Monday, July 12, 2010

Will Kerdyk announce run for mayor at lunch?

Coral Gables Vice Mayor William "Bill" Kerdyk, who has been on the dais for 16 years and is considered a prime mayoral candidate this April when his current term ends, might just make the awaited announcement over sheperd's pie today at the Ponce Development Association lunch.

Or he could disappoint the business owners and civic leaders who will be there and who have publicly and privately pushed Kerdyk -- who owns a real estate firm near the Mile and is known for his Parknership prorgram and the Gables popular trolley program -- to run for mayor. He could also run for commissioner again.

Many say Kerdyk has been slow to decide on making a choice because his good friend Tom Korge has talked about running. Others say he has too much on his plate between his realty business, the Bank of Coral Gables, which he helped found, and his role as Chairman of the Toyota Junior Golf World Cup in Japan. But they are still hopeful he will take up the seat that many consider a legacy.

The lunch costs $22 and begins at noon upstairs at JohnMartin's, 253 Miracle Mile.


  1. Content is illegible. The color orange is the culprit.

  2. Trying to fix the kinks is making me growl... grrrrr... but please be patient.

  3. Well, well, I can't wait to know. Thanks for clearing up the writing, I wouldn't want to miss anything.


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