Friday, July 29, 2011

Hialeah racers on your mark. Not!

The candidates who have filed to run so far in the upcoming Hialeah city elections were forced to show their hand by City Clerk David Concepcion this week after he was reminded that state law required candidates who ran in groups to stake claim to one before raising funds.

Or should I say slight of hand? True to Hialeah politics, not everything is what it seems on paper.

It is quite obvious even to a dog like Ladra that the ballot will not reflect the current candidate grouping as provided by the clerk. Maybe it's strategic positioning -- not playing your cards so you can see how the others lay and make a more informed decision. But it won't work if everybody is doing it and everybody knows that everybody is doing it. So. maybe they didn't know what they were doing. It was Monday. They were rushed. It seems nobody had even noticed this apparent violation of state law that requires candidates on a ballot with two or more similar groups to indicate a group -- until one of the actual candidates brought it to Concepcion's attention. Can everybody guess who? It had to be former councilman and know-it-all Alex Morales -- whose first name is really Sean, after Bond, James Bond -- one of four candidates declared for the open seat vacated by Pepe Yedra, defeated by term limits. Don't make Ladra laugh.

So let's start with that one, Group 1: There is no way all three of those candidates -- Fernando Alvarez, Ramiro Sicre and Tony Vega (who hasn't reported raising a dime) are going to stay in a crowded ring with Mr. Name Recognition and his widely-discussed and envied numbers. Watch for Alvarez to stay. It also makes sense to think that there might be some alliances sought between the three men, since they are likely going to face the strength of numbers in the form of at least one slate, maybe two if acting alcaldito Carlos Hernandez decides to run with the rest of the incumbents -- or ditch them (except for Council President Isis "Gavelgirl" Garcia-Martinez) to save himself. Look for at least some of them to reach out to former State Rep. Rudy Garcia and his mayoral campaign. Ladra has heard that Alvarez already has.

Next: It is similarly unlikely (read: no way) that former cop turned housing authority official Danny Bolaños (whose name recognition has to be good as the son of longtime former Chief Rolando Bolaños so Ladra can't understand why Lago's still-undisclosed poll would not include him) will run against former Councilwoman Cindy Miel in Group 3, both for the seat now occupied by Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, when they are sort of simpatico and should slate together. In the As Hialeah Churns episode version, Danny takes on Casals-Muñoz -- who might be a criminal accomplice (poetic justice) headed for a public court of an entirely different kind anyway as the official notary of the 1st Hialeah Bank of Julito (read: valuable witness) so that Miel can have a rematch with Gavelgirl, who does not have the funds (unless she is holding out) for an absentee ballot machine remix. But, because Garcia-Martinez is allegedly stronger in Lago's poll (which, now that we think of it, we wonder how it was paid for), she may be paired against the strong Bolaños name and Miel, who lost to Gavelgirl once before, will be pitted against Easy Out Vivian.

Because these decisions are being made right now at a much higher level, people.

Really it's all going to depend on former Mayor and current mayoral candidate Raul Martinez, who, as everybody knows, is calling all the shots. As usual. "I'm not calling anything," he told me, and you can hear the smile over the telephone wire. "People ask me for advice because they trust me. They know I know what I'm doing." And what he is doing is calling the shots for one slate of candidates. Who can blame him? Martinez does not only have to get himself elected. If he wants to get anything done as mayor, he also needs friendlies in four of the five council seats up for grabs (the seat acting alcaldito Carlos Hernandez gave up, now held by Pablito Hernandez, who has not filed to keep it. Hmmmm.). That's probably why he is reportedly chatting with Miel, once a member of Martinez's opposing faction, who naturally wants to forge an alliance and ride his majesty Raul's robe into office with longtime loyalists Morales, Bolaños. So, Cindy makes three. And, dicen las malas lenguas, 0that former mayor and Councilman Julio Martinez, who was all politically riled up at the La Carretta fundraiser for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez last month is the fourth wheel on the Martinezmobile. Candidates, start your engines.

Next in Group 2: No way the vulnerable councilman Jose Caragol (if only because Ladra thinks all the incumbents can be swept out) will remain unopposed. No way Martinez will allow that golden opportunity to escape for the aforementioned reason. Look for Martinez (Julio) to face the former police spokesman and potty-mouthed viejo verde. Stay unopposed? Read my lips: No. Way.

Next in Group 6: The Carlos/Pablo Hernandez seat right now has one candidate signed up for it, Daisy Castellanos. But Ladra predicts that she will soon be out of the race. (More on that later).

Ladra predicts a lot of changing lanes before the final ballot order is made public. Candidates have until Sept. 9, qualifying deadline, to make a final decision, Concepcion said. But if they change their group after August 19, they need to notify contributors and be ready for refunds.

A+, David. Apparently, Morales is a good teacher. Maybe he would make a good councilman.


