Monday, August 2, 2010

Forum tonight in Kendall

The Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association has invited a bunch of candidates to their monthly meeting tonight for an informal forum where their members could get to know them.

Invites went out to candidates for Miami-Dade Commission in districts 8 and 10, School Board districts 6 and 7 and Community Councils 11 and 12. But as of Sunday, KFHA President Miles Moss said only the candidates in the school board district 7 race and the county commission district 10 race had RSVPd. (But there is another forum solely for District 8 candidates Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at Christ Congregational Church 14920 SW 67th Ave.

For tonight's event, Moss said both incumbent Javier Souto and challenger Mimi Planas had confirmed their attendance at the meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at the Kendall Village Center 8625 SW 124 Ave. But he had not heard from any of the six candidates in the district 8 race to replace Katy Sorenson, who announced she would not seek reelection.

All five of the District 7 School Board race -- Nathasha Alvarez, Eddy Barea, Carlos Curbelo, Libby Perez and Juliana Velez -- told Miles they would come.

He also hopes to discuss some of the charter amendments "if time permits," Miles said.

But we can't see how. An hour has been set aside for the forum and each candidate is getting five minutes to introduce themselves before they take questions from the audience, according to the organizations email.

We are happy that there is this opportunity for voters to have access to the candidates but wonder how much they can really learn. Ladra hopes the hopefuls stick around after to answer questions and rub elbows with their intended masses.

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  1. Why is Juliana Velez even running?

    Am I correct, or is this women a total blonde? Wow!

    Eddy Barrea makes money from the Public School System. His home is a palace. Look on Google Earth.

    Curbelo is going to use this to jump to something bigger and better. Result, nothing good for education. This guy is lost.

    Natasha is a Democrat who knows little about the world. Only teaching unfortunately. She will be eaten by the Board.

    Libby is the only one with a fighting chance in that group. Poise and clear on what is wrong in the school system.


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