Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morales' Sweet Home Hialeah

Yes, people of Hialeah: Former city councilman and current candidate Alex Morales is your neighbor. He moved back into the city last August, traded his half million Miami Lakes house with a yard and a wife for a one-bedroom apartment across from Tinta Latina Tattoo Studio and next to an abandoned foreclosed office building where the homeless sleep at night. He did this intentionally and solely so he could run for city council in this November's election.

You hear the alarm bells, too? That kind of sacrifice (leaving your home and family) usually means he's either too motivated -- as in up to something -- or he's just the kind of guy Hialeah needs. And, for now at least, Ladra is going with the latter. Why? Not just because the man is brilliant beyond his baffled mad scientist looks, has phonebooks of information in his head, some actual ideas of substance and knows everybody and remembers every little detail about every little minutia of anything -- which makes him a stickler for standard operating procedures, sorely needed in the City of Progress. But also because he is willing to talk openly about it all and answer questions, to pick up the phone or answer voice mail messages in a timely manner, to take the time to explain complicated budget issues without any hesitancy on details, provide me and other journalists with his cellphone number and further resources and, generally, make my life and work easier by giving me access and acting like he has nothing to hide, which usually means someone has nothing to hide. Fellow candidate (or ex-candidate, as it were) Daisy Castellanos, who refused to answer simple questions about her possibly late campaign account until she could have me "verified" (whatever that means), could learn a lesson or two from Candidate Professor, who Ladra has so dubbed because he teaches everyone even when he isn't trying to. And before Won't and other critics begin their ridiculous attempts to crimp my street creds by claiming that I am on the payroll for Morales or former Mayor and current mayoral candidate Raul Martinez or someone else because they talk to her, they ought to actually tell their candidates to try that tactic. By the way, just for context, another candidate outside the Martinez slate I am often accused of working for actually did offer me a job at our very first meeting, which I immediately and pointedly refused, explaining why the offer was inappropriate to someone who should not have needed explaining (and, yes, more on that later). Because as the cohorts who do talk to me at their own risk and often do not appeciate my sarcastic nicknames can recite on cue in unison, nothing is off the record and Ladra will hear anyone out. They, and anyone who reads this, can probably also say that if you run and hide, Ladra will chase. From day one, Morales has been readily available and brutally honest -- even if his natural ease makes him more mal hablado than an East Hialeah towtruck driver. Good thing Ladra speaks East Hialeah towtruck.

"I don't want to be a councilman," said been-there, done-that Morales, who served 11 years with both Martinez and former mayor and recently defeated county mayoral candidate Julio Robaina. "We need to fix this mess," Morales added. "These people have destroyed what it took decades to build. They destroyed Hialeah. I want to help bring it back."

"These people" are the current incumbents. Morales is on the Raul Martinez for Mayor slate that hopes to unseat most if not all the current council members in a November clean sweep. Right now, he is positioned to run for Jose "Pepe" Yedra's termed-out seat in Group 1, likely against Fernando Alvarez, one-time assistant to former Councilwoman Cindy Miel. But Ramon Sicre and Tony Vega have also indicated they will run for that council seat. Ladra thinks that's a total waste of political weight and name recognition. He should take out the Only Mighty Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez. As much as Ladra would love to see a Miel/Gavelgirl rematch (which, by the way, las mismas malas lenguas that are usually right say will happen), it is a far more easy win to pit Morales against, well, anyone in any council group. In fact, Morales is the number two dog on his slate, a virtual shoe-in according to numbers reportedly through the roof in the now-infamous and possibly planted Frank Lago "how's the water?" poll that Ladra still wants a copy of and an answer about who paid for it and how much it cost. In fact, Professor Morales as a running mate could be as good for Martinez as he thinks Mr. Mayor will be for him. Morales is Hialeah as much as Martinez is. A decade and a year on the council, the Hialeah-Miami Lakes High grad was also former director of the Hialeah Housing Authority until Robaina fired him in 2009. Morales has two lawsuits pending -- one against Robaina for slander/libel and one against the housing authority for breach of contract. He was one of the main forces against Robaina's county mayoral drive and has loaned himself $25,000 (he's doing quite well in the private sector) for his council bid. All the viejitos in public housing know Morales and that's good for a couple thousand votes. For more than two decades, his parents have owned a bakery on West 12 Avenue -- that may become a council recall central -- where Morales still works every Wednesday, his large hands making the most delicate of the pastries. That's good for another thousand votes, probably.