  1. I remember when Robaina spent nearly half a million dollars to have Cue beat Bolanos! Without Robaina raising a trillion dollars for this race I believe we will have a brand new counsel and mayor!

  2. What happens with Lago?

  3. They really need a new City Clerk, this guy seems to not be cut out for the job. What happened to the prior City Clerk?

  4. Theres a rumor Lago is going for Garcia-Martinez seat.

  5. ENTIRE COUNCIL IS GONEJuly 29, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    NOT ONE CURRENT COUNCILMAN OR COUNCILWOMAN will remain in a seat after these elections. They have chosen to back lies, fraud and corruption robbing the citizens they swore to protect. Now I guess you have to just sit back and wait. CARAGOL, the majestic fool. Your out.

    Yedra= termed out

    Isis Garcia= You dirty bitch. I'll bet you did not know there are pictures of you and Carlos,LOL.. Hialeah will soon see them, you know exactly what I am talking about too.

    Luis= Alchoholic to no end. I was in shock when we filmed you drinking at JFK during the elctions. But then again we have you on film drinking and driving all over. No shock.

    Vivian= You are going to Jail shortly. Good to hear that you are rolling over on Julio Robaina. Hey just a heads up though. You are going to have to roll over on Carlos also.

    Paul= you get a pass. Except for the bonehead move of not having any balls on items you do not understand.

    Cue= You have served a useful purpose. To get the words motion out of your mouth faster than any councilwoman in history. But that purpose is now not needed anymore. You think you are safe but will soon realize no one on that council will be holding a seat much longer after NOVEMBER.

    Lets not forget Carlos Hernandez. Aka The rock.. That comment is not for his body either. Rather his intelligence or lack of. here we have Mr. Machinita. The man who actually delivered the $$$$$ and the ideas to Miami's own Regalado.. This you will be readingmore on in the near future. Mr Joe carollo has some real good information on this.. Now back to the rock. Most assumed that only Mr. Robaina was a loan shark inside Hialeah, but truth be told robaina, Vivian and Carlos were involved the whole time. Feds are hard at work and IRS TOO.. Mr. Robert Blanco, who just crossed Robaina to help his long time buddy Crlos hernandez is doing a great job raising him money, but why? He has no shot. When the loan shark information comes out and all three stooges are charged before Novembers election we will all look back and say "it was certainly worth the wait". Oh I just cant hold back. CARLOS: You are an idiot.. You loaned money to felepito with robaina.. DUMMY.. SAy good bye...

  6. Wait... there is film somehwere of a councilman drinking during early voting and then getting in the car and driving off. Um, er, do you know any of my handlers? Can you get it to one of them? That would truly make this one of the bestest days ever.

  7. Everyone knows and talks about Luis drinking habits he's always sluring his words. I find it interesting that there are pictures of "gavel girl" what kind of pictures? LOL that's worth waiting for, but not too long. Hialeah needs to SEE the evidence and it must be concrete evidence, not assumption or unfounded gossip, the people have waited too long in the dark, it's past time someone shed light on the council. Make it quick or save it.

  8. I dont know why Carlos Hernandez has not been questioned on his deals and relationship with Alberto San Pedro, Roberto Blanco, Jesus Navarro, And of course Felipito the jeweler its not like he's being descreet about it he's met with them in public and even at City Hall and like the saying goes (dirme con quien tu andas i te dire quien tu eres

  9. Mr.Raul Martinez he's not intrested in the people of Hialeah he is intrested in making more money fron the tax payers because his busyness just like a lot of other busynesses went down with the economy crash especialy in the dominican republic and the bahamas and even though he was still making money from his retirement and as a consultant for the water plant ask him how much money he took from that deal and by the way thats is going to be a big cost more than it has been revealed ask Robaina , Herman Echevaria and Raul the water plant is the big white elephant thats going to cost us millions

  10. I thought this was serious blog, with the aim of fostering a healthy dialogue regarding hialeah politics. However, this blog is a pro Raul, el gordo, the criminal cop, and those who miss being in power, and will do anything (including moving away from his family) to get back in the saddle. This election cycle will come down to one issue, can the wannabes demonstrate the Hialeah is going to hell or can the incumbents demonstrate that the city is in the right track? Sadly I think the wannabes have an easier campaign.

  11. I am amazed to see the dirt and the people that is running, I am not a Raulista, but right now in this economy, Raul is the only one that can get Hialeah out of the hole, he may have stolen money, but he gave money to the City, did not pocketed all, like the others did.
    And I am amazed at the posibility of him and Julio running together, why???? Julio is a back stabber, stabbed Raul years ago, and recently, cheated on his wife, with his best friend;s wife, which ended in her death, and he betraying his best friend, his so called "like a brother" with a woman, who used her exhusband Jesus Ovidez to get papers in this country, who cheated on another two husbands before Jesus, does not speak English, and dicen that she had affairs with most of Hialeah, including ex senator Roberto Casas, pleaseeeeee, we need new blood;


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