Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School Board candidate: No coverage = No ads.

Don't expect to see too many ads for Miami-Dade School Board candidate for district 7 Nathasha Alvarez in the Community Newspapers.

"At the moment, I am unable to buy advertising into these community newspapers. For one major reason; none of these newspapers have bothered to interview me about the campaign," Alvarez responded to an email from a salesman.

"I am 3 foot tall, in a wheelchair, and a teacher in Miami Dade County Public Schools. I am also the editor and founder of I am also the President of the Alliance, a professional organization for educators and support staff. I am also the only candidate in my district who has been publicly active at school board meetings to discuss the quality of education and the funding issues that our present leadership has been giving our children," she wrote, probably with no idea that Ladra would get a copy when she hit "reply to all".

"If this isn't news to your community newspapers then how can I possibly buy ads in it," Alvarez asked, thanking Delzin Miles nonetheless.

No knowledge yet of Miles' response back. He probably did not hit "reply to all."

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