In 2008, Morales and his wife went shopping for a new house so they could bring Ada Morales' mother to live with them. "We made an offer on one in Hialeah but I didn't get it," he said. They bought a 3,700-square-foot house in Miami Lakes for $470,000, instead. Morales, who owns three other homes in Miami Gardens that he also does not live in (just in case), did not have any plans to return to politics, he said. And Ladra believes him when he says he can make more money in the private sector, writing grants and working as a housing consultant for municipalities like the city of Tampa. But when the caca started to hit the fan in the city of Hialeah, it naturally drew him back into the political wind. "I could not stand by and let them destroy what it took decades to build," Morales said, referring to the financial questions that have led to acting alcaldito Carlos Hernandez requesting the approval of a $15-million line of credit puportedly for capital projects but, Ladra suspects, truly so the city can make payroll through the rest of the fiscal year.

"I have dedicated my entire life to this city. Do you really think that just because I've slept in Miami Lakes for a couple of years that I was going to forget the decades I spent here? All my life, I've spent all day in Hialeah. I've been a part of this community, this government for 21 years. And I've never seen this government in this condition, this kind of disaster."

But to run for office and make a difference, he had to move back into the city where the requirement for candidates is to be an elector one year prior to the race. Morales lucked out when one of the tenants in an apartment building owned by his parents unwilling vacated the apartment via the hospital. He moved into the second floor, one-bedroom with a window to the alley in August and immediately registered to vote. That's also when he went to a council meeting to announce that he had moved back into the city and was now a resident. Not because he is crazy (although he is, in that brilliant savant way), but because he wanted it on the record because he knew this would be made an issue. Told ya he was smart. He has been investigated. He has investigated people. He is not about to get tripped up on a stupid residency fraud allegation he made an issue of himself in a past election.

Ladra went by his apartment a few times, unexpectedly always. The first two he wasn't there. But neighbor Maximo Romero said Morales already lived in an apartment upstairs when he moved in six months ago. Rosa Vazquez lives next door and sees Morales walk in daily from her kitchen window next to his door. She said he's been living there about a year and took the unit -- the most concealed one on the second floor. "He's very nice and chats with me," said Vazquez, who voted for Robaina and did not even know Morales was going to run for office. "I told him once, 'Oh, I am so bored.' And he said he was going to find me a boyfriend. I said, to go out with y pasear, not to clean and cook for him," she said, adding that she had seen Morales' wife and son there to visit at times. They still live in Miami Lakes, however.

When I caught up with Morales, 44, at the apartment one afternoon, he was wearing shorts, socks and a Miami Dolphins t-shirt but was in a hurry because he had to change for a meeting. The minimalist Ikea furniture looks pretty new but he brought his desk from the house and it was covered with neat stacks of paper: mail, his latest city/campaign work -- including a long list of current and former council members who collected pensions while they served -- and monthly electric and internet service bills, dating back to last year, which he volunteered to show before Ladra asked. There was lots of clothes and shoes in the closet and his bathroom sink had been used that day. Yeah, I went there. Here, too: His freezer was full of Lean Cuisine and all he had were some canned and bottled beverages in the fridge. That's right: I asked him to open the fridge. I have no boundaries when it comes to establishing or exposing candidate residency. That is Ladra's favorite bone. That's why I spoke to Morales' wife, Ada, who found it funny that she would be interviewed about her husband's strange, politically-motivated living arrangements.

"We've been married 21 years. It's not like we're newlyweds," she said, laughing, "Of course I support him and it's what he wants to do." This was a Wednesday: date night. Some weekends, Alex Morales will sleep at the Miami Lakes house. But on Wednesdays, his wife comes to the wannabe bachelor pad for "date night" and reporters and cohorts -- some of whom have been to the apartment -- know not to call.

"You can drive by the Miami Lakes house and see the condition of the landscaping and you can tell I don't live there," Morales offered as further proof. He rolled off all the addresses and told me how to find them in the public records online. Again, not like some people who withhold information like it would hurt them to let it go -- because it probably will.

