 

  42. Again, Responder, you make take some very big, exaggerated leaps and it shows that you are the one spinning this. As well as your pal Will. What I said about Robaina was that he had a load of campaign contributions from people connected to the water plant and that some of his business partners, who also contributed in dozens of bundles, may have also benefited. Let's be fair. I never went to "great lengths" to write about this AT ALL, it was a mere footnote in a couple of posts, and you saying so is ludicrous. But, I know, you are doing it again because you can't argue with anything real. The deal may have cost Martinez money but he has money to spare and, it seems to me, he's more interested in leaving a cleaner legacy than lining his pockets some more.

    The leadership of the firefighters' union may be leaning toward Martinez, a one-time foe, if only because they cannot support the incumbent. He has threatened them, lied to them, given them different numbers... it's not rocket science, indeed. So why can't Carlitos answer simple questions? The same thing happened with Gimenez; it was really an anti-Robaina thing. But they still have to vote on it and I think (because, you're right, Raul's reign is hard to forget) there is some dissent. Hence, the poll, which I also feel may be flawed but for different reasons (50 percent of 300? Sure, Raul can get that easy. Especially in the last couple of weeks). Are they not all flawed? They still provide you with information you can then further discern for yourself. So Ladra loves polls and if you have two, no less, whines for you to share now. Why wait? You and Will always say you have this and that (I am still waiting for proof I was fired. Oh, yeah, there is none because I wasn't) y nada materializes. Ever. Tease. Spin doctors.

    Meanwhile, don't count me out yet on the federal investigation and "pending indictment" (I'm just going to take your word for it that I said it like that because that is what I was thinking). That is still up in the air until the Grand Jury report is out. Wait for it. I keep hearing mid September. And it doesn't help Robaina's credibility to say on the air today that he is "not the subject of an investigation" when I and other reporters have spoken to people who have been questioned by investigators and provided testimony to the grand jury, and/or their attorneys. I mean, you know, there is that possibility that Robaina paid any alleged evaded taxes and penalties and will be grinning around in public soon. And look on the bright side: Even if he is arrested and convicted of anything, chances are, and history shows, it will only help him get re-elected (especially after that deflating countywide loss).

    Now wouldn't THAT be a perfect cliffhanger to As Hialeah Churns.

  43. Mr. or Ms. Responder,

    You wrote: The greatest issues facing the city today is the retirement system and the union contracts. The city is running on fumes with regards to their day to day operations and layoffs or increased efficiency is impossible. Not even Jack Welch can turn the city around without getting concessions from the firefighters or raising taxes.

    I do believe in my humble opinion that these are not the two most critical iussues facing the city. FIRST: The retirement system is actuarial sound. As it has always been. Just for factual purposes lets explore the retirement issue. In 2008 the market crashed. Giving the assumptions and the smoothing the cost of the pensions rose 1.2 million dollars a year. Besides the 1.2 million dollar increase due to market crash, Julio Robaina stood before the retirement board and asked them to change the assumptions year after year in order to Get money immediately boasts another 900,000.00 a year for years and years to come. Still even with the current payments Retirement is not an issue as in some other citys. We do not have the luxury of collecting high salaries and out of control pensions as some municipalities do.

  44. PART II.
    SECOND: My question to you is two fold: 1.) If Raul Martinez is now being backed by the firefighters do you think he will obtain the necessary concessions? 2.) Will he have no choice but to raise taxes?

    Who in the world said the firefighters are backing anyone? We have not even had a screening for Mayors yet. Concessions you ask? We have made concessions through impasse and also through more trucks in service more work load and less pay. I remind you that AFSCME employees did not make a voluntary concession rather a forcefull one and illegal to boot. The Police are the only Union to conceed and it seems that was based on a deal that John Rivera and Julio had previously worked out for his Mayoral bid.
    What kind of necessary concessions are you refering to? Are you talking about cutting more form the employees that have nothing left to give? Is the city going to come up with another management proposal to protect their own buts and screw the working class? As I listened to Julio Robaina on the radio today (1140 WQBA)LOL (OOPS i understand spanish) It is almost identical as the post above; almost like it was written by none other than Julio himself. Why the attacks on the fire department? The facts are plain and simple.. THIS CITY HASS BEEN FINANCIALLY DESTROYED by the previous administration and its cronies. Sometimes the truth hurts but it is the truth. The city went from having no problems to having no money. YEAR AFTER YEAR. Do we have money or dont we? During the mayoral election it was said that we are doing okay. We had a 19 million dollar surplus. Well why on may 18th 2010 did the Mayor swear "UNDER OATH" that the city would have a 5.8 to 6 million dollar shortfall if the cuts were not imposed. After the election "ALL OF A SUDDEN" we have no money... WELL WHERE DID THE 19 MILLION DOLLARS GO??? One day we have a deficit the next day we dont. We have asked for one thing and one thing only " THE TRUTH" And still after years we are as far as we were when we first started. This election cycle coming up is not about a vengence at all on our part. It is about facing reality and choosing a financial administrator who can provide the truth and transparency that we so desperatly ask for. It is about restoring city service the way they used to be. It is about the citizens and their safety and security. Taxes cannot be raised if Rudy,Raul or Carlos get in. The millage is set and whoever may be mayor of hialeah is going to have a rough road ahead of them. In closing I will say this. I am always available for comment and anyone who refutes the factual proof of any claims we have made can simply pop in our union office at 752 east 1st Avenue and ask. They are always on hand. We have maintained credibilty with all media due to one fact: WE HAVE NOT LIED. All documents presented to any media source have been provided by the city through the use of Public records request following the guidlines of Florida Statues Chapter 119.

  45. Y Eduardo que? Porque nadie aqui habla de Eduardo?


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