This post has been brought to you by Won't, Responder and their multiple personalities from the unrealuntruthsofmiami, anti-Ladra blog (yes, I am flattered), who have tried to make the Morales residency an issue by, again, spreading lies and half-truths taken out of context. These people have no other way to campaign. This context has been brought to you by Ladra, who voters can leave watching for residency requirements compliance so they can focus on real issues like where the money is and why police stations and parks have to be closed. She'll keep popping in on Morales from time to time to make sure he still lives there. Because, after all, he talks and answers questions and will provide me with a lead on another story, if there's not one there. And there's not one here. So, Professor Morales, you owe me one.

And please keep a Diet Coke in the fridge for me. You know I'm gonna look.


  1. Wow. This post has left me in total bewilderment. I disagree with you on politics Elaine but I've always considered you intelligent...who moves from a half-million dollar house in royal oaks to a one bedroom apartment on palm ave? Have you ever seen that section of palm ave at night? Will you admit, since you never have, that everything I posted a month ago was factually correct? I didn't make up the facts. His wife and kids live in Miami Lakes and he lives in Hialeah? He is separated from his family to claim revenge? You encourage and applaud this? Morales couldn't rent a house in Miami Lakes, move his family with him and rent his Miami Lakes home? My God this is getting mind-blowing. Is he claiming a homestead exemption on a property he doesn't reside in?? C'mon Elaine, who buys this bullshit!!! If Kathy's residence was questionable, what is this????

    I admitted a month ago that Morales will win and that he is talented and driven (albeit for the WRONG reason). 

    This wanton, and apparently widespread, lust for a return to Raul Martinez boggles my mind. The unions are kissing his ass now, does anyone have access to Google or memories from 10+ years ago?

    I have been so disgusted lately with the lack of intelligence in Hialeah politics that I just haven't paid attention to it. Posts likes this one just prove to me that we can never advance the discourse. Also, for the last time, Will is a friend not a another personality of me. You may not like my anonymity but I do not post under different names. Not once.

  2. Correction to the a house in Hialeah and then rent his house in Miami Lakes.

  3. Bottom line he has done everything legally to prove residency to run for office, unlike Cue. Something that is worth pointing out is his intelligence regarding finances and experience with City matters another area Cue fails along with others sitting on the council. The fear I believe comes from the knowledge that he will expose every mistake committed by the previous administration and kill any hope of a come back in 2012 for Robaina. The truth always comes out sooner or later, if it's revenge he wants along with setting the City back on the road to progress than so be it. He supported Robaina for council when he had lost a prior bid and he was paid back for it by getting fired and replaced with Ponce a Robaina buddy. Let justice be served come November it's long overdue.

  4. C'mon Responder, you are ALWAYS in total bewilderment. And your reading comprehension has not improved much either. Here is a little remedial tutoring fit for fourth grade language arts, where you read the passage (read: post) and then answer the questions (yours, actually) about it. It's okay to go back and check. Actually, at your level, it's encouraged. Ready? Now, remember to R E A D S L O W L Y.

    (1) "Who moves from a half-million dollar house in royal oaks to a one bedroom apartment on palm ave?" (A) Alex Morales, albeit for the crazy and questionable -- I wrote that it rang alarms in my head and needed to be maintained on radar - reason of running for public office. Insanity.

    (2) "Have you ever seen that section of palm ave at night?" Yes. I have driven by probably 100 times going one way or another. I don't know why you think Hialeah is new to me. And I also got gas at the station across the street and sat parked eating peanut M&Ms and drinking Diet Coke while I staked out the candidate's alleged abode. (Ah, the perks of the job).

    (3) "Will you admit, since you never have, that everything I posted a month ago was factually correct? I didn't make up the facts." (A) No and false. Because it was not factually correct, unless you have a different definition of factually, and you did make stuff up. Also, just fyi Dr. Factually, it wasn't quite a month ago. About a month ago you were attacking the poet without much facts, using bane and discriminatory language, instead. Oh, and linking Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez to torture at Gitmo. Like I said, you are ALWAYS in total bewilderment. Or so it seems to the rest of us. So let's quote you from July 10, which I believe is the particular rant related to this ridiculousness you refer to, shall we?

    "Alex Morales is an interesting character." Opinion. While I may totally agree with you, this statement does not meet the fact criteria in a fourth grade language arts book. "He is intelligent and, albeit I will admit this reluctantly, can add experience and sophistication to the council." Opinion, again. But I share it also -- albeit I need to add, at least that's my impression SO FAR. "Only two MAJOR problems: he does not LIVE in Hialeah and is only running for revenge." False/Fiction and Opinion. He does, indeed, live that apartment across from the tattoo parlor. I know because I used his toilet and opened his refrigerator. Again, R E A D S L O W L Y. "I invite Elaine and the Miami Herald to practice some solid reporting and prove my theory of their bias wrong." Not really a statement but does share the fact that Anonymous has a predisposed theory of bias and wrongdoing by myself and the hard working Miami Herald repoters who cover the Hialeah beat. We certainly are not waiting around for invitations from ANYBODY. Laura Isensee, Enrique Flor and the new (but quick and sharp, I hear) Christina Veiga have been doing a great job of uncovering serious questions about the city's finances, ability to sustain itself and issues with its employees. They could only do more solid reporting if the city administration were to cooperate with real, useful information and answer follow up questions instead of running and hiding and dragging their feet on public records requests.

  5. ... continued... because the volume of your lies and halftruths is large...My God, this is getting mind blowing. No, that was me. It really is.

    "Morales purchased a home in Miami Lakes (Royal Oaks) for his family a few years ago but on his filing form he lists his parents apartment on Palm Ave as his qualifying address." Ooooh. You got one. Even if it's repetative. True. "Are they renting their nice Miami Lakes house to live with his constituents?" (A) No. He couldn't rent it for enough in this market and the apartment is probably free because his parents own it (oh, you got that one, also. Two!). Nothing wrong with that. "This is akin to a slap in the face of voters." Opinion. But it might be CLOSER to fact if the stament were that your silly, obviously paid-for comments on behalf of your client are akin to a slap in the face of readers. "The Martinez camp made plenty of waves regarding Cue’s residence yet they bring this forward, maybe they feel no one will challenge it." (A) False. Morales, who lives alone not with Martinez, although that could be a logical guess, KNEW someone would challenge it. That is why he went to the council meeting to publicly announce he moved into the city, as it clearly states in the seventh graph of the witty and entertaining passage selected for you to R E A D S L O W L Y.

    Back to your questions from today's workbook:

    (4)"His wife and kids live in Miami Lakes and he lives in Hialeah?" (A) True. Correct. Okay, maybe you got some facts, but you really need to move up a little in difficulty level.

    (5) "He is separated from his family to claim revenge?" (A) False. Opinion. "Revenge" is YOUR word, your SPIN, likely professionally produced for a paying client with a political need, which is legal and ethical, so long as you don't pretend to be Pepe Voter on a blog that asks legitimate questions of your candidates and provides context and alternative pespectives that you do not approve of or agree with. "I wanna fix it" are his words. Why shouldn't I give Morales the benefit of the doubt? Here is someone who gives me his contact info, has been exceedingly accessible and informative, answers questions directly, opened his home to Ladra's cynical, prying nose, consistently gives me MUCH better and more credible information than you ever have, provides me with documents and tells me where to find connections I needs and laughs when we speak in an easy and natural manner, which indicates he's not hiding anything. Or not hiding MUCH, maybe. Again, I did not arrive at Palmetto General yesterday and I know how Palm Avenue looks at night. Which brings me to the other hand: Why should I believe anything that comes from someone who hides behind your anonymous moniker spewing lie after lie after lie?

    ...and yet. there is more...

  6. More debunking of your propaganda, page THREE:

    (6) "You encourage and applaud this?" (A) No. Once more, I heard alarms in my head and checked it out and said that I would keep checking it out. I said it seemed crazy and that it was one of two things, in my opinion (because I know difference between facts and opinions): That something was up or that Morales MIGHT just be the kind of councilmember Hialeah needs. Applause is blind enthusiasm. What I did was lay out two scenarios: If something's NOT up, then the sacrifice MAY show a level of dedication and passion that Hialeah needs and deserves right now. You disagree? Okay. I said it was an opinion. You can't expect someone who you admit is as inteligent as I am to agree with everything someone as totaly bewildered as you would say.

    (7) "Morales couldn't rent a house in [Hialeah], move his family with him and rent his Miami Lakes home?" (A) No. Not in this market. Not with his mortgage. And, maybe, not with his mother-in-law. Why are you so hung up on this? He lives here. Punto y aparte.

    (8) "My God this is getting mind-blowing." (A) Opinion. Again, I share it. Mind-blowing, indeed.

    (9)"Is he claiming a homestead exemption on a property he doesn't reside in?" (A) No. He says it was an error that he did not correct PRECISELY because of people like you. But as clearly indicated on the property appraiser's search site, Sean Alexander Morales does NOT claim a homestead exemption on the Miami Lakes house or any of the other three properties he owns, where, by the way, he doesn't live either. Perhaps you did not know that the man everyone calls Alex was named after the actor who once portrayed Bond, James Bond, by a father whose indication of a good movie is how many guys die. His Cuban clan's inability to pronounce his first name is what turned him to his middle name, but he still has school chums that call him Sean. Please don't find a conspiracy there, too. Maybe you will find some consolation in the fact that there is, indeed, another Alex Morales, no relation, who lives about six blocks away in Royal Oaks. Is that who you meant?

    (10) "C'mon Elaine, who buys this bullshit!!!" (A) Absolutely nobody. Well, except Will.

    (11) "If Kathy's residence was questionable, what is this????" (A) A totally separate and independent case that should be weighed and considered on its own case-by-case merits only and a case where the questionable has been answered with valid docmentation and open transparency. Who is Kathy Cue? And who cares?

    Again. Responder, you come up short on facts and long on muela. Get real or get over your loss and move along. There is nothing to see here. Your time is up.

  7. Elaine if you believe this bull shit from morales the accusation of your drug consumption must be true!!! Morales make sure you sleep at night there
    , every night because we are on you.
    Hope you looking at martinez for his consultant contract on the water treatment contract.ask him and give your update and we will provide all we have soon.
    Elaine when are you going to Cuba again? For the 8 time!!!
    Your writing sucks by the way.

  8. Amazing you believe this bull shit. Doesn't even cut the lawn in his house? Wow they have gone to all extreme to get elected.

  9. You keep writing on looking at facts. Good report but morales worries me to do what he is doing. A big lie but making it look real.

  10. Get his lead on another story. Maybe it is how Martinez and Capo are partners in ferry to Bimini and Bimini to Cuba and Cuba back to Bimini. Hialeah voters will love that.
    Maybe it will be about Capo relationship with a very close Martinez allied. Very very close.

  11. If you believe that morales story and with food in the frig and cloth in closet and his wife going over on Wednesday night to fuck you are on drugs. Believe all the other bull shit but Morales fucking on Wednesday night? That is funny!! Also disgusting .

  12. I can smell the fear that Morales will be elected and clean up the mess left behind by an incompetant administration and the staff that were so desperate to keep a paycheck that they smelled his flat ass all the way. Wake up loosers the end game is near. Better go out and buy the want ads you will be looking for a job real soon, A REAL JOB that is.. Laughing just thinking about how un-employable the lot of them are. Keep going Elaine, and I sure hope your handlers give you the tapes and photos. Hmmmm maybe that's why we don't know yet whose seat Lago is going for, maybe he's waiting for the fat to hit the pan.

  13. Equal opportunity handling welcome here. I take photos, video, audio tapes, DNA samples.

    But as I told Morales when he said he was glad he wasn't on my bad side: "That's just today. But if you think I am going to just swallow (down, poet) that you loaned yourself $25K and moved into that 'hell hole'," -- although I may have called it "rathole" or something worse -- "because you loooooove Hialeah, then you don't handle me too well." He did not run away and say the interview was over. He said he understood and would just have to prove it to me. He then tried to explain it another way and told me to imagine I had founded a newspaper and built its reputation over two decades, putting my sweat, blood and tears into its name and brand, then sold it, high, and went off to live my adventures. Then I hear that the buyer had fired the best writers and printed a rag and sullied the paper's name. Would I do whatever I could to get it back to where it belongs? To save my dream?

    And I did understand. I'm not sure I agree -- I'm a little bit precise about the ends and the means and all that, which totally aggravates my friends. Maybe that is where Will Responder gets lost in total bewilderment. But read slowly: we do not have to agree with someone's point to understand it may have merit and validity nonetheless. So I understand -- and believe -- Morales' motivation, even though I don't have to agree with it.

    I still clicked my tongue (I said down, poet), because a scoff could be easily misinterpreted over the phone, apologized to Morales for being a cynical bitch and asked him not to take it personally, that I didn't trust ANYBODY, that it was a hazard of the trade.

    I also told Morales that I truly HOPED he was Hialeah's hero savior, even if I didn't wholly swallow it, because he would be much better for the city than any ONE of the Yes Committee clowns there now. I also said Ladra will not think twice before she burns his ass in the blog if she learns he lied or cheated the process. I told him, like I told Responder (but he seemed to get it), that I have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he deserves it SO FAR and that is my JOB, to listen to everyone -- him, his cohorts, the anonymous cowards in the peanut gallery and anybody else who wants to momentarily handle me -- and then share an educated analysis, including details about the foundation, rationalization, weaknesses and conclusions of my theories. Which you can then read for pleasure or read to rant, whatever your crazy heart desires.

    Meanwhile, Professor Morales knows Ladra and you and everybody else is watching closely so he is absolutely RELISHING the moment, exhibitionist that he is, to prove the critics wrong because all he has to do, really, is wake up there and go to sleep there until he can find better accomodations, which I am sure he will soon enough, laughing all the way to City Hall at your uselessly spent efforts. Heck, maybe the professor designed it this way so you would concentrate your campaign crap on the non issue.

    Am I applauding? Heck yeah. I'm giving him and you a standing ovation. This is a work of art. It was better than Cats. Am I also watching sideways? You bet. "Watch," Morales challenges me. "I will show you that I am who I say I am." Which is saying more than any of you cowards. In fact, Morales is more believable now simply because you cretins with no credibiity have chimed in. So much of what Will Responder writes is a known crock (read: propaganda and smear) that NOBODY is listening anymore.

    I'm just replying to show off to my handlers.

  14. He has played you so good!!! Ask for phone record to see how many calls he has made since august. Water consumption? Fpl bill? Personal bills? Mobile phone bill? Etc?? He played you with the simple shit.
    If you were my wife I would be able to cheat on you so easy, you are so gullible !!!

  15. Go ahead and publish all those bills , that fat fuck isn't that smart to change all those bills with new address. Credit cards, mobile bill, all his debt, Internet bill and if you want will send you 25 other items. His house phone at his apartment is how you also bust him stupid

  16. Martinez consultant agreement that is why he started the annexation in 2004. chase it. Soon when you bust morales after feeling so stupid and get martinez than you get all the shit out of Hialeah. Get all the current council outbox hialeah they suck also. I agree with you there

  17. Hialeah politics what a joke. Only someone like you would follow this joke.
    I use to play dominoes with morales and oscar Rivera . Yes you fat fuck you know who I am. Shall I continue with all your conversation with Oscar .
    I know you are laughing at this dumb reporter but she will bust you soon you fat fuck.

  18. Saw the FPL bills with average consumption, which went up in the summer months, and the internet bills. He does not need to get all his credit card bills there because he still OWNS the other house, is not divorced from his wife, and can get his mail wherever he pleases. You are just grasping at straws. He admits he lives there simply to be able to run for office. That is strange enough. But he lives there, Won't. Is that legal? Yes. Does that mean he only has the purest interests at heart? No. But there is nothing to "bust". What part of this do you not understand? What would make you believe that he was living there? Nothing, I bet. I can't go there. I have to assume innocence if the evidence -- utility bills, leftovers, laundry, stuble in the sink, which still won't woo you -- cannot prove guilt. By the way, I do not have a house phone, which many people don't these days, just the cell. I should just write what you say because you say it and ignore everything I saw? Please up the dosage on your meds and go play your tricks on the 836.

  19. Lickerprick where are you, you believe this bull shit story, I can't believe you are that stupid.

  20. Great reporting on this just morales was a step ahead.

  21. Hey, Won't, nice to see ya buddy. No, I am not that stupid; but Ladra has been a busy girl, prodigiously productive, in such a short time frame. I, too, have been busy and haven't had a chance to read, let alone, digest all these recent posts. There is a lot of information posted by Ladra, and Responder; and I havent' weighed the evidence yet. Yes, Won't; it may be legal...may be legal.. but Morales's move sure doesn't pass the smell test. But when has the smell test, that something just stinks to high heaven no matter how you package it, when has the smell test ever applied to Hialeah politics. If Cue could be a councilperson, then why not Morales? Well, I've bitched and hollered about Cue's residency; so I would be a hypocrite not to do the same about Morales's.
    I do trust Ladra's judgement about Morales's capabilities; but I see his new residence more as an office in Hialeah, than a home. That Morales does not want to be a councilman, well, I believe his actions belie his words.
    Not only should we examine the motivations of those who wish to represent us, we should examine our own motivations. I often decry conservative voices who are sticklers for rules and procedures, when action is called for. Morales is definitely the superior candidate, but alas, I find myself stuck in this same morass of rules and procedures, and though his residence may pass legal muster, it sure doesn't pass the stink test.

  22. Thank you for your fair assessment on the Morales issue. You are fair lickerpoet

  23. Ladra wasn't the brightest pup at the pound, but she ain't stupid either. Open-minded, because she has to be. Hopeful, because she wants to be. Anf, like I said, watchful, because she can't stop doing it. So stay tuned to As Hialeah Churns because the poor professor is probably going to get sick of her fast. They all do sooner or later.

    But she also looks at the big picture. It ain't hard to comply with the law and we have a few months to decide if we buy his motivation or if something's up. And (think big picture) what I do not believe for one minute is that Martinez, who we all know calls the shots for his slate, would participate in such a predictable ploy and allow a principal cohort crap out with such a comical con in such a crucial contest as this November election.

    In other words: If this were subterfuge, it would be much LESS mediocre, no?

    But it sure is fun!

  24. Elaine, I can and have argued that you cross the line between opinion and fact constantly. I'm not going to waste my time responding to each point in your delightfully awful attempt to "humble" me. Instead of responding to your drivel point by point, I will instead respond broadly. 

    I was factually correct on every item I posted on Morales and his residency. I did indeed draw a conclusion (i.e. informed opinion) that he was not a Hialeah resident. Has Morales taken steps to ensure he is in FULL compliance of the law? I absolutely guarantee you he has! He is paranoid and intelligent and would not make that rookie mistake. The point remains Elaine, if I spend 7 hours a day in one location but I do not sleep there, is it still my residence? If I only sleep there is it my residence? If I spend my time there 4 times a week is it my residence? Legally, I can argue that ALL of the above can constitute residency. The apartment in Hialeah is not his HOME, I do not mean that in the strict sense of where his person is domiciled but in the undefinable, except in literature, nature of a "home". His wife and children, his treasured possessions, his real life out of the city. He is in self-imposed exile to run for a city council seat in a city where the mayor is the manager and the council are nothing more than talking heads. I have already written it several times, he will bring intelligence and debate to the council but he will not (because he legally cannot) do anything else!! He has a MAJOR vendetta and that angle for revenge is extremely powerful. I disagree with his firing and now I disagree with his motives and what he is doing. He may legally reside in Hialeah but he does not LIVE in Hialeah. 

    We can argue nuances all day but frankly I have better things to do. Elaine, you are not an equal opportunity crusader for the truth. I gave you leads on points you have been WRONG about (to this day have not even admitted it) such as Robaina's land holdings, the Hialeah annexation area, the controversial water plant, Martinez's multiple consulting contracts, Gimenez and MCM construction, Rosen, Leon and Gimenez on the UDB (I'm glad eye on Miami followed my tip) and others. 

    I will admit you did express skepticism at his story in your post but please be fair and re-read it. You give him the benefit of a doubt when you never afforded that to Robaina or to even Carlos Hernandez now. Hernandez lowers his salary and it's a craven political ploy to hurt Raul Martinez! Come now, you really cannot see why people accuse you of playing one side (or being played)? You may read my posts and conclude that it is filled with half-truths, lies and propaganda and I can see where you could gather that opinion (as WRONG as it may be). The difference between us is that you fail to see how others can view your posts to be filled with half-truths, lies and propaganda. 

  25. Factual, smactual. It's propaganda and you know it. And I am equal opportunity -- Ladra will take a walk with anyone. But that doesn't mean she has to buy the bull. I give Morales the benefit of the doubt because when I knocked on his door, he opened it and let me in and answered my questions, even when they get a little aggressive and obtrusive. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but they have to earn it to keep it. And I will give it to Robaina TODAY or to Hernandez, even, but they have to give me the time of day. They have to answer questions and follow up questions and show documents and not run away when they see me. That might help.

  26. This is all a waste of time. If the voters of hialeah support candidates that pull what morales is doing, then they get what they deserve. Morales is a nice guy, but his motives have to be questioned. I hope he doesn't use the "family values" card during his election. Again he can't win, unless Raul is on the ballot.

  27. Morales has been home since Thursday. This is so much bull shit that people think he lives in a 1 bedroom Hialeah apartment . Delvalle you are so stupid